RDP Sunday: Carpet

We once had a wisteria in our front garden. It looked wonderful when it flowered. The rains came and it was no longer so wonderful. Afterwards we were left with a wet carpet of wisteria petals covering the ground. I am sure the wisteria wanted to take over. Our daylight during the summer was quite limited during the day. We had three bedrooms on this side and not very much light.

And then the wisteria began to wander. It had already taken over in the garden, but now it climbed to the balcony belonging to the neighbour on the next floor. She was happy, finding a wisteria climbing over her balcony would be a positive addition to her balcony decoration. I told her it must be removed as I was having visions of the complete block being covered in wisteria. The trunk was already bending its supports in my garden and I dreaded to think what it would do to her balcony. I cut it down, but it grew back the next year and everyone in the neighbourhood was admiring the wisteria again.

It was when a strange hollow appeared near the roots that I was wondering what could happen next. I called the gardener and he found that a mouse and its family had probably built a home in the roots. Needless to say it was the death sentence of my wisteria and I had it completely removed.

We had light again, the messy carpet of flowers did not reoccur, although the wisteria had not given up. I had three new plants appearing in the lawn in the garden. I removed them. this was about twelve years ago, and it has not been seen since. I won the battle agains the wisteria.

RDP Sunday: Carpet

Good Morning

It did not rain, but it did not do very much else. A cloud covered sky, towards the east, but when I went to my west garden, the clouds were making room for a blue sky. Not a big deal, but enough to show that the day might be a good one. The hot heatwave days are now gone according to the Swiss weather forecast, but that is not a problem. At last we can breathe again.

When I went for a wheelie yesterday afternoon, I noticed at the entrance to town that there were more people than usual, just walking around or in the street cafés, otherwise not so crowded.

Our towns are changing. Where are the stores dealing with various commodties? We now have one department store left and two supermarkets for groceries and a few other items. There is still a book store for the people that like to touch and smell what they are reading, but the specialist stores for electric appliances have disappeared one by one. Our camera specialist left a year ago and where there used to be at least five clothing stores, there is now only one. The hardware store has closed and we have at least three empty buildings that are being renovated. It seems today you can only have a drink or get your hair cut in town. Everything else is a victim of online shopping.

The corona virus has certainly also helped to change our way of life. All this talk of isolation and getting yourself locked down is naturally positive for the health, but we have become a nation of online shoppers. Our poor postmen are dragging the heavy parcels daily to the public. I am one of them of course. My monthly online oder from the supermarket with 6 crates of drink (6 mega plastic bottles in each pack) is a sign of the times.

I decided to go for a wheelie in the so-called suburban part of our town yesterday, although it is only on the other side of the river, not being a large town, and just means crossing a bridge. It used to have a life of its own, but that is also slowly disappearing and there is only one supermarket left and a very large underground car park. Our doctor is also there with a few others. Otherwise here too many stores have closed.

However there is a large square which is used for special events now and again, like our diary days, when it is filled with various cows, or with a small arena for various spots events. In Winter they also have an ice skating area. I read that now during the summer months it has been converted to a large open air restaurant so yeaterday I had a look. It looked a bit cheap with all the colour signs.

They even had one of those inflatable castles for the kids, which made it look even cheaper. I decided this was really nothing special.

When I left I cast a last glance at the remains of the buildings and decided to leave it to its sleep. It used to be a hive of movement, and now there was just one car on the road. Admittedly the bus also passes now and again, but it is not what it used to be.

I made my way back along the river. Even these two pigeons were to tired to bother. I think one was sleeping.

However walking home along the river did have its charm.

I called in at the local supermarket for a few items on the way home. I had the glorious idea of baking a cake today. I got all the ingredients and whilst preparing this morning I saw that my long baking tin has disappeared. I was glad to find my flour sieve. It must be at least three years since I baked a cake and in the meanwhile I had done some re-organising. I have now got everything prepared to start with the task, without the baking tins. However I have two of those tins for making 12 smaller cakes so will used those.

I am not sure, but I might not be so much on the computer today. I sometimes seem to have a full time job with my blogging and I do have a few other things I like to do – like baking? I also want to take a ride this afternoon out in the fresh air, with the camera of course.

Have a good Sunday everyone and make the most of it. It seems that my colleagues in the States are having big problems with the smoke from the fires in California and I hope it soon clears.

St.Urs Cathedral, Solothurn and the river Aare