RDP Thursday: Shadowy Explorations

There is a damp patch in the corner of my garden cupboard, amongst the various garden instruments: a shovel and some tomato poles. It has been there for the last couple of months, and it grows and shrinks.

During the night it spreads and in the morning it fills the corner of the cupboard. I never see it moving. It waits until I am not looking to change its shape and dimension. During the afternoon it remains. It has also crept up the wall, and there it never changes, it stays there watching to see what I might do.

There are no insects to feed on its shadow, they leave it alone. I think they avoid it, being uncertain where it comes from. During the day I leave the door of the cupboard open, hoping that it might shrink, might even go away, but it remains where it is, perhaps diminishing in size only to grow again when it gets dark.

One day it might engulf the whole cupboard, leave just a very large growing damp patch. I think it originates from somewhere below, seeping slowly up to the surface.

RDP Thursday: Shadowy Explorations

Good Morning

A nice spot of sun this morning and quite pleasant outside on the porch. This morning I decided to write in the new block system, the new one that we all have loved to receive. It is a sign of the times and the future in WordPress blogging. My first success was to upload a photo, although from Google. With my Flickr account I will have to use the web site address, but no problem. We golden oldies must adapt to new times. After all we all mastered Windows 10 didn’t we??

And here is my second image of the day. I was off into town again yesterday. It was not really 100% my intention, but Mr. Swiss had a list of medication to pick up at the chemist and I suppose I did not really have much better to do. The photo is again of one of our street musicians, but this is a well known figure in our area. He is one of our local musicians and is actually professional, playing in a few local groups when he gets an engagement. My son knows him quite well and he can really play that guitar.

Yesterday was quite amusing. He saw me with my camera and stopped for a smile and a wave. He was singing “Georgia on my Mind” one of the golden ancients and a song I know quite well from my dad. Although he is Swiss he was naturally singing the english words and so as I was watching (the only audience he had at the time) I joined in and then he stopped singing and played the accompaniment for me. After the first few lines of the chorus I decided enough was enough. It was quite fun, but I did not get a contract as a partner and so I moved on.

There was yet another musician in front of the town gate leading to the store. I heard him as I was approaching and he had a fully grown piano stationed on the street. I must say he was also a top player and it was wonderful to listen to the music. Eventually I pulled myself away and journeyed on to the supermarket, which was actually one of the ideas of going to town.

Admittedly the store is not the best building for architecture, but I have now got used to visiting after having to change from my super store in a nearby village when I became without a car. It looks quite nice with the glass front, but inside there are no windows, although a lot of space which for me is important as I have to move around with my walker. I can park my scooter outside the store. Next to it there used to be a hotel, but the owner is now retired and it is being renovated and the hotel is no more. I believe they are converting it into apartments.

After the shopping was completed I mounted my scooter and drove up the slope to roll my way through town and back home. It was a pleasant afternoon and I realised I really need to go somewhere in the afternoon for a change of secenery and see people.

Yesterday was otherwise a little complicated. I was forced to use the new block system from WordPress. I must admit I was annoyed to have to change my habits. However I made the mistake of trying to stick to the old system which was also available, but a little different. I really had problems finding my way, especially with my various photo apps. I then decided this morning to use the new block system in all its “glory” and I must admit it is working fine up to now.

I was also busy yesterday learning how to operate my new vacuum sealing device. I now like to freeze most of my meat for a later occasion, not to be too dependent on shopping at the store. I usually have it vacuumed at the store, but sometimes I buy prepacked and then I have to do it myself. After a few mistakes at the beginning I suddenly got the hang of it and now have three neatly sealed and vacuumed pork shops in a plastic in the freezer.

Actually I am revising my whole cooking system a little, wanting to make a few additions to my dull and boring meals. I have rejoined the Swiss cooking possibility called Betty Bossi. I used to be a member, but cancelled my membership some time ago. However, they have a good web site with lots of recipes and a monthly magazine as well as their cookery books. They also have a good system on their web site with the food which as basically for 4 people, but you can change the amount of people and the recipe also changes automatically. At least I will have something to do through the Winter days.

I noticed our banana palm tree at the entrance to town in a small park is developing nicely. I think they put it in storage during the Winter months.

And now I must finish what I started this morning, putting new linen on the beds again. Otherwise I do not have any big plans. Perhaps just a little journey this afternoon, with my camera of course. I just realised I have no bread for this evening, but will tell No. 1 son to buy a loaf when he goes to town this afternoon.

Not bad for a new experience writing in the block system, although I did not do very much different as I usually do. Have a good day everyone and keep writing if you have the time. I will be spending my time this morning with the beds and the midday meal.