RDP Friday: Insanity

Weissensteinstrasse Mühlegut

Fred’s wife left him for his best friend. The day before he lost his job and he was behind in paying his rent, so got notice to quit.

Before throwing himself from a bridge he decided to leave his mark on the world and demolished his appartment. Some said he was insane, but he would always be known as the man with the crane.

RDP Friday: Insanity

October Photo a Day Challenge: Numbers

Patrick birthday

The number 50 had a meaning for me last week. On 30th September my No. 1 son celebrated his 50th birthday. How time flies. It seems only yesterday that he appeared in our family.

Amongst other items, he was given these 50th birthday blow up balloons. They are quite well made and are still hovering in his room, although yesterday he told me that they are slowly losing air: thank goodness. One of the modern developments of birthday surprises Perhaps I should organise something like that for my Mr. Swiss. He will be 80 years old at the end of October.

October Photo a Day Challege: Numbers

Good Morning


And as the golden sun rises slowly in the East etc. etc.  but it is not quite here yet, We even had a few apologetic rain drops but they changed their mind and so we are left with an Autumn morning.

Another Friday enters the plan and after putting the finishing touches to my menu plan and shopping list on my smart phone I am ready to go, but only in the afternoon. It’s week-end shopping time again. I think the most complicated part of the week-end strategy is not the actual buying, but deciding what to cook and eat.


Had another fly over yesterday. Some of those jets really fly low. I wonder if the passengers can see me on the ground below taking photos.

Yesterday was a day at home. I was not feeling too good after lunch and had one of those annoying digestive problems. In the evening when I went to bed I got a chill attack and was shivering and could not keep still. It happens now and again, thank goodness not so often, as a side effect of my MS injections. I just have to take a tablet and after half an hour it disappears, but you are left quite weak. However eventually you fall asleep and by the morning it has disappeared. Yesterday was not such a good day.


At least my azalea is still having a wonderful flower show. I am really thinking about getting another one to bring a bit of sunny weather into the appartment.


I noticed on my last visit to the store that the new harvest of peanuts have arrived so I decided to treat us to some. Mr. Swiss was very much my opinion so the time of having peanut shells everywhere has arrived again. Up to now it is under control and consummation is only allowed in the kitchen. I must say they are very good and tend to be a little addictive.

Television did not bring anything interesting yesterday evening, although watching the BBC news is always quite good, especially if Boris Johnson, the prime minister, is providing some entertainment in the British Houses of parliament. I just love watching that guy and listening to him, even if he is mostly talking rubbish.


And now to move on. I have a pile of ironing to do from the bed laundry of yesterday, but have time, although I like to deal with it as soon as possible. So have a good Friday everyone.