RDP Sunday: Splitter


It’s dying, dwindling, losing its flowers one by one. The remaining are holding on for dear life.


Three months are a long time for a bargain orchid in the store. Its white sister is still looking good, but eventually her time will also come.

I am now left with the splinters of a wonderful flower, but she might return. I will wait and hope.

RDP Sunday: Splitter

October Photo a Day Challenge: Your Choice

The River Thames with the Docklands

A choice is difficult when you have thousands of photos to choose from. I However, I decided on a photo I took from the plane as I was approaching London on my annual visit to my father. This visit almost always took place in October. It is a view over the River Thames, to be exact the so-called docklands.

I grew up in the area and lived there the first 20 years of my life. It has been modernised and is now an area for the business men to live near the City of London, and you must be very well situated to be able to afford an apartment there.  There is nothing left of the old docks as ships no longer unload their cargoes in this area. Two of my uncles were actually dockers and I remember the old docks with the cranes and ships. Places change over the years, but it still remains part of my childhood.

October Photo a Day Challenge: Your Choice

One Word Sunday: Sepia


This is a special biscuit, called a Zürich Triggel. Its main component is honey and a product of the bakers in the town of Zürich. This one had been baked especially for the Arthritis group of Switzerland. They had a stand in our town yesterday. I was on my way in the wheelchair and took a closer look. There were not many people around and I got into a conversation with one of the ladies. I do not suffer from arthritis, but have MS, although one of the ladies at the stand was also in a wheelchair. We all have our problems when an unexpected illness arrives.  She told me that it was one day in the year, national arthritis day, when they bring the illness closer to the general public.

She gave me two of these biscuits commemorating the day and also an apple.

One Word Sunday: Sepia

Good Morning


Looks like it will be a good day today. Yesterday afternoon I ventured a wheelie in my chair and it was really pleasant. The sun was shining and not to cold. You can even see the alps in the distance on the photo. I was only using my phone camera.


Otherwise as the first job of the day, I was finishing the baking process of my half baked platt bread that I buy in the store. I have made them myself from the beginning, and this bread sort is a bit of a Sunday tradition, but I do not have the time to get up at the crack of dawn to make a yeast pastry, so I buy the half baked version in the store, which are quite good. I am still learning the baking process of my new oven but am slowly coming to grips with it. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has arisen and warmed up his coffee in the microwave. He has discovered the advantages of modern kitchen technology.


My morning visitors outside are now getting sociable it seems. Where food is concerned, the sparrows peck away regardless of the big brother crow in the background who seems to be doing his own thing. I still have quite a lot of bird seed left from last year and yesterday I had a sort out disposing of the fat food from last year.  It is all in a box in the garden cupboard. Mr. Swiss still finds it too early for the bird house but the birds do not seem to care, there time is measured by the sun and their digestion, and where there is food it is eaten.


And the sparrows even venture nearer to the window where my cat has her water bowl, to have a drink. These are photos from yesterday morning, but when I look out of the window  they are all back again for today’s breakfast


including the magpies.


Even the crow seems to be fraternising with the magpie, but food speaks all languages. The crow had already taken his pick of the morning so had nothing to lose.

I was in town yesterday afternoon. It has been a week since I was there, although not very much has changed. We still have the outside restaurants along the side of the river and they were packed with visitors enjoying the wonderful sunny Autumn day.

Otherwise I spent yesterday evening uploading some photos with the TV in the background. It seems that the BBC programme find that quiz programmes are entertaining in the evening. They now have a new one “The Wall” where lights chase themselves up and down a wall and the contestant can either win thousands of english pounds or lose it all, the usual drama. The guy in charge is talking to “The Wall” as if it was human. “Come on Wall show us what you have” etc. so ridiculous.  I think I am watching too much of that rubbish. I had already suffered an hour of “Come Dancing” where the TV personalities dance with professional dancers and get judged on their performance. It is all such a false life on the TV.

And now to move on with a little bit of this and that in the apartment. Have a good Sunday everyone.