FOWC with Fandango: Horizon

Alps 29.09 (1)

I discovered that horizons are not always horizons. Switzerland is full of horizons. Wherever you look there is a mountaine ridge that says “stop” you are at the end of the horizon. If you want to know more, then go through a tunnel, drive over the mountains or take a plane. And so there is always something blocking your vision, making you want know a little more.


In 1998 Mr. Swiss and I went on a week’s holiday to Vienna, but something was missing. Of course there was a horizon, but there was nothing stopping the horizon This is the view from Castle Belvedere, from a hill, but jus wide open space and a glance over the town of Vienna with St. Stephen’s cathedral standing up on the right, perhaps to break the monotony. Vienna became a town for me without a horizon. There is no incentive to discover more, because there is no mountain to climb or something new to discover. It is all laid out and you can see it all.

I think after 50 years of living in Switzerland I am just used to having a few mountains at the end of the field of vision.

FOWC with Fandango: Horizon

RDP Sunday: Forgetful

not crossrudbeckia-19.10.2019

Where are my photos?
This morning I was lost
I know I uploaded them
My computer it was crossed
Deleted them in the camera
they were no longer there
They were now in my files
And I really don’t know where
When you have many thousands
the photos tend to drift
and if you are a golden oldie
your mind is not so swift
I think I just forgot them
Was doing other things
They were released to a hard drive
but then they grew some wings
I should really be more careful
My brain is wearing down
When your years advance
It really makes you frown

RDP Sunday: Forgetful