FOWC with Fandango: Procrastinate


I do not procrastinate, because there is no point in procrastinating. If there is a job to do, then do it and everyone is happy. This afternoon there might have been a real life drama, but again Mrs. Angoswiss to the rescue.

I saddled my car and drove to the parking house – bottom floor of course, it is easier to park as very few people bother to take their car three floors down, only those that have parking problems. And this time I even found the special parking places for the handicapped which are a third wider than the others, although I had already parked my car.

I was on a quest for a computer which was waiting to be picked up in the building shown above. Unfortunately I did not find the building at first. I felt like Ulysses on his Odyssey, but the only adventure I had was to ask the wrong person for directions to this building. I knew there was a supermarket on the ground level, but did not find the supermarket. Why do they have to paint the windows black? The person I asked had only just arrived in our town of Solothurn and was from Zürich. It would be like asking someone for directions in New York and they were from Dodge City, although even Boot Hill is well known. Anyhow I found my building and even the computer and brought it home again.

And that was today’s adventure. When I got home I had another important deal. Paypal told me they did not recognise me very well and I had to complete their technical questions about my credit card. I thought it was genuine through certain reasons and I had to verify my credit card. Now they have a new gimmick. To prove my identity I had to hold up my identity card and take a photo with me holding it. I was wondering where and how I had to upload it when suddenly PayPal thanked me for my co-operation and everything was fine. I still don’t know what happened and how, but it worked. I now have a photo of me with my identity card. In the meanwhile my online colleague warned me and I called Paypal on the phone and they informed it was a scam. I have now deleted everything and the lady on the phone at Paypal assured me that nothing more could happen.

And now to make something to eat for a hungry family. What did I say. No chance to procrastinate in this family.

FOWC with Fandango: Procrastinate

10 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Procrastinate

  1. Are you sure it was really Paypal asking you to do this? Bogus scammers do things like this to force you to give them your info and then hack into your account. Please double-check that this is legit..

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    • Thanks Judy. I was really sure, it looked so genuine with the name and http address. I phoned Paypal to get it verified That was an operation in itself until I got through, with pressing various numbers on the way. Eventually I got to the lady at the desk and she asked me for all sorts of details to verify who I am. I told her about the mail I received and she said that was certainly not from Paypal, although they now look so genuine and I should cancel it. She assured me that nothing more could happen, and now the job is done. My mail answer and their request no longer exist and I am hoping that everything is OK. I asked the lady on the phone and she assured me that nothing more can happen. So thanks so much Judy for your advice. Those scammrs are getting very refined with their tricks.


      • Phew. Glad Paypal assured you they couldn’t use the information. One clue is if it comes into your Junk mail rather than your regular mail.. Another is to look at the address and then to lok at the address of a verified Paypal communication. The phone number for Paypal was not one you got from the scammer message, correct?
        When you say their request and your answer no longer exist, what do you mean? I don’t think Paypal could erase an email you sent to someone else.


        • I erased it myself on my computer as told by Paypal, my answer and their request. I asked the lady on the phone twice if it is really now safe an she said nothing more could happen, but I will be checking payments for the next week. I have none at the moment. The phone number I now used was the number we have in Switzerland for Paypal. I did not even look at the scammer message for a telephone number.


  2. I’m still hustling to get the house in order asap. And the other one of Garry’s broken teeth. This one isn’t infected yet, but it IS fall apart and the dentist doesn’t know if he can fix it … AND Garry has problems getting enough novocaine and Dr. Ed is a sweetheart, but a little heavy with the hands. I have something weird going on with an eye, but I’ve deferred it because I know it’s going to be surgery and I just can’t do that right now. I’ve been over-surgeried.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. It’s not my heart (yay), but something else is wrong. I feel like I’m about to fall over. My son’s back is ALSO out and he fell trying to get out of bed.

    Have I mentioned that getting old totally sucks?

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    • I don’t even know where to start with my stress. Today was supposed to be a quiet day and I ended up doing a safari this afternoon for a computer. I just seem to be keeping everyone happy, but I am not so happy at the moment


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