RDP Saturday: The Path Ahead


A photo from this afternoon and a long path ahead. I have often walked/wheeled along the way and one day it might be my last path. It is the entrance to the town cemetery, although the big limousines usually take the path on the other side leading to the chapel. There is more room and enough parking space. Yes, there are paths and paths.

RDP Saturday: The Path Ahead

RDP Saturday: Outdoors


Nothing better than being outdoors when the Summer arrives. Either I am on my way shopping or as now, sitting outside on the porch. Of course I always take my computer with me at to the porch. This afternoon I had to go to town for a few bits and  pieces, but I was glad. The first view I get when leaving home is the view on the Jura mountains and if you are lucky, as I was, a couple of fluffy clouds to enhance it all.


People are now leaving their isolation slowly and in town the usual group of locals were gathering on the streets and again relaxing on the stairs of our cathedral. Although I live here, at least just along the road in the next village, I felt as if I was on holiday.


Even the way home in my wheelchair on the side of the road was fun, with a sky to complete the painting.

RDP Saturday: Outdoors

RDP Saturday: Rosy Hues


I know it does not look very rosy, but the buds have only just appeared. It has only just begun to realise that it is a rose, a climbing rose. In a couple of weeks, perhaps less, it will be a climbing rosy rose.


Something like this, although this was a few years ago.

Roses 07.07 (4)

When it really gets going we have roses everywhere outside.

Rose Hips 22.10 (3)

And eventually the rosy petals fall, and the flower just leaves its seeds behind to remind it was there.

I planted the climbing rose 15 years ago and it still returns every year in its full glory.

RDP Saturday: Rosy Hues

RDP Saturday: Nomad

Photo taken early in the morning

I took this photo in Marrakesh, Morocco. Someone had parked their bike next to a tree. Perhaps this was a nomad travelling around, but I do not think so.

Nomads are no longer as they were, we now live organised lives, have documents to prove who we are and pay our income taxes, although there are still gypsys. They now drive their large Mercedes cars attached to their caravans and travel around Europe. I have seen them when they are in town. The ladies with their long dresses and long hair, speaking their own patois, but mainly French with their children.  They arrive in town, gather in a designated place for a while with their group and then move on. I have seen them in the local supermarket and yes, they are a little different.

My grandmother lived a little on the edge of London, somewhat countryfied. She came from the country and was a little superstitious. They often had visits from gypsys. They would earn their living by repairing pots and pans and my grandmother always gave them work to do. She was sure that if she was not friendly enough they would place a curse on her and her family.

RDP Saturday: Nomad

RDP Saturday: Image


New images are something that I do not have so many of lately. I no longer go places, and see things with my camera. I could if I wanted to. We have a lock down, but living in a rural area there are not many people around as in a large town. I just prefer my quiet isolation at the moment, together with Mr. Swiss, sometimes No. 1 son and of course Tabby, the cat.

So as far as new images are concerned. I play around with my telephone camera now and again if something new crops up, and  new is usually what I happen to cook. Today we had a chicken casserole, with a fresh chicken and fresh vegetables.

It does not take long to cook, about an hour in a large pan with the lid on it. Preparation is also no big deal, although I like to skin my chicken before cooking as boiled skin is not so tasty. That is only a plus if you roast the chicken  in the oven.

As a matter of fact, this lock down is getting my culinary creative juices going again and I might even begin to bake now and again: no cakes, too much sugar, but perhaps something savoury to brighten up the evening cold cuts. I will bear this in mind the next time I go shopping and will definitely put flour on the list. I usually only buy 500 gramme packets as I only use flour for my bechamel sauce and you cannot keep it too long in the cupboard.

RDP Saturday: Image