FOTD 22nd August 2020: Goldenrod

This arrived unannounced in my garden. It began to grow and grow and grow, until it became the plant that was taller than everything else. Actually there were two of them, one goldenrod comes seldom alone.

There was another small problem. They are now on the list of forbidden plants in our Kanton because they tend to dominate. That is one of the reasons why I am keeping an eye on this one(two). When the flowers have finished and nothing spectacular is happening I will put on my strong gloves and remove them. Or, in the worst case, I will take a saw. Perhaps I might have to order a crane to remove it. In the meanwhile let us enjoy the flowers.

FOTD 22nd August 2020: Golden Rod

FOWC with Fandango: Character

He was actually afraid of heights, but when the boss said there would be a bonus of five hundred dollars if he would do the job, he forgot all his problems and went ahead. It was a matter of character. It was a shame that he fell afterwards, but he had a wonderful bouquet of flowers from the boss in hospital.

FOWC with Fandango: Character

RDP Saturday: Pause

The life of a snail is one big pause
He/She is not the speedy one and has its own laws
Overcoming everything, whether block or line
Moving with precision applying its slime
It might meet a colleague and they stop for a while
The result could be eggs, they are very fertile
Whether male or female, they really do not know
It is not such a problem, they just know how to go
So let us take it easy, let there be no blocks
Just call them paragraphs and jump over the rocks

RDP Saturday: Pause

Good Morning

Not exactly a super morning, but at least we have a few contours in the sky from the clouds. It is slowly cooling down here and the hot Summer days are becoming a thing of the summer past, although I feel fine at the moment, no problems with the heat. Rain is forecast today until the afternoon, and now it has stopped ranining.

My shopping was dealt with yesterday for the week-end, so I do not have to go anywhere today, although I might make a short excursion somewhere.

Yesterday I scooted through town on my way home and noticed our town masterpiece of a clock was showing itself. The figures move on the hour and it is one of those objects that our tourist like to stand and observe. At the moment tourists are at a minimum thanks to corona, but they will come again.

I did not have a lot to get in the store as I already had quite a lot at home. It is just the fresh meat and veg that I go shopping for. They often have special offers in the butchers department and I like to buy them for freezing. I also met a musician friend of Mr. Swiss who has also made a name for himself locally and plays drums.

I was quite impressed to see these two dogs in town. They seemed to be obediently waiting for their owner side by side: two of a kind but with a different colour scheme.

Town was quite empty for a Friday afternoon. this interior decorators even had a chair outside but it remained vacant.

I just discovered some more with this block system, although I still find the word “block” false. It is as it always was, block=paragraph. I saw at the side I had an alternative for a rounded photo, not that I love rounded photos, but I thought I would try it. My photo was already on the site, square as usual, so i decided to have a round one and here it is and a press in the right place. I see possibilities with this new thing that no-one really wanted. It is one of he buildings in our main street.

Yesterday evening I made some minced meat cakes which I froze for Monday lunch. The recipe quite appealed to me. My favourite programme was on the TV, Gardener’s World. I really enjoy it. The guy that does it has an enormous garden, but shows you his plants, which I also have, and how to improve their performance. There are also films from other people with gardens (normal like me) showing what and how they plant. One lady had a greenhouse full of pineapples and also in her apartment, which she grows herself. I have done it myself, but never really persevered. I now have inspiration again.

And now I should be on my way. Saturday means nothing special, although I have a chicken to cook for lunch and I should give my orchids their weekly supply of water and fertiliser. Yet another orchid has opened its first bud, one of my older white orchids. I have also noticed that the orchids from this year that are no longer flowering are also beginning to think about it, producing promising bulges at the end of their stalks.

May you all have a good week-end, perhaps not too much unwanted excitement.


The photo is of our so-called hobby room which is mainly occupied by our excess books and Mr. Swiss drum set. I keep my hobby equipment mainly in the apartment where it is to hand.

Since I have been retired life has become one big hobby, keeping myself busy with this and that. My first hobby became to keep mobile after discovering that I have MS. I am one of the “lucky” ones and it “just” affects my mobility. As the years go past, my walk becomes stranger. My newest hobby is my scooter which is the successor to my electric wheelchair, although I use both according to where I go and what I want to do. It gets me to the store with my walker and I can take part in the buying ceremony like the non MS people.

In connection with this I realised that I must not be isolated, and then we had the corona virus which was doing its best to ensure that I would be isolated. I got myself a freezer chest, began to shop for the future and not just for the next two days. I also got myself a food vacuum sealer to freeze meat and other articles. I began to stock up on basic items of life (let us not forget the toilet roll famine that was threatening all).

I have a laundry room which is ideal for storing food and where my freezer chest is. Apart from the washing machine and the deep freezer, it is beginning to resemble a smaller branch of my supermarket. The initial purchases were costly, but no longer. Now I just stock up once a month on what has been used.

Apart from my love of computer work, I have again began to extend my knowledge of cooking. I decided to pep up my menus for the daily food and have rejoined a Swiss cooking magazine to get some ideas. They also have a super web site. I am even thinking again about baking a cake.

I have no dog days, never had a dog and unfortunately my last cat, Tabby, went to the eternal corn chambers to hunt for the mice a month ago, so there are also no cat days.