Good Morning


Some blue in the morning is always a good thing. Even if it rains during the night, it means that the day will not be so bad weatherwise. It is still pleasantly warm and I am out on the porch and do not need a jacket – yet.

Yesterday was our national day in Switzerland and it was accompanied by bangs and rockets taking off during the evening. Otherwise it would have been a nice quiet relaxing evening, but I suppose there are always those that like to have fun. I have memories of my cats that would hide somewhere until it was over. Today I am hoping for a nice quiet Sunday.


As it was a national holiday yesterday, during the day it was very peaceful. I decided to go for a wheelie in my chair in the local area towards the castle up on the hill. The road goes constantly upwards until you arrive. I saw absolutely no-one on my way, just a car passed by now and again, but only one or two. You have to have special permission to drive this road. I had it when I still had the car as living in the local village it was just a matter of form to get it.


I noticed the corn was now quite high in the field next to the castle. It is not the type of corn for human consumption, but more for animals. Perhaps it is also processed for other products. It has always had a fascination for me as it is not something I ever saw growing when I was growing up in England.


The cemetery lies on my way when going to the castle area. I think here I was also one of the few that actually was passing through. It was really a stay-at-home day yesterday, or a day for visits to other places.


I saw a couple of cows grazing in a field on my way. We have a whole herd but they usually remain inside during the hot days, being only let out during the cooler evening.


This one got a little curious to see what I was doing with the camera.

After an hour I decided to make my way home. I was glad to get out in the fresh air, but I had an evening meal to prepare and process my photos.


The local train passed me on my way home along the side path to the tracks.

Otherwise an evening at home with the background noise of exploding fireworks. I was surprised that the neighbours were not so much outside grilling their meat for the special 1st August evening meal, but this year there were none. I think Corona has removed the interest.

Today I read a report from the government. People wanted to know where the most new cases of the corona virus were originating, and it seems that it is mainly (about 40%) from those that visit night clubs and bars in the evening. There are less cases in the family (generally spread by those that were out visiting the clubs and bars). This did not surprise me at all. Our area still remains at a minimum thank goodness, and the main centres of the increase are the larger towns as Zürich, Bern and Geneva, to name a few.

This afternoon I will probably be on my way again, although not so far. I have some ironing to do and I also want to place my monthly large order online on our national Swiss store app. It saves a lot of extra carrying when shopping.

Keep safe and well, see you later.