Good Morning


This morning is really one of those mornings where everything happens at once. The weather is behaving and Mr. Swiss and I got around to dealing with a few things. I had to order my medicine for MS as I only have enough to the end of the week and that will be delivered tomorrow morning, so the first tick on the list. I noticed that I no longer had enough pick up forms for my collectors that deliver my shopping home from the store, so that was the second tick on the list.

At last we got around to ordering a new window for the kitchen. It cracked some time ago, probably due to the tension caused by our cat flap that had been inserted. We no longer have any cats. Tabby left us a few weeks ago and as two golden oldies there will be no more cats at our home, so we are having the window replaced without a cat flap.

There was also a lamp that no longer worked, and again we had to call the guy to  change it as we are no longer able to climb around on ladders to change lamps. He has already come and gone and our lamp is working again. I also had the cleaning lady here who has also already completed the work and now I have a few minutes to say good morning.

Yesterday I was in town for some shopping and it was August market day.


I was quite happy to see the market in town and the weather was perfect for the occasion.


There are really some interesting stands on the market and these cats are quite the attraction.


I really enjoyed the journey through town, although I had to be very careful with my scooter to avoid people and objets that were in my way. I even had a problem when I left the store as some stupid idiot had parked his bike so close to my scooter I was anxious that there would be an accident when I drove away. However another guy appeared to get his bike and I told him of my problem. He said it was no problem, and moved the guilty bike to one side so that I could drive away safely.  Some people really have no consideration for the problems of others.


I do not know what these are, but I think they are known as dream catchers. I am sure they wold look good hanging somewhere at home.

And now I must really go, this was really a few minutes squeezed into this morning’s programme, but now I am on my way to finish my dinner and organise the rest of the day. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon: my once a year talk with my neurologist to get the permission to continue my very expensive medical treatment.

I wish you all a good day, have fun.