RDP Saturday: Pause

The life of a snail is one big pause
He/She is not the speedy one and has its own laws
Overcoming everything, whether block or line
Moving with precision applying its slime
It might meet a colleague and they stop for a while
The result could be eggs, they are very fertile
Whether male or female, they really do not know
It is not such a problem, they just know how to go
So let us take it easy, let there be no blocks
Just call them paragraphs and jump over the rocks

RDP Saturday: Pause

5 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Pause

  1. For days now, we had tiny silver trails right over the table mats from heavy woven tissue, over the mats for pots, made from sturdy cane material, but none on the actual table cloth. We are still marvelling, and no snail was ever seen…. a new series of ‘Snail Trails’ to come!

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    • The snails here usually sit on the plants. It is the slugs I do not like so much, but they have now gone into retreat because of the hot weather. Perhaps the snail slime just soaked into the tablecloth.

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