RDP Sunday: Beach

Beach at Shoebryness

10 years ago was the last beach I saw
On the English coast, there are so many more
Back in Switzerland I searched for a coast
It was then I realised  that beaches we don’t boast
We have water, rivers, and many lakes
but beaches with sand are not in our takes
And so I sit on a bench watching the river flow
Even without a beach  I can still enjoy the show

Aare swimmers 03.08.2019

RDP Sunday: Beach

Good Morning


Looks like it will be another hot one today, around 32° tells me my weather app, but no problem. I must have one of the best sun tans from wheeling around on my scooter or in my electric wheelchair.  I was always one of the lucky ones to go brown in the sun and never got burnt. I am also probably one of the only golden oldies that drive around in my shorts.

Yesterday I went into town just for bread that I had forgotten. I like nice fresh bread with my chilli con carne.


I also got a half baked platt bread for Sunday which I baked up to finish it this morning.

It was also a good excuse to go places and Mr. Swiss decided to accompany me, so there we were on our way on the scooters. As I approached town I head the cathedral bells ringing and when they ring I think the whole area can hear them. As it was Saturday afternoon I was sure there was some sort of wedding.


As I entered town I saw the wedding car waiting for the bride and groom. No limousines today, you do it in a bright yellow Ferrari.

We eventually got to the store and I told Mr. Swiss to go and have a coffee in the street side café next door whilst I got my bread. He did not get that far as when I left the store he was still outside deeply engrossed in a conversation with a musician friend he had not seen for some time catching up on the news.

Eventually we decided on the home run. I like to drive through town.


There is always something to see and the outdoor cafés were quite full of people enjoying the weather and atmosphere. Mr. Swiss decided to take the ring road around town, he is not a keen driver in town and yes, we lost each other

As I left town I called him and he said he was on his way through the underground passage. I was almost at the same place, but we never met up. It seems he was on an entirely different path and so we never met. It was a slight confusion and I had to wait at home in front of the entrance to the garage as we only have one automatic door opener that is working at the moment. We are still trying to programme the second new one. However I met a good neighbour who friend is a garage expert, and he is now coming along to do it for us.


And so we had both been out and about enjoying the wonderful summer weather. As I was going along I took this photo of one of the town entrances from the street around the town. We really seem to live in a fortified town.

Today is Sunday and I have no great programme, but never know if Mr. Swiss decides on another adventure this afternoon. It is so good to get out together. Remaining mobile is one of the most important things in senior years, but you have to examine the possibilities. This afternoon I might visit the local train station in the village to get a book of tickets for my rainy days when I take the local train to the store. Rain is prophesied for Wednesday.


I had a last look at town as I wheeled up to the exit. The street was quite empty, all sitting in their restaurants or down at the restaurant mile next to the river, and I got quite a clear picture of our cathedral at the end of the main street. Note the cobblestones which really make a bumpy ride in the scooter.

Enjoy your Sunday, take it easy.