October Photo a Day Challenge: 27. Yellows of Autumn


This afternoon I at last managed to go somewhere and so I took a wheelie in my chair to find the yellows of Autumn and I found quite a few


Some were still hanging on the trees, and others had already fallen to the ground.


And this little tree was standing all its own, showing off its yellow leaves by the river.

October Photo a Day Challenge: 27. Yellows of Autumn

October Photo a Day Challenge: Elegant

Official Wedding photos

When my No. 2 son got married a few years ago, of course everyone was elegant at the wedding. Both my son and his wife belonged to a student group from their various high schools and they were also at the wedding ceremony. What could be more elegant than an official student costume.

October Photo a Day Challenge: Elegant

October Photo a Day Challenge: 24. Majestic

yThe Queen

What could be more majestic that a wall plate showing Queen Elizabeth of the UK in her various ages, from child to adult. My friend is a keen follower and has a few souvenirs. I am not really such a monachist, but she does not really do so much harm, and is now a grand old lady even overtaking Queen Victoria in age and throne years.

biscuit box
Even I got a little enthusiastic when I saw this biscuit tin at London City airport before boarding a flight back to Zürich. Was it the tin, or the shortbread biscuits that attracted me? I think it was a little of both. A majestic tin of biscuits.

October Photo a Day Challenge: 24. Majestic