FOWC with Fandango: Flippant


I have two computers. I know it is luxury, but with a Macbook and a Windows computer you are ready for everything. This is an older photo. I no longer have a magic mouse with my Apple, as the magic ran away with it and I never did find it very magical, so I now have two logitec mice (or mouses – not sure the right plural for a mouse).

Since this afternoon, three hours ago, I now have only my logitec mouse for the apple computer, a nice red one, otherwise I would not be writing this now. My black logitec mouse on my Windows machine has disappeared without a trace.

As you can see I keep my computers on a shelf in front of my desk. Unfortunately there is a space behind the shelf and it has been known that a renegade mouse decided to make itself independent and disappear through the gap to the land of lost mice, the problem being that I cannot grovel on the floor to find it – due to my MS. I would be hard to explain to the ambulance guys why I would be voluntarily sitting on the floor as I cannot stand up under my own power. My legs tend to detach themself from my body when gravity has me. I actually no longer put my mice to bed on the computer but keep them on the desk for obvious reasons.

So to continue, my windows mouse has disappeared. Mr. Swiss, with his 80 years, is still able to  grovel on the floor behind the shelves, but confirms that the mouse is not there. In the meanwhile in the search for the lost mouse, we managed to detach the shelf behind the printer and had to reconstruct it again. This was a case of profanity speech, but we were successful. Three hours and the mouse is still missing.

The result of this flippant behaviour of my mouse is that I would be forced to use the mouse pad, which I detest. However thanks to Mr. Swiss. he has sacrificed one of his mice for my computer until I buy a new one tomorrow. In the meanwhile if anyone happens to see an orphaned black logitec mouse searching for a computer, just let me know.

FOWC with Fandango: Flippant

RDP Tuesday: Vapor

Garbage burning plant Zuchwil 19.02.2017

There is vapor rising from the chimneys
We live in a modern time
They tell us not to worry
The vapour is clean and not full of grime
You wonder what they are burning
It is better when you do not ask
There are reasons why it’s not wanted
so wear an oxygen mask


Travel on the railway
search for something cleaner
Although this is not better
Even a worse misdemeaner
We have a nuclear power plant
Another form of vapour
it belches day and night
Another modern caper
But not to worry the government says
No problem if it enshrouds
Take a flight in an aeroplane
See it rise and pierce the clouds.
They say it is only steam
Just water that has boiled
I am sure they are telling the truth
With radio activity we will not be soiled

Smoking is  very dangerous
is not so good for your breath
Is the chimney vapour better?
Who knows, let’s ask Mr. Death

RDP Tuesday: Vapor

September Photo and Day Challenge: 30. Goodbye September


It is also goodbye to be black eyed Susan’s in the garden. Their yellow crowns have now almost completely disappeared and I am left with the “black eyes” which I will leave for a while. However, they will be back again in their full glory next year in summer, nature’s way of life.


The apple tree now has no more apples. Last year I had two containers full of apples and was baking Swiss apple tarts until early Spring. This year we only have enough for one large bowl, again nature’s way of apple tree recovery.


And so with a last view through the ears of grass it is time to wave goodbye to the good days of Autumn. Perhaps some of your are now eating the last pumpkin pie or enjoying a soup from the remains of the pumpkin. I am mixing some chestnuts in my red cabbage which is another result of the Autumn harvest. It was a good Autumn with the grand finale on the 30th September of my No. 1 son’s 50th birthday. 30th September is also St.Urs Day who is the patron saint of our local Swiss town of Solothurn.

See you in October.

September Photo and Day Challenge: 30. Goodbye September

Good Morning


This morning the sky with its clouds was really doing us proud in our part of the world. Fluffy cumulus (I think they are) and a blue background with a touch of illumination from the sun. So enough of the poetic descriptions,. I am now sitting at the breakfast table with my computer and the remains of a cup of tea and enjoying the view from the window. I have already organised my living quarters and uploaded my morning photos as if I had nothing better to do.


I should really be ashamed of myself, but yesterday was such a busy day that I forgot to mention that my No. 1 son celebrated his 50th birthday. It seems like yesterday that I had my first baby. He has now grown into a wonderful person and my support at home. He is very much like my dad in looks and growth. We Relfs (my maiden name) were all a tall bunch and No. 1 son beats them all with his 1m 84 cm. As I seem to shrink with age (from an original 1m 76) the sons seem to be expanding in growth.  At work he was celebrated with a nice break of cakes and when he visited his local restauant in town he was surprised with this wonderful cake, a creation from one of the local cake shops accompanied with two large ballons one with a “5” and the other with a “0” for the 50 years which I found was a wonderful gesture.

Yesterday I began the organisation for a new oven and microwave. As it is in a small town, you have your local agents for doing the job. I contacted them in the morning and the guy said he would come at look at the situation in the late afternoon. He even remembered me from when I organised a new dish washer, and that was a few years ago. This was great for a prompt service, but to be home in time from my shipping safari, it meant I would have to refrain from a midday sleep to get my shopping done in time. Feeling quite worn out, I got back home from the store with three quarters of an hour to spare, where I made up for lost time by hugging the bed. I must say I realised how much I need that midday pause in daily life and was ready for my bed in the evening, after falling asleep in the armchair already. I have a similar marathon next week when I have my winter tyres put on the car, as that is also an after dinner appointment, but this time with no shopping trip involved.  Sometimes I have the feeling I am doing a full time job instead of enjoying the days of golden oldie relaxation.


Even our local cows have their midday (or all day) relaxation.

After my marathon yesteday I still have a few bits and pieces to get in the store and intend to make a short trip this afternoon. Mr. Swiss announced that he would accompany me, so it might not be so short. When I shop I go for the necessities of life, but it seems when he comes with me he composes articles which are not actually life saving and more in the class of luxury.

So now to continue with my life of luxury. Mrs. Swiss has stopped hugging his bed and has even taken the vacuum cleaner in hand (for a few minutes) and I will not proceed with my housewife duties. Have fun, look after yourselves and stay on the safe side.