FOWC with Fandango: Covered

Today would have been a good day to go shopping in Bern, the capital of Switzerland, although being a Sunday the stores would be closed. It was raining all day, not really rain, it was almost a deluge, pouring down. However, had it been a normal week day Bern would have been teaming with shoppers, taking their time and there would have been almost no sign of an umbrella.

I remember the first time I visited Bern, it was a wonderful experience. You can saunter along and take your time. Everything is covered and it can rain as much as it wants to, but you remain dry. I had never seen a town like it before, it was the Bernese style in the main two streets to have the arcades.

It is also possible to visit the cellars of the shops from the street where there are also shops. Apparently when the two streets were built with the arcades, the stores all had a cellar for provisions. Street life in Bern exists under cover.

FOWC with Fandango: Covered

Good Morning

Is this a good morning? I am not so sure. After being spoilt with sun and light breezes and sitting outside on the porch, I am now confined to a breakfast in the kitchen sheltering from the cold and rain. I think that Autumn is now slowly approaching, although according to the weather charts the clouds will be clearing late afternoon and it will again become sunny, lasting a little through the beginning of the week. Anyhow it is Sunday, so no stress. Even golden oldies have week-ends.We save the week for doctor appointments and shopping expeditions

Although I have had a busy morning up to now. I tend to my orchid garden once a week, usually on Saturday, or Sunday if I forget them on Saturday which I did this week-end. I also had my breakfast to prepare, so everything is a little behind. The morning chores are now dealt with and I can at last sit at the computer and enjoy the pleasure part of the morning, making sure that I took the meat out of the kitchen freezer so that it will thaw slowly for lunch. It is lamb sirloin so they are not mega sized. I found a recipe to serve them with peperoni, something that does not need long to cook.

Yesterday afternoon I wheeled myself into town with the scooter. I almost turned round as I was greeted with a light rain when I left. However, undaunted I carried on. It was just a light rain to remind me that there might be more, but it stopped after 10 minutes and I arrived in town at the store more or less dry. Actually my excursion was more an excuse to go somewhere as I only had to get some bread and stock up on my cooking wine The store was not very full of customers and so there was not stress involved. From 3rd September we will have to be masked when shopping, so there will be probably less people in the store. Most people now buy as much as possible online and our city is slowly resembling a ghost town during the day. It is only the golden oldies that have not yet discovered a computer that go shopping. I only really go out for food and must admit everything else is ordered online.

My photos yesterday were more restricted to the business side of town as the old town cafés were also quite empty. It was not the weather to encourage people to sit outside with a drink. Here you can see our main post office on the left and a business building on the right.

I eventually arrived home after an hour. I think I set up the record travelling speed of 10-11 kilometres per hour to get to town and back. Mr. Swiss was glad to see me in a dry state as there was still a threat a rain over our heads.

Apart from a laundry wash I spent the evening with the TV. They were showing the film “The Unforgettable Miracle on the Hudson” from Clint Eastwood with Tom Hanks, showing the plane crash on the river and how the pilot became the hero of the hour by rescuing all passenger by putting them on the wings of the plane where they could be rescued by various boats. Of course Eastwood made it Hollywood style with all the trimmings, but is was a miracle and I remember when it happened and seeing the news reports of the events. It was good acting, and I have never seen a Clint Eastwood film that did not live up to its reputation.

And now to continue with my morning programme which is not really a programme, but has become occupational therapy. Mr. Swiss has now appeared in the kitchen and making his coffee, and I am off to leave him to it.

Have a good Sunday, no stress and take it easy if you are not amongst the Sunday working population. See you around – and now a clouded view of our local mountains. You can blame it on the rain.

August Photo a Day Challenge: 30. Souvenir

Many years ago when we were still young and lovely we were in Paris in Monmartre and got persuaded to have our portraits done by two artists. The guy sitting next to me (with his arm around me) was one of the artists, and the other was standing putting the finishing touches on the drawing. Mr. Swiss was sitting next to me enjoying the whole spectacle. We still have the drawings.

August Photo a Day Challenge: 30. Souvenir