FOWC with Fandango: Chill


“The window is open.”

“I know, I opened it.”

“But it is October and I am cold. Don’t you ever feel cold.”

“Not really.”

“But everyone is walking around in a pullover and you are still wearing a t-shirt. As for your feet: no socks. You only began to wear long trousers last week and have been living in shorts since March.”

“I am comfortable like that.”

“And we are all freezing.”

“But you are wearing a pullover over your shirt.”

“Of course I am, because I feel cold. You could at least shut the window there is a draught blowing through the apartment with windows open on each side.”

And so I shut the window(s). I really don’t feel cold and I am still wearing my house shoes without stockings or socks. I cannot remember the last time I wore a pullover. I prefer to wear layers and if it is really cold, then I wear a jacket. And hate wearing socks or stockings. We have central heating and our inside temperature is 20-22°C which is warm enough for me. I seem to have my own built in central heating in my body. I must admit I do always have an open window during the day in the room where I am. A draught for me is actually fresh air.

I think we Brits are a tough bunch probably.

FOWC with Fandango: Chill

RDP Wednesday: Tenebrous

Sunrise A 06.01 (1)

The days are shortening their span
Light is being stolen by the night
It is a darker world approaching
Making your own light inside
Outside is sombre
Autumn has arrived, Winter approaching
and as the sun sinks we cling to the last rays
Alway looking on the brighter side
The hour stolen earlier in the year
is replenished
An extra hour of sleep and life

RDP Wednesday: Tenebrous

October Photo a Day Challenge: 9. Plenty


I was in the store and saw these tomatoes and just had to take their photo. They were waiting for a chance to be celebrated before going to the tomato happy hunting grounds in our digestive system.


They even had some little brothers and sisters waiting at the side.

October Photo a Day Challenge: 9. Plenty

Good Morning


Actually it is evening again, although you will see it tomorrow morning (my time of course). Again fate has played with my “me” time and I am condemned to another action packed morning.

I do not always hear my telephone when it rings as I mignt be elsewhere, cleaning a toilet or perhaps a kitchen, even in the shower or making a bed. So is life, but at least it is not boring. I suddently saw two calls from an unknown capacity. If there are two calls it means for me call back. Someone somewhere wants to speak with me. Yes indeed, it was the company instructed to deliver and fit my new oven. The delight of the whole thing is that they will be doing it tomorrow morning. Pro forma I asked when, but these handworkers always like to get the job started early, so of course they will arrive at around 8.00 am, meaning yet another lost morning. No comfortable breakfast with a computer, but eat and get ready for the visitors.


This is what they will be replacing. At the bottom is the oven. It is about 10 years old and the switches no longer function but tend to lose contact, meaning if I do not sit in front of the oven whilst it is cooking, it might switch itself off and nothing will be cooked.

I decided at the same time to have the micro wave replaced. This is 20 years old and would be pefect if it was not for the fact that due to one of my “accidents” I knocked the glass covering door off which broke in many tiny glass pieces. These micro wave things operate with a mystical heat and who knows what strange rays of energy have been escaping in the meanwhile.

And so the beginning of my day is ruined.

Otherwise today went quite well. Mr. Swiss now has a full tooth repair and can smile again showing all of his pearly teeth. He even had time after the appointment to go to the shop to get himself two pairs of trousers. He discovered that jeans are no longer jeans but have curious names today like “chinos” which are apparently the lighter coloured trousers. He also found that the slim leg is now fashion. After losing so much weight (about 30 kilo) he really needs something more suitable.

Autumn Trees 25.10 (4)

OK, I am cheating with this photo, it was taken a little more than a year ago, and then we had an Autumn. This year it still looks like a dying summer outside.

And so life goes on and I cannot wait to see the rest of the surprises for this week. Mr. Swiss did mentioned that next Monday at 4.30 p.m. he will have the final dental appointment to remove the stitches and to see how it has all resulted. Another disturbance to my day, as I am usually at that time in the supermarket shopping. On Monday in that case, as an exception, I will be doing the shopping in the morning. Oh happy days.

And now I will leave you with another wonderful evening view of our estate, without moon, but its light is being shed by the sinking sun. Enjoy the day ahead and may it be smooth runnings.