FOWC with Fandango: Derail

Railway Works 30.04 (1)

It was decided to derail our local railway earlier this year. It was time to lay down new rails and making everything look nice and shiny. No derailment took place during the time it was performed. Here we see one of the workers hard at work.

Railway Works 30.04 (11)

Further along the tracks this machine arrived to help the hard-at work repairmen to relieve them of the heavy work watching the progress of the rails.

South Feldbrunnen 22.04 (9)

During this time, the raiway crossing were inacessible, although one was left open, resulting in a daily traffic jam to cross the rails beause everyone wanting access to our village was forced to use it.

This all happened last April and is now forgetten – until the next time.

FOWC with Fandango: Derail

RDP Sunday: Flaky


Flaky is a sea where I am drifting
I slept after lunch and now a new begin
But my housework took over
A pile of bed linen was waiting for the iron
How can I allow myself to relax
The flakes of work are piling up
Even the clouds are flaking in upon me
Guilt is another flake on the pile
I am sitting at the computer writing
My conscience tells me to attend to housework
But all I want is a little “me” time
Perhaps an hour or so to do what I want
Perhaps the flakes of responsibility will crumble
Like the remains of the flaky pastry
Leaving crumbs on the kitchen floor
They can be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner
But not the responsibilities

RDP Sunday: Flaky

Good Morning


Another misty morning today and the best night of the year. I had an extra hour hugging the bed due to saving more dylight, organised by the authorities, although I am not sure which authorities. It happened almost all over Europe, although the Brits still have an hour difference because their clocks go differently. However Autumn does not care so much and everything is now getting a little more yellow and the leaves are dropping everywhere.


I took a wheelie yesterday to examine the damage but it is all part of the climate at the moment. Perhaps the leaves will refuse to drop in the future or not even grow back again – anything could happen with our climate change.

Yesterday afternoon I broke free and took a wheelie through the back paths to town to take a few photos. It was the first time in a week that I could go places where I wanted to go and not had to go. There was no shopping to be done. Today my store is open for business although it is Sunday. I know they have a special offer on kid’s toys for Christmas, 20% reduction, and that it probably the reason. We no longer buy Christmas presents with one exception  my grandson, although he will be joined by a granddaughter in a week’s time.


I noticed our tit has been joined by a colleague at his favourite eating place.


Even a sparrow joined in, which is unusual, they usually prefer to feed on the ground.


And the farmer was harvesting on the field next to the river,  what there is to harvest He seemed to be gathering the remainders of the meadow, probably for the last attempt to make hay whilst the sun is still shining.


I noticed a few swans and ducks on the river as I wheeled home, making the most of the good weather. It will soon be the time when the gulls take over. I notice the changes through the lens of my camera usually.

And now to move on to other chores, although not so many. If I do not find any, I seem to invent them just to keep busy, So have  good day, and I will back later.


October Photo a Day Challenge: 27. Yellows of Autumn


This afternoon I at last managed to go somewhere and so I took a wheelie in my chair to find the yellows of Autumn and I found quite a few


Some were still hanging on the trees, and others had already fallen to the ground.


And this little tree was standing all its own, showing off its yellow leaves by the river.

October Photo a Day Challenge: 27. Yellows of Autumn