FOWC with Fandango: Regular

Curtained room


1. Clean the bathroom sink and toilet
2. Hoover the floors
3. Clean the Shower and shower toilet
4. Make the beds
5. Wipe the corridor floor and hoover the bedrooms
6. Tidy up the living room
7. Organise the kitchen, clean kitchen floor
8. Clean bathroom floor
9. Begin to cook


1. After lunch sleep
2. Go shopping or go somewhere with camera
3. Write something on the computer
4. Feed the cat
5. Prepare evening meal
6. Check on computer and perhaps write more
7. Take it easy for an hour
8. Start laundry if necessary
9. Clear out dishwasher
10. Hang up laundry
11. Last check through computer

12. Go to bed

And that day for day. How more regular can you get, but I need my organisation and I am quite happy with it.

FOWC with Fandango: Regular

RDP Monday: Mend

myjobRepairing light
Something somewhere is always being repaired
Although today you replace it and the effort can be spared
Your sight is no longer good, the optician is very wise
He replaces your sight with a pair of very new eyes
Just a little operation, it does not even hurt
Afterwards an eye test just to keep your sight alert
And then your tooth leaves the gums, it is no longer there
The dentist can replace it, so do not have a care
A new tooth will be made, no need for any worry
Although the fitting process does not happen in a hurry
It will be bored and scraped, might even be some drilling
But when the job is finished there is no need for filling
Although I have a problem, my body is at the wain
It cannot be repaired and I would need a new brain
Problems come with age and my words are quite laconic
There is only one solution, I must become bionic

RDP Monday: Mend

Good Morning

and img_4311

It’s a cold damp morning, but at least we have a few clouds in the sky an it is not raining at the moment. Otherwise I can hear church bells ringing in the village but no idea why. Perhaps it is something special today. Weddings and funerals only happen later in the day. I have a complete trio of magpies in front of the window but every time I take the camera they fly off.


Every morning when I prepare the bird canteen I have to remove this guy first of all. He comes to feed on the remainders of the bird food from the day before and if it is a wet morning, then he is definitely there.

Today I should really get down to some organisation. I still have my ornaments in the garden and a small table and two chairs. It is now time to remove them down to the cellar. I will have to engage No. 1 son for the work. There are also a few dead and dying leaves to remove from the garden, another job for No. 1 son.


Mr. Swiss usually lives the garden organisation to me, He just likes to look at it all, but he did remark yesterday what a wonderful colour my Japanese Maple (I think he actually said “that red bush”) has developed so I had a look myself this morning and it really is quite stunning. It is probably the last attempt, as soon that will also be losing all its leaves.

Today I will be off to the store to replenish food supplies and only the store. How wonderful not to have to include any diversions to doctors and such on my journey.


It seems that Trump had a big announcement yesterday that he managed to disperse of the chief terrorist of the day, the ISIS leader. However, what he did not say that there are a few more waiting to take over, and we will never be rid of them. Another political bla, bla, bla and it certainly doesn’t convince me that we will now be terrorist free. Actually I should really keep out of politics, the problems will only be replaced by other problems. Since Mr. Swiss no longer bothers so much with TV in the evening and prefers to hug the bed earlier, I am left to my own choice of TV programmes. I notice now how wonderful it is to choose my own tastes, and the German/Swiss political discussions have now been cancelled from my choice. I stick to the simple soaps and films and a little bit of British politics. I find BoJo (Boris Johnsson) quite an amusing guy, although if I had to put up with his politics living in the GB, I probably would not be so happy. The Brits are now talking about a general election, but it will probably not change very muc.h

That is why Swiss politics are so nice and straight forward. Nothing changes very much in our government. the ministerial parties remain the same, although the environmental party (the greens) are gaining on popularity and perhaps we are now approaching the point where we get a green minister. The Swiss world is also changing.

My little world remains the same and the only problems I seem to have is what to cook and pay the bills.


It is now time to move on with a vacuum cleaner and other mother’s little helpers. Keep safe and have a good day.