RDP Thursday: The Secret Door

Town Wall Marrakesh

“But how do I get into the city.”

“No problem, through the door of course.”

“I don’t see a door.”

“It’s over there.”

“I see only a brick wall.”

“That is because you do not want to see the door.”

“Of course I want to see it, I want to enter through the door.”

“But you know it is a secret door.”

“It seems to be so secret that nobody can see it.”

“Of course we see it. There are the people that have just left the city through the door.”

“But I did not actually see them leaving the city, they are just standing here.”

“Take my hand and I will lead you through the door.”

“But there is just a wall. No wait you are passing through the wall and so am I. At last I am in the city, but no, there is another wall. Where are you. I cannot hear you.”

“Are you searching for the door?”

“Yes can you help me.”

“Sorry, but I am also searching for the door, like most of us.”

“But there are many of you, and you are all searching for the door?”

“They say the door is so secret that only the chosen few find it.”

“And who are they?”

“Those that find the door.”

RDP Thursday: The Secret Door

Good Morning

ct toimg_4337

Nothing special happening with the sky this morning: just a grey morning, although the Autumn foliage adds a little colour here and there. I was up a little earlier this morning as it is again linen changing day on the beds and that takes time, especially when you stumble around the beds getting the act together.  I have my little routine in the morning and the birds were also waiting for something from me.

Yesterday was almost a normal day with a little shopping in the afternoon. When I arrived home Mr. Swiss informed me that his eye glasses were now ready to be picked up, he received an SMS from the opticians. As I was not ready to depart again after returning home we will be going this afternoon to pick them up with him. Yet another day where I did plan something else.

Fruit Days Rossmarktplatz 25.10 (2)

They have the annual fruit days in town today and I was thinking about going along, as the picture shows from last year, to see what was on offer. However, again I have to set priorities. Life is becoming one big priority and I have not had one day this week when I could do what I had planned.

Yesterday evening I was watching “The Apprentice” show. In the states it was organised by a guy called Trump and I get the english version. Yesterday the candidates were in Oxford and Cambridge, our university towns, and had to find various objects. One was an edition of “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll with original illustrations from prewar days and I was astonished to see how the ongoing managers had a discussion amongst themselves when the war started and how many years it lasted. They had no idea from the first world war and even the second war seemed to be a mystery. Is the next generation really growing up with these forgotten details? I suppose it is a symptom of me now having grown up in bomb destroyed London and having parents who actually lived through it all.


It seems that today is halloween with all its tricks and treats etc. We do not celebrate here and have no tricks or treats. There are isolated cases of kids knocking on the door in the evening to see what they can get, but not something usual and they usually go with empty bags of treats afterwards. Anyhow this photo from the store is all I have to offer for a seasonal photo. I have only seen a couple of pumpkins this year on the doorsteps of houses as a decoration but nothing special.


And now to continue with my bed making session and I can see that Apple is telling me on my computer that  I have a software update. Have a good day and enjoy your halloween if you have it. If I get through my stress filled day I will be back.