RDP Saturday: Light

Light effects Castle Läckö, Rörstrand, Sweden,

Mr. Swiss worked for a Swedish company before he became a golden oldie and now and again had to go to Sweden on business visits. On one of the journeys he was presented with a souvenir of Swedeish Rörstrand pottery. When it is illuminated by placing a candle inside it shows Castle Läckö, a medieval castle in Sweden on a peninsula.

Light effects Castle Läckö, Rörstrand, Sweden,

RDP Saturday: Light

October Photo a Day Challenge: Elegant

Official Wedding photos

When my No. 2 son got married a few years ago, of course everyone was elegant at the wedding. Both my son and his wife belonged to a student group from their various high schools and they were also at the wedding ceremony. What could be more elegant than an official student costume.

October Photo a Day Challenge: Elegant

Good Morning


And another day dawns somewhere in Switzerland in the lower lands and it is quite a fresh start, a bit colder than usual. I think that Winter is now slowly approaching. The positive side is that there is a little less stress. No gardening, no call to the great outdoors. Just sit at home and enjoy life but when you do have to go somewhere (we still have to buy food) the roads might be snow covered, frozen and not very inviting. I remember my working days when I had to drive through it in the early morning to get to work. Now I can at least choose when and generally in the afternoon the authorities have cleared the roads. However that is not at the moment. We still have normal conditions.


Yesterday I had a “normal” day. I could hardly believe it. A morning at home with a little bit of cleaning and cooking, an after lunch snooze for an hour and then a safari to the store armed with a week-end shopping list. Even the special parking places for the handicapped (like me) were all free to choose from. The workmen had moved on and were no longer occupying our spaces.


It is already Christmas at the store and the Christmas tent has been prepared for all you might need throughout the holiday season, although there are still two months to go. I just do not understand it all. Perhaps it is because we Swiss miss out on halloween.

On checking my appointment calendar, it seems I have a week ahead free of appointments and must do’s. The week after it all begins again with bringing and fetching Mr. Swiss from his various doctors.  As long as I stay mobile there should be no problem.

My one big problem at the moment is that I have less and less time for my WordPress efforts. I know it is only a side line, a hobby, and there are more important things to do, but somehow I need this contrast to the daily routine. It proves that I still have some grey matter in my head and it seems to be functioning.  It can get quite frustrating when I realise that time is going too quickly.  It is almost a week since I had a Kindle in my hand to read a book.

My No. 2 son wrote a message yesterday to say that he is back home after his business trip to Greece and we are all breathing a sigh of relief: especially as my second grandchild is programmed for the first week of November, and he certainly would not want to miss the occasion. I already have a grandson, and this time it will be a granddaughter. Today there are no open questions, it can all be seen on the ultra sonic pictures.


And now to move on to a few housewife hobbies. The only excitement I have today is watching the birds outside the window. I have a daily visit from this blue tit although all the photos look alike.

Have a good begin to the week-end, see you later