FOWC with Fandango: Ahead

Renovation 20.04 (34)

How time flies. In 2017 it was decided that our building would have a face lift. We were enclosed in scaffolding from April until September and thought it would never end. It was for us a lost Summer, sitting inside, not being able to enjoy the summer weather outside with metal constructions in front of the windows, and having the noise of machinery and the dirt and grime, as well as screws and metal bits laying on the garden surface. We thought it would never end.

Today, 2 years and summers later, it is only remembered by the many photos I took at the time. We were all 2 years younger then, 2 years fitter and 2 years more mobile.

Today Mr. Swiss celebrates his 80th birthday and we just had a visit from two ladies of the local government bringing congratulations. We had a pleasant talk with them and it made a lovely change to the daily routine. We do not know what now lies ahead of us, but we prefer to be surprised and take one day after the other.

FOWC with Fandango: Ahead

RDP Monday: Scream


“Stop screaming, it’s enough to make my pulp curdle.”

“You no longer have any pulp, remember. They scraped it all away.”

“But now I have a nice smile on my face. You have just a few sharp teeth.”

“What’s that little guy doing up in the corner?”

“No idea, seems he keeps saying “Welcome”.”

“I suppose it is all in the name of halloween, so let’s all scream together.”

RDP Monday: Scream

Good Morning


It is not as friendly as it looks in the photo and we even have a few rain drops. Yesterday I was not here for a good morning, as my bed was far too comfortable. When I left it I had no time for a computer visit, it would have been too much stress.

Yesterday afternoon I decided now or never and went for a camera journey searching for Autumn. I did not go far, just around the village to see what the trees were doing.


I soon saw the first red and yellow leaves. At last it had arrived.


The problem now is that I have over 60 photos of Autumn and cannot decide which one to show. It certain brightens up the dull scenery we have been having lately.


There was even a splash of colour in one of the gardens where there was a display of dahlia.

Today is a special day in our calendar, being Mr. Swiss 80th birthday and his online connections have been arriving one after the other to congratulate him. Seems strange today that I married a 29 year old, me then being 22 years old and this year we celebrated our golden anniversary, my No. 1 son’s 50th birthday and now an 80th birthday. It has been quite a year for anniversaries. I will be doing my shopping tour this morning as I would prefer to remain at home this afternoon. The village authorities will be paying a visit for the occasion. We are taking it easy, no big party, just a quiet relaxed day.


Yesterday we had elections in Switzerland to decide which members of parliament will be representing us for the next four years. The green party was very successful to the extent that it was even reported on the British news. They now have quite a majority in our parliament and are already thinking about applying for a ministry.

Our glaciers are melting in the mountains and many other changes are obvious in the climate in our country and this is probably the main reason for their success. It is to the cost of the extreme right wing party that we have, and I don’t find that so negative, although I am hoping that they do not get too environment friendly. I need my car and cannot ride a bike.


The local store are now selling coconut shells filled with fat and seeds for the birds. Up to now I have only caught a glimpse of a great tit by change amongst the sparrows, but now their food requirements are perfect. They seem to love to hang on to something whilst pecking away at the food supply. I have also hung up two other seed pods and now the tits are joining in in the feast. I missed them last year and now I know why. They like to have their own little quiet corner in the garden with their own food supplies.

I should now be moving on to other chores. I want to get an early start to the shopping trip. My dentist has already reminded me on my mobile photo with a message that we have a meeting tomorrow afternoon with a drill, but that can wait. I do not have tooth ache, just a minor quarry on one of my back teeth – no problem.

In the meanwhile have a good beginning to the week, and let it be a good one. I leave you with a Swiss Autumn picture.