October Photo a Day Challenge: 2. Layers


I looked out of the window and saw my raised bed outside with the many layers of stones.

Raised Bed

It was assembled a little more than a year ago. The stones were piled up one after the other in their various layers and afterwards filled with earth. The last part was planting them with various flowers. I have two raised beds: one with flowers and the other was a herb garden.

I am no longer able to look after my garden at ground level and the solution suggested by the gardeners was ideal. I now have everything under control with my plants.

Raised Beds back garden

October Photo a Day Challenge: 2. Layers

FOWC with Fandango: Grumpy

Garbage bags 19.02 (1)

“Hi Joe, havn’t seen you for a while.”

“Hello Fred, no I havn’t been so good. Had some trouble with my digestion.”

“Sorry to hear that, were you in hospitable.”

“No, the doc gave me some of those blue pills, and said it should do the trick, but I will have to go to see him again. I feel like an air balloon sometimes.”

“I know that feeling. Tell the doc to give you that green powder. You can mix it with some water and drink it before the meal. Works wonders and the air escapes much better.”

“Really, must tell the doc. Frieda has the same problem, but she is always complaining. You could think she was the only one with her problems.”

“I know what you mean, my Joan is always on about her aches and pains, especially when she is ironing. I told her to leave it, but she said you cannot just leave everything. And then she found I could help her. How can I help her when I have my own problems. Look at that foot.”

“Oh that doesn’t look so good. A bit swollen around the toe nail.”

“Doc said it is an ingrown toe nail, but I am sure it is turning septic, so how am I to be able to help with the ironing. Joan can be glad that I am happy with a plate of soup for dinner. At least she doesn’t have to cook so much.”

“Know what you mean, our womenfolk should be glad that we bear our pains and are not complaining all the time.”

FOWC with Fandango: Grumpy

October Photo a Day Challenge: 1. Welcome October


Surprisingly I can welcome October, perhaps in defiance, with a flowering rose in my garden. It was a surprise appearance a few days ago and is still hanging on to the last. Perhaps it is waiting for the first snow and ice to preserve it until the warmer days arrive.

What does October mean to me? Perhaps the first time since the end of Winter that I will have to get my padded jacket ready for wear and covering my feet with socks and wearing warmer shoes with a built in profile on the sole. I remember my school days when a “harvest festival” would be organised. We would bring various food items from the store and would have a large table decorated with Autumn arrangements and our food supplies.  Afterwards the items would be distributed to various retired elderly people.

I will be having the Winter tyres assembled on my car next week. There will be less work in the garden as there is nothing really to do. Perhaps cut down the withering plants, so hello October and please behave.

Wheat crop 14.07.2019

October Photo a Day Challenge: 1. Welcome October

Good Morning


It is a rainy morning and quite unfriendly. Today is the day we are supposed to getting our first hurricane since 1926 according to the experts, but we do not even have high winds currently, just a dismal day. Perhaps it might hit another part of Europe, but we Swiss seem to be protected in our valleys in between the alps.

Yesterday I decided to have a lazy day. I was planning on a short trip to the store, but there was really nothing urgent that I needed and my No. 1 son brought some eggs I wanted for adding to the cold cuts in the evening. I snuggled down in my bed after lunch and made the most of it.

Mr. Swiss mentioned yesterday that No. 2 son said he would probably call past this week in the evening. He always makes surprise visits and five minutes later he was on the door step. He calls past now and again to see how mum and dad are, having an apartment in a nearby town that he uses during the week. Otherwise he lives on the Eastern edge of Switzerland in a village near Schaffhausen. It is always good to see him and get news of his outside world. Apparently No. 1 grandson is making speech progress and can now say his own name. He is also in the process of learning the difference between “yes” and “no”, although often not in agreement with his mum and dad leading to a demonstration of power.


As you can see I have finished breakfast and are on my usual journey in the Internet world. Today I have a planned trip to the stores as supplies are getting low.  Some people like to get organised that they only a weekly shopping safari, but I like to get out now and again seeing and doing things, otherwise I get a little cabin fever at home. I have to drop in at the computer department today. Yesterday I misplaced the Logitec mouse that I use for my other Windows computer. I wrote about it and it is still in the land of the missing mice, so I will have to organise a new one today.


Garden life is gradually closing in and my rudbeckia lacianata are the last of the flowers, before the Autumn days take over and Winter creeps in. I am hoping for a nice snow free ice free winter. Since driving regularly again there are certain road conditions which I am not so keen on. Generally I only go places in the afternoon and by then our authorities have cleared away most of the disruptions.


And now to move on to the usual daily routine. There are things to clean and tidy up and to organise. It seems some parts of the world have already received their snowy days. One of the advantages of being online in a international web site, you can visit other countries without the inconvenience of actually travelling there. Have a good day and hope that all goes well for everyone, otherwise just make the most of it.