FOWC with Fandago: Total


This is a very modern electric clock and is mounted on the wall in our dental practice. I had delivered Mr. Swiss for treatment and had to wait a few minutes, so I could follow the time. The clock is now telling me it is “viertu vor drü” (quarter to three): quite clear of course it is written, but of course in Swiss German, not even plain normal german, but the dialect we speak in Switzerland. Actually it is quite a unique clock, and I have never seen one in Swiss German before.

Why a clock? This is because my total of daily hours no longer adds up. If I could rise in the morning and carry on my daily plan and do what I want to do, it would be fine. Yesterday I wanted to go for a trip to town with my camera. Forget it, I had to reprogramme as Mr. Swiss had a dental emergency. He survived, but it stole my afternoon free time, and so I added a shopping trip to my programme, how silly can you get.

It goes further, I am booked out already in November for almost two weeks. More dental appointments, a doctor’s appointment  and who knows what else will crop up. Today I spent the afternoon shopping for the week-end and I am now determined to shape my week-end for I, me and myself. Of course, only if there are no more emergencies. The problem at the moment is that I have to be in two places at once with his timetable and am still working it out.

Of course Mr. Swiss comes first with his problems, as I would also come first if I also had a problem, but my mobility is just a little more than his. If only the day had 24 hours plus one or two more. I would then perhaps be able to fit it all in.

I love writing my blog, it is my escape perhaps from my routined world, I love challenges, but……. yes, time is slipping through my fingers. And now to move on, after all it is now “halbi nüni am abig” (half past eight in the evening).

FOWC with Fandago: Total

RDP Friday: Accountable


This evening Mr. Swiss and I completed a joint effort and I must say it could only have happened with co-operation.  I had some potatoes and too many cervelat (Swiss sausage) and so it was decided to make a potato salad with a cervelat salad. Potato salad is not something I enjoy making because it is a lot of messing about, takes time and the result is dodgy to say the least.  Mr. Swiss has been talking about a fine potato salad for some time so I struck a deal. He makes the cervelat salad and I will look to the potato salad.

I already searched for a good recipe in the morning, knowing it would need planning. You have to cook the potatoes in their skins, and at the risk of having third degree burns on your fingers, they have to be peeled whilst still hot. I must admit Mr. Swiss did manage to peel 3-4 potatoes and I did the rest (10-11 potatoes). So guess who had burnt fingers. Whilst I continued peeling the potatoes Mr. Swiss began the cervelat salad, although he said he cannot make a good salad sauce, so I fixed that as well in between.

When the potatoes were naked, without peel, I had to pour hot vegetable bouillon over them and leave them to soak to 20 minutes.  In the meanwhile I cleaned the kitchen floor which had potato skins everywhere. Mr. Swiss progressed with his cervelat salad, mixing in small tomatoes, radishes, pickled cucumber pieces and hard boiled sliced eggs.

We did it, and only had one or two differences of opinions.


And here you can see the result. Not exactly master chef. Mr. Swiss being the expert responsible for Swiss food tastes, tried the potato salad and found yes, it could be accepted. It was a first for me after ten years, but I must say even I found it edible. I even got some suggested mustard with mustard seeds in it and sliced some  shallot onions   into the sauce. The cervelat salad was fine. Who am I to criticise a Swiss guy that makes one.

After the food fight, the kitchen floor was again cleaned and I spent at least five minutes tidying the kitchen surfaces. We sat down to our evening meal. Mr. Swiss found it would be far too much. Eventually we were finished and there was nothing left. Of course No. 1 son helped to finish it all off.

Needless to say it wil probably be another 10 years until I attempt a potato salad again.


RDP Friday: Accountable

Good Morning


After feeding the birds and dithering around with my son who is sitting on the balcony of his hotel in Athens admiring the Acropolis and tucking into a real genuine english breakfast with all the trimmings, I am now in the kitchen with the computer and eating my paltry bread and jam with a cup of tea. Some people do have it good I think, although No. 2 son will probably be glad to arrive back home today: travelling can be a stress when connected with your job.

I can only admire the dawn clouds and watch the birds and whilst I am doing it a visitor appeared in front of my open window.


Roschti, the cat from next door was on a morning stroll and stopped by to have a drink from Tabby’s bowl outside. I seem to have a canteen for birds and cats and any other animal that happens to drop in. Luckily my cat Tabby is now having a morning sleep, otherwise there could have been a territorial disagreement amongst cats.


Yesterday was yet another disturbed daily routine. I now give up and take it as it comes. My idea of an excursion in the area for a few Autumn photos was destroyed already in the morning when Mr. Swiss had a dental problem. Not going into details but it meant an emergency visit to the dentist and he got a quick appointment after lunch. Naturally I was again the chauffeur. I dropped him off and parked the car, but at least I had a short walk to the dentist surgery afterwards and managed at least two photos. This is one of our main squares in town and there were even two trees with their Autumn coat.


I also caught this tree with one of our local towers in the background. At least I had something for my troubles. I eventually joined Mr. Swiss at the dentist. It was not such a long stay, his problem was solved for the time being, but it means another further visit, or perhaps two. Such is the life when you become  a carer on a call up basis. I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer possible to plan anything and so I take it as it comes.

I also added an excursion to the store on my safari as there were a couple of urgent things to get and my “me” time no longer existed in any case.

Today is week-end shopping day and I am hoping that I do not have another battle for a parking space. There is a rebuilding going on and they are now occupying the parking spaces for the handicapped with a trough filled with stones and rubble. Today I was told it should be gone, but I have a feeling it is here to stay for the next month.

It is already Christmas at the store with a tent outside for the Christmas paraphernalia so we have that blessing as well to contend with. It cannot come soon enough it seems, and inside the store there is a whole space dedicated to Christmas sweets already. Some people cannot wait. I had to laugh to myself when I saw a distraught mother dragging her child along, whilst he complained that he wanted to go into the Christmas tent to have a look. Christmas only exists for me for my grandson. I do not believe in it in any case and we stopped Christmas gifts a couple of years ago. We just like to eat well and if possible relax, although when the rest of the world are in a Christmas fever of buying it can be difficult.

Anyhow I will leave you on a cheerful note with some Autumn flowers I saw at the store. This morning seems to be full of my complaints, but I can now get busy with my usual routine, if nothing comes in between. I hope you at least have a successful day.