FOWC with Fandango: Somewhere

I was taking a wheelie on a path near the river and a bird suddenly flew into a tree. I began searching with my camera and I found him. I knew that it would be somewhere in the tree, but usually you never find them. They settle in a place out of the reach of the human eye and also camera.

This time I found him. It was “just” a sparrow, but he was sitting on a branch near a cluster of berries, something for a peck in between. For me it was really something special. I hear the birds constantly, but never see them. This time I found my little sparrow. There was only time for one photo before he decided to go somewhere else.

FOWC with Fandango: Somewhere

Good Morning

I’m here eventually. Cleaning lady day, so I am a little later on the computer. It is already 11.00 a.m. and you can see that the sun is rising although it looks a bit cloudy. There is also a cool breeze blowing which does not bother me so much as housewife golden oldie generates her own heat with chores and cooking.

Yesterday I was again on my way to the store in the afternoon for a few groceries. It is strange sometimes. I rarely meet people I know, but yesterday I met three. One lady I hardly recognised as she had a mask on, but we soon got down to a conversation. I new her from the good old days as a neighbour where we then lived. Her children when school-friends of our children, but the years go past. She is now a widow, and has two grand children and we caught up a little on the past. It seems that some of our neighbours are no longer, although were older than us, but it is sad to hear.

As I was in the supermarket I met a lady that I used to work with and so another catch-up conversation began and then I met my husband’s colleague, one of the guys that made music at the same time as Mr. Swiss. After shopping I eventually got on my way home through town.

It seems that the ice cream sellers are still doing a trade. This one is outside one of our restaurants next to the cathedral.

The streets are not so crowded on Monday afternoon but it is pleasant to roam around.

I eventually arrived home and half an hour later my shopping arrived by the guys that bring it from our so-called collectors group. It really works well, and they are very nice people, always wishing you a nice day when they deliver the goods with a smile.

Our wonderful neighbour has also now organised the electric wiring in our garage to make it easier to upload our scooter batteries . He has organised the cable and now we just have to plug it in and longer unwind the cable roll and pull it until it has enough length for the plug. His father was on a visit and is an electrician and he done it perfectly. We are so glad, as I had to descend to the garage when I finished uploading to wind it all back again. Now all I have to do is pull the plug.

And that was my day more or less. I did take the route through the museum park on my way to the store which is always good seeing trees and the scenery.

Now I must go, as I am a little later today, and my son will soon be home so I should get the dinner ready. Have a good day, make the most of it and here is our local cat, Roschti, relaxing in our garden yesterday afternoon.