RDP Wednesday: Glean


This afternoon I managed to glean the last free parking space for my car in the handicapped zone. Slowly I am losing my control. This is not an official space, but a space reserved for supermarket deliveries – see door in front of my car. The advantage is I have to walk past all the other 6 parked cars and can take note of who actually has a permit for these special parking lots. Today there were only 2 with permission, the others were renegades. And so for the second time this week I gleaned this forbidden parking space. And imagine the problem I had to avoid the metal pole next to my car. Otherwise I found I parked it quite well, yes I am making improvements. At the beginning of my newly discovered driving talents, I could not park in a straight line: now no problem. I am really getting good at this newly discovered driving talent.

Maize harvesting 21.08 (1)

Actually I wanted to show our gleaning farmers harvesting the crops in the field across the road. Here they seem to be cutting the corn, although it is food corn for the animals and not the sweet corn to put on the cob, but gleaning parking spaces are also quite interesting. I actually though the harvest season was over, but I still see various machines ploughing through the fields.

RDP Wednesday: Glean

Good Morning


Sometimes I have a feeling that I am in an Alfred Hitchcock film with so many birds watching and waiting for the daily food, but it is mainly the sparrows, so we will probably survive.

Yesterday I mentioned that I did not intend going anywhere for anything or anyone but also added that you can never be sure what might crop up, and how right I was. When our computer guy phoned Mr. Swiss to say that he could upload his charger and he could use it for a few hours, I knew there would be no peace until he had his charger. Being without a computer is not good for addicts, I know it, I am also one. And so off I went into town.


I eventually found his office in this modern building, after first of all going to the wrong building. I parked the car, but had to walk the rest with my walker. One positive moment was I met the computer guy’s wife. For me it was interesting, as her roots were in one of those Russian countries and I could practice what remains of my knowledge of the language. I went to classes once a week for about 12 years some years ago and in my good times, when I was young and my brain still functioned as it should, I had quite a vocabulary and could read an write the language OK. Now I am out of practice, although I noticed when talking to her that there were still a few remnants remaining. Of course she spoke quite good German, living in Switzerland for many years, but I was glad to be able to apply what little I could remember.

I picked up the computer and made my way home. I also had a task for the computer guy. I think it must be more than a year since my mails on my Mac do not work. He is not a Mac person, but had a look and said he will probably be able to do the necessary. I have functioning mails on my Windows computer and also on my iPad, a well as my iPhone, but the Mac just does not want to do the necessary.  Anyhow I am glad he is working on it. I do not write many mails, but I receive quite a lot from various web sites and no computer is complete without a functioning mail.


Whilst I was in part of the newer town with the more modern offices and shops I took a few photos. It is not black and white mode, but it was the weather that probably made it look like it. It was a fine rain, not too much, and grey skies. This is our newly renovated big supermarket in town. Mr. Swiss did mention I could now go inside and have a look, but I decided to carry on my quest for the computer office. Visiting stores was not on my list of things to do.

I parked in the parking house and at last discovered the parking spaces for the handicapped which they have. I really prefer those spaces as they are a lot wider than the normal ones and nearer to the entrance/exit and mostly available.

Today I will again be on my way shopping this afternoon, and no way will I be doing any extra jobs like dentist or doctor transport, but I must be quiet about that. You never know what might crop up.


Yesterday I at last managed a crow photo. He often visits in the garden for food on the ground but as soon as I get the camera ready he flies away. This time he was perched, as an exception, in a neighbouring tree so I clicked before he flew away again.

So not to go a little further in my daily adventures.


Everything seems to be tinged with grey today, so here is a photo in our religious part of town on the outskirts where there is a monastery, a few churches and other such buildings. At least the grass is still green. I drive past this when I visit the local store.

Have a good day, and may the weather be with you. Even rain can have its positive aspects.