RDP Monday: Vanquish


I decided to go for a wheelie around my part of the village this afternoon. It is not a large village, population 923 at the last count, not including the cows. Cows come and go, but not to your dinner plate, we have milk cows.

And then I noticed this building enclosed in scaffolding, the windows void of curtains and where there were once families, there is now just an empty shell. I have lived in this village for a little more than 20 years and this building is just across the path. One lady moved out some years ago and bought an apartment on our estate. I met another lady that is new to our estate. She told me she has only taken the apartment for maximum two years  as her old apartment is now being renovated. I now realise that she is also a vanquished refugee from this building.

It seems nothing lives forever today and probably in the name of higher rents the building is being gutted and will arise again like a phoenix from the rubble, or something like that. The cows are looking on in sympathy. Their barns and fields still exist.

RDP Monday: Vanquish

Good Morning


That was a rainy stormy night, full of flashes and bangs. I quickly had a look outside before hugging my bed and there was a light show up in the sky. I also put my orchids into shelter as there was a strong wind now and again.  It was still raining this morning when I stopped hugging the bed, but now it has stopped. I have no idea whether it will continue today, but am prepared for everything. There is now just a cloudy rest up high and even a little promise of a few blue spots on the edge.

I am really not sure how my day will develop- This morning I am at home but the afternoon I should visit the store, although only the one along the road. My scooter was acting a little strange, making a regular little bumpy noise when I was travelling yesterday. Nothing too bad, as I could still move it with no problem, It only happens when descending. I will call the guy this morning and see what he says. I am not really keen on using it, but Mr. Swiss uploaded his through the night, so I can use his if necessary. He has no plans of going anywhere today.


Yesterday afternoon we decided to do a short round trip on our scooters, as an afternoon lock down and isolation at home was not so interesting. We departed with me leading and Mr. Swiss behind, although we change positions now and again. We were again travelling through the cemetery on the way. It is a nice quiet path, away from traffic and we usually have the place to ourselves. They have organised a row of gravestones on one side, probably not knowing what to do with them after the graves had been removed. Basically on our cemeteries you can only stay for 30-40 years and then it is removed. to make more room for the next, unless you have enough money to pay to renew your grave and that is expensive.


The view from the top of the hill was quite good. Now the fields have mostly been harvested, just leaving the corn which is always the last to be removed. It was the usual hot weather, but with a gentle breeze now and again. There is not very much livestock around, but the farmers usually keep them in the stable during the hot weather and let them out in the evening when it has cooled down.

We had a relaxing evening. I even sprayed the garden as it was a little parched from the hot weather. I could have saved the energy and water as it rained all through the night. This morning one of my first jobs was to go into the garage as Mr. Swiss had uploaded his scooter battery throughout the night and I disconnected it. I met the son of a neighbour who was off to the high school. He asked me if i needed help which I found very nice of him. I asked him about the virus situation at the high school and he said no-one really knows exactly what to do. They are wearing masks, but there are no real serious cases in our area. However, in the high school in the next large town of Olten, they have a few.  These are really troublesome times, and it seems to me that no-one now really knows what the correct actions would be.

My correct actions now are to tidy up the place, have a shower and eventually prepare something for dinner. May it be a good beginning to the week, take care. I leave you with a peek at the entrance to our local castle. What a wonderful place this is.