FOWC with Fandango: Detour

Baselstrasse 02.09 (5)

Detours can get complicated. At the beginning of the year I again became the owner of my own car. I had a car when both Mr. Swiss and I were in the work force. He has his car and I had mine. He no longer drives and I bought my own car at the beginning of the year and am again discovering the intricacies of driving.  I am not a fan of detours, especially when they are unexpected and sometimes they can get a little complicated.

Road to Langendorf 15.11 (4)

Here even the police seem to be having a problem.

FOWC with Fandango: Detour

RDP Saturday: Shadows


Shadows are everywhere, especially if the sun is shining. As I was driving long the path on the river bank I noticed I was constantly being followed by a monstrous apparition, I was convinced it was the bionic human with mechanical attachments instead of limbs and it was gigantic. “They are here” I thought, where is Stephen Spielberg? Perhaps they were shooting a new film.

It was then that I moved my arm and realised the apparition moved with me. The case was obvious, it was me sitting in my wheelchair taking a wheelie along the river bank and the Autumn sun was shining. The shadows of wires and strange protruberances were my wheelchair and I was sitting above it all.


And here are a few “normal” shadows as I was entering our town of Solothurn.

RDP Saturday: Shadows

Good Morning


Actually I shot two photos of the morning sky this morning. I cannot really call it sun rise, as although I might be a early bird, it is already almost 8.00 a.m. when I am ready with the camera. At first we still had the remains of the mist.


And then the sun decided to appear and shed its illuminations on the few clouds that had appeared in the meanwhile. I also saw two jet planes rising in the distance from Zürich airport, although they were two small to capture with my mobile telephone camera. It would have been a good shot if I had my DSLR camera, as the sun was reflecting on their ascent. I wonder where people fly to so early in the morning, probably southwards where the weather if still warm enough to wear sandals and short sleeves all day outside.

I am still dressed in my t-shirt and trousers with a light jacket if I go places and having a fight with my feet whether to wear socks or not. Actually I find it warm enough without, but people can be so annoying when they compare my dress code with their own. I have a problem when putting a sock on my left foot. I cannot lift the foot and have to bend down and hope to capture it for pulling on the sock. It might sound silly, but when this had never been a topic for discussion your whole life, it can be quite annoying as a golden oldie with various body problems.


I have one tree opposite my garden showing signs of Autumn. Yesterday it was captured by the sun’s rays and showed that it really is turning red. I think it is a Shadbush in english, we call them “Felsenbirne” meaning  translated literally “cliff pear” although this one is growing on the grassy area.


The magpies (and crows) are still arriving in the morning after I spread some food. I really wanted to put out the bird house but Mr. Swiss finds it is still too early, so I make do with seed supplies on the stone step separating my garden from the meadow opposite. I have a comfortable position at my breakfast-computer kitchen table in the morning when the birds arrive for food supplies and can watch them enjoying the daily food supplies.

Otherwise the afternoon was filled with a shopping tour for the weekend food supplies. I managed to get everything on the list, but always have a feeling afterwards that something has been forgotten. I was thinking about entrecôte steak for lunch on Sunday, but Erika (the saleslady) pointed out that filet steak was a special offer and it was really a good bargain, so why not celebrate birthdays and Christmas during the year on a Sunday, you only live once.  Mr. Swiss, as a butchers son, was not disappointed.

I am glad at last to have a more or less normal day, although next week the special appointments have already begun. On Monday I will do the shopping tour in the morning as in the middle of the afternoon I will be taking Mr. Swiss for his last dental appointment. I have to pick up some documents from the tax office on Tuesday afternoon for our records and only know roughly where it is. However Mr. Swiss will come with me to show me. Afterwards in future I can do it myself. Thursday morning Mr. Swiss will be fitted for his new glasses. It is now a month since his cataract operations and his sight is now quite good, reading the newspaper and books.

Yesterday evening was the finals of the Master Chef cooking programme on the British TV. I love watching the contestants with their cooking skills. A lot of the dishes I do myself, but am not so expert with the presentation. It is strange but for years I contented myself with watching TV now and again, and almost always the German or Swiss programmes. Since Mr. Swiss not longer stays up so late in the evening, I am left with a free range of TV programmes and mainly stay with the BBC, although I noticed he is also becoming a BBC fan. We both always watch the East Enders sitcom since many years.


My local store still has a special offer with their azaleas. I have already bought two and am very tempted, for CHF 6.50, to buy another one. A white one would be very nice in my selection.  And now I have talked enough this morning (online) and will depart to do far far better things. Look after yourselves, enjoy the week-end, see you around later.