October Photo a Day Challenge: 19. Autumn Trees, Leaves


There just isn’t very much happening at the moment in the Autumn way of things in my area. I have not been able to get out very far to have a look around, too much other stuff going on. These trees are opposite my garden on the estate.

Autumn Leaves 08.11 (1)

This is the official depot next to the cemetery wall where you may deposit your Autumn leaves. The Swiss love to have things organised. You cannot just throw your Autumn leaves where you want to, it must be in the right place.

October Photo a Day Challenge: 19. Autumn Trees, Leaves

October Photo a Day Challenge: 17. Landscape

Landscape Feldbrunnen village 25.08 (2)

I seem to live int he middle of landscapes. Straight ahead you see the first range of the Jura mountain chains towards the North. There are seven altogether stretching from the Bernese middle land to the Swiss border by Basel.

View over Bernese Plain from castle Waldegg

And looking in the other direction, towards South, we have the avenue leading to the local castle and in the distance the flatter plain before the Bernese alps rise. On a clear sunny day you see them quite well.

October Photo a Day Challenge: 17. Landscape

October Photo a Day Challenge: Furl

Basil and Dodder 23.09 (4)

Every Summer I buy a basil plant at the local store. Our climate in Switzerland is too cold in Winter for them. This year they had them in larger pots and it was looking quite healthy. I noticed that something white was growing out of the stalk, but was sure it was a new root reaching for the earth.

How wrong can you be? This white feeler soon developed into a maze of furls and curls and began to take over my basil. I was still mistified, I had never seen anything like it. I even noticed it had developed small flowers of its own, at least I though they were flowers.

Thanks to communication with another writer, I discovered that this arrival was a dodder and their main intention was to sit on a host plant and absorb everything that it had to offer. The ultimate result was that it would take over and kill the victim, in my case the basil. Would the dodder then die itself? – no chance. It wanders further and searches for a new unsuspecting plant.

I had never heard of dodder, although there are species in Europe it seems. Most of our plants originate in Dutch nurseries, although I do not know where the store gets their basil. Eventually I decided to throw the complete plant, basil and dodder, into the garbage. Perhaps it found a new host somewhere on a garbage dump.

October Photo a Day Challenge: Furl