RDP Saturday: Tricolour


The Swiss flag is red with a white cross so nothing fancy  about that. They probably ran out of colour.The British flag is something completely different with its Red, white and blue, but being an ex pat I do not have any photos of the British flag, and it might annoy the Irish, the Welsh or the Scots if I bring it here.

However, at the moment we have visitors. The wasps have returned and to celebrate the event I decided to put my grapes outside so that they could join in on the feast. This one made herself quite at home and began to excavate the insides of a grape. I would mention that she was joined by a few colleagues, one wasp comes seldom alone, and Mr. Swiss is not very happy. I told him to let them get on with it. If we do not bother them, they will not bother us. Admittedly they are not tricolour, but the green of the grape corresponds nicely to their black and yellow striped pullovers.

Otherwise I would like to congratulate India to the anniversary. My first work in Switzerland was working for an Indian-Pakistani. His wife was Swiss, but I lived in the same building and was very much involved in their family life. I was the secretary in the office, but I also assisted in their Indian restaurant and after 2 years in Zürich I got very much used to the Indian-Pakistani way of life. Each country has its own characteristics, but that is part of the fun of life. I ate Indian-Pakistani food mainly for 2 years and even learned to cook their dishes.

RDP Saturday: Tricolour

Good Morning


It is really pleasant this morning. Not too hot a and a gentle breeze to go with it outside on the patio. The big rains stayed away yesterday during the day. There was just a remainder from the night rain in the morning, but no problem. I was glad that the afternoon was rain free and I could do my shopping, although  I am now getting too good with my new system. As life progresses and leaves Mr. Swiss and I dependent on various mobility devices I had to go over the books with my shopping system.

I now live a partially frozen life, with my chest freezer and have a stock of dry goods so that I do not have to go continuously to the store. Actually I enjoy shopping, it gets me out and I mix with people. No-one enjoyed lock down, but the aftermath is that people began to think about shopping. A lot is now ordered online and the stores are no longer as crowded as they were. Perhaps it is because I mainly shop in the afternoon and the crowds arrive in the morning, but no problem. I have room to move in the supermarket and above all it seems that you have more time, less stress.

We have a public religious holiday today, but there was no hustle or bustle in the store. I discovered that I really only had two important items: a chicken which I could not really buy in advance as I like them fresh from the store, and the chips/crisps to go with it. Otherwise it was the usual bread and perhaps there were little “luxuries” like chocolate. I barely filled one bag of shopping and of course I am spending less money on a daily shopping excursion. I also buy online once a month for the basic supplies which are delivered and so my cupboard/cellar is full of necessities. Of course, life gets easier, not so much stress even when we have a day when the shops are closed.


As I am mainly on the move in my scooter, it makes life even easier and I have time after the shopping to cruise through town and take a few photos, like these two pigeons which had made themselves comfortable perched next to the lamp. As my shopping is picked up at the store and taken home by our collectors organisation, it makes things even easier.


I even have time to listen to the various musicians in town. This guy has now changed his place. He is a Czech and probably touring a little in Europe during the holiday season earning a little bit on the side with his guitar and singing talents.


There are always some picturesque corners in our town to see. This little house is tucked away in an alley and really looks comfortable with a nice outside place to sit and balcony. It is on the edge of town so also nice and quiet.


At home it is also smooth runnings and last year’s amaryllis has now opened all four buds. They generally bloom at Christmas when I bought it, but it seems it got a little impatient and is already flowering.


It was a little different to the others when I bought it with its almost double flower and individual colouring effect. I am hoping it will perhaps make the usual second stalk of flowers before it departs until perhaps next year.

As today is a holiday I will not be on any quests for food supplies or otherwise. I might just take a trip with my camera, either by scooter or electric wheelchair, and see what my camera might find. Being one of the higher days in the catholic church, they might even organise something outside the chapel at the cemetery – who knows.

I am now off to get some work done. My orchids are soaking in water with fertiliser and I should now empty the water and put them back to develop a few more flowers.

Enjoy the week-end, take it easy and just generally enjoy life.


A view over the rooftops in the old part of our town including a monument on the roof of our Jesuit church.