FOTD 22nd August 2020: Goldenrod

This arrived unannounced in my garden. It began to grow and grow and grow, until it became the plant that was taller than everything else. Actually there were two of them, one goldenrod comes seldom alone.

There was another small problem. They are now on the list of forbidden plants in our Kanton because they tend to dominate. That is one of the reasons why I am keeping an eye on this one(two). When the flowers have finished and nothing spectacular is happening I will put on my strong gloves and remove them. Or, in the worst case, I will take a saw. Perhaps I might have to order a crane to remove it. In the meanwhile let us enjoy the flowers.

FOTD 22nd August 2020: Golden Rod

6 thoughts on “FOTD 22nd August 2020: Goldenrod

  1. Goldenrod used to be awful for people with allergies, but I don’t hear about that anymore. They are such a cheerful flower and, in my area, tend to be among the meadow flowers. Guess that is where the belong if they dominate an area. It does look pretty, though.

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  2. Get rid of it, and bag it up so it doesn’t re-seed. It does dominate wherever there is disturbed soil. Once it digs in, hard to get rid of. You’re lucky there are only a couple of plants (now.)

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  3. I know, the same everywhere. We used to call them Bienenweiden, for obvious reasons. But they are universally seen as an invasive weed and they DO spread rapidly and with no regard to other plants. You will probably have to ask your gardener to take them out with their roots, because they become really tough lumps and are hard to ‘attack’ – hence NOT WANTED.

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    • I have now cut down my golden road so at least it will make no seeds. I will wait for the gardener to arrive in September when he cuts the hedges to remove the roots.


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