Good Morning


At least no rain today. We had a very exhausting morning up to now. We had an appointment at 8 a.m. with the guy from the supplier of my wheelchair. I needed two new tyres on the back wheels. Getting ready so early in the was quite a problem, but we managed it.

There was also another reason for our stress.


Mr. Swiss is now mobile again and has a wonderful red scooter.  Here he is concentrating on the mechanics of driving.  I must say I am so glad that he is again mobile. This morning he did a practice run with it and is already almost an expert. It is amazing what you can have today when being handicapped. I am sure with time we will make joint excursions in town with my wheelchair and his scooter.

And now I am off again, everything is a little stressed today. I have a shopping trip this afternoon and who knows what Mr. Swiss is planning.


25 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Is that one of these fancy KYBURZ models? I was looking for a E-mobile (bicycle) but realised that with my ‘smashed’ kneecap I would have long periods where I couldn’t cycle and then ‘fell’ on those ‘Senior E-bikes’…. funny – it looks VERY cool and smashing – I also would only buy it in RED – hope M will enjoy his newly gained freedom 🙂

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    • He is gradually getting used to his new transport, but one step at a tiime. I know how I was when I first got my wheelchair. It took me at least two months until I ventured into town.with it.


  2. That is one very snazzy looking scooter. I hope Mr Swiss enjoys it as much as you enjoy your wheelchair. Funny you should mention about early appointments…..My doctor’s office was scheduling me for a follow-up and said, “9:30.” I told her I was retired now and that was a bit too early. The girl laughed and said she understood and scheduled me for 10:30 instead. I don’t do early anymore–and 9:30 was early!

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    • I sent a photo to No. 2 son and his first comment was that he liked the Ferrari red. We are really not into early appointments and much prefer afternoons. The advantage today was that it was all over by 9.00 a.m. and we could enjoy the rest of the day. I also have a doctor that likes to schedule appointments for 8-9 a.m. which I always have to postpone.

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  3. It was good to see Mr. Swiss with his scooter. IT ill be good to have the mobility. I don’t care for morning appointments, I try for 1:30 appoints as it gives a break in the day and it is usually easy enough to miss the afternoon traffic. There were storms all weekend and more of the same s expect for this week. Have a stress free day.

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  4. I’m glad you’ll be able to go jaunting together again. If we didn’ live so far out of town, we might be able to do it, but sadly, town really IS too far away. But congratulations. That is a very cool scooter!

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