Good Morning

Today rain is predicted, beginning during lunch time, although at the moment the sun is here. I dislike rain in the afternoon as it means perhaps a wet shopping excursion, although often the rain might stay away until later in the afternoon. Mr. Swiss has a dental appointment this afternoon also, but that is his problem. He did say something about postponing it. He also had a problem with a cola drink yesterday, when a wasp decided to share it with him, but also shared its sting. However, he survived, even if he did have a thicker lip. He should really look first before drinking.

I was off on a quick visit to the local farm yesterday, but there was not very much action. A couple of chickens were taking a walk. This one seemed to be something special.

This rooster seemed to be fixed to the ground and was guarding his womenfolk, although they were busy pecking around. I saw an interesting TV programme this week about a lady that keeps roosters, no lady chickens allowed. She has them in their separate apartment cages and each one has a name. Usually they are given to her after someone wants to hatch some eggs for their own chickens, and instead of laying hens roosters arrive.It was quite a cacophony of noise, but the lady found it does not bother her and no one wants a rooster so she looks after them. I must say they are really stately birds and very good looking. They also seem to get on well with each other. I was surprised as I thought roosters were not such social birds.

There were also a few cows grazing in the field.

I also noticed the outline of our alps in the distance. It is always good to see that they are still there, even if very faintly. Perhaps today there will be better visibility.

I was on my way in my wheelchair and Mr. Swiss decided to stay at home. We had a little excitement yesterday as our gardener(s) arrive for a general organisation. My hedges were really looking very untidy and needed a short back and sides. There was also various unwanted plants growing here and there between the stones.

They did a good job of tidying it all up and we were pleased with the result. We can now forget about hedges until next year when the gardeners arrive again to trim down the shrubs and trees. We are no longer able to do the work ourselves and are glad for them. I noticed on my wheelie yesterday that gardeners were busy everywhere in the landscape removing unwanted plants and generally bringing everything up to scratch.

And now to get things sorted out. I am in the process of ordering a cookery book with simple quick meals from my Swiss cooking group, online of course. Another expedition in working it all out using one of my cards.

This week one of those guys came up to me as I was outside the store asking if I had change. I do not know if this happens in other countries, but here it often does. I told the guy I no longer have cash, and only plastic. I do not know if he believed me but he moved on to the next victim. Basically it is a modern form of begging. I really do have very little cash with me, and generally use only cards. It is all programmed with various apps for the store. And now I have to work it out how to do it with my new cookery app.

So I am on my way with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Shame I do not have an app for that as well. Keep safe, keep apart and remember where you put your mask, you might need it.