FOWC with Fandango: Procrastinate


I do not procrastinate, because there is no point in procrastinating. If there is a job to do, then do it and everyone is happy. This afternoon there might have been a real life drama, but again Mrs. Angoswiss to the rescue.

I saddled my car and drove to the parking house – bottom floor of course, it is easier to park as very few people bother to take their car three floors down, only those that have parking problems. And this time I even found the special parking places for the handicapped which are a third wider than the others, although I had already parked my car.

I was on a quest for a computer which was waiting to be picked up in the building shown above. Unfortunately I did not find the building at first. I felt like Ulysses on his Odyssey, but the only adventure I had was to ask the wrong person for directions to this building. I knew there was a supermarket on the ground level, but did not find the supermarket. Why do they have to paint the windows black? The person I asked had only just arrived in our town of Solothurn and was from Zürich. It would be like asking someone for directions in New York and they were from Dodge City, although even Boot Hill is well known. Anyhow I found my building and even the computer and brought it home again.

And that was today’s adventure. When I got home I had another important deal. Paypal told me they did not recognise me very well and I had to complete their technical questions about my credit card. I thought it was genuine through certain reasons and I had to verify my credit card. Now they have a new gimmick. To prove my identity I had to hold up my identity card and take a photo with me holding it. I was wondering where and how I had to upload it when suddenly PayPal thanked me for my co-operation and everything was fine. I still don’t know what happened and how, but it worked. I now have a photo of me with my identity card. In the meanwhile my online colleague warned me and I called Paypal on the phone and they informed it was a scam. I have now deleted everything and the lady on the phone at Paypal assured me that nothing more could happen.

And now to make something to eat for a hungry family. What did I say. No chance to procrastinate in this family.

FOWC with Fandango: Procrastinate

Good Morning


I am here, although a bit late as it is cleaning lady day and I like to get things ready for her. She is now busy and I have brushed up my windows, so what could possibly go wrong. Even dinner is on its way, a mixture of chopped pork with veg and hot spices.


I will be serving it with something we call “spätzli”. A pastry cut into small pieces and cooked in boiling water, although I do not do everything myself. Making spätzli can be a long job and a messy one, so I buy it ready made in the local store and fry it to go with the meal. Of course self made is always better, but the prepared goods can also be quite good.

So that would be the apartment cleaned and food cooking and now I suppose I can just take it easy and do nothing, or play with my computer.

I have not had much time for any photos this morning,


Yesterday morning I had quite a lot of visits from the magpies that live in the trees on our estate. I noticed that the birds always arrive early morning for food, and around lunchtime they return again. They seem to have the same programme as we do. Sorry the photos as blurred but I have to take them from inside the apartment, As soon as I open the window they fly away. I will be fitting up my bird house next week which should give a better opportunity with the camera.

Mr. Swiss has had a computer problem since yesterday and his charger is not charging. Our computer guy is now doing the necessary to see whether the problem is really the charger. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has decided to use his Macbook more and has been updating it since yesterday. It is not such a power machine as mine, but functions very well. He is not so at home with Apple, but it is just a question of getting used to it. I managed equally well with apple and Windows, and just have my preferences according to what I am doing. For photography I prefer Windows, but for writing and online stuff Apple is for me better.

And now to depart to organise lunch. Have a good day everyone and enjoy.