Good Morning


When I stopped hugging the bed this morning and looked out it was grey everywhere, a cloud lid on everything. I was sure I was too early, so I pottered around in the apartment getting breakfast ready and doing a few odd jobs and yes, the sun was out in the meanwhile. After the deluge the day before yesterday and grey threatening rainy skies yesterday, the weather report told me that today would be a sunny one and it looks like the clouds are slowly departing. The rain was not without problems and my neighbour and I have water that leaked into our garden cupboards from the overflow. It was only part of my cupboard, so I removed a few objects and left it to dry overnight. This morning it is looking better, but I have opened the doors until it is completely dry. I keep my big Dyson vacuum cleaner in there and now have it parked on the porch. What a nuisance.


I did manage to get out yesterday. It did not actually rain, it was just a little in the air. However it does not bother the swans and I was pleased to see this family going for a swim along our river in town. The cygnets are growing  fast, and now have their brown feather coats. I  think it wonderful how the parents look after their kids until they are old enough to do their own thing. And the parents stay together for their whole life.


I also saw this guy on the river on her nest built on floating branches. It was near one of the bridges in town and she seemed quite satisfied. I was glad to get out again, this time with my wheelchair. I now have my new battery and it was a bit of a test as I had already been places with it at the week-end and it still had enough power, although I had not uploaded it again. After my experience with a dying battery, I was a little uncertain. However, it did the job and got me home safely. I suppose I am lucky to have both the wheelchair and the scooter, but the scooter is more comfortable to go shopping as I can take my walker with me for in the store.


I also saw this street performer on the way. He had a pole with flames at the end and was dancing with it to the background of some oriental music. It was quite an act he had and I stayed for a while watching and naturally taking a few photos. I suppose I could have given him a donation in his basket, but it is a bit difficult from a wheelchair. Looks like things are gradually getting back to normal after Covid, although we are still coping with our second wave. Yesterday it was 160 new cases in Switzerland, but none in our Kanton.

Yesterday I got my monthly delivery from the online shopping organisation. It belongs to my supermarket chain of stores, with some extras included from other stores. It was a big order, but luckily I have a large chest freezer and enough room in my laundry room for all the dry goods. It is a cool room and ideal for storage. I think I now have everything to get me through a couple of months, although there is always something I have to replenish. My shopping is mainly for meat and veg and perhaps a couple of other items that might crop up or special offers that catch my eye, but I have no stress, especially as I do the shopping on my own.

Today I am on my way again at the supermarket to organise my meat and veg for this week and a little for the week-end.


I noticed the pigeons were gathering on their favourite wall. Someone had been spreading bird food there and the sparrows also joined in. When food is concerned they do not mind who mixes with them, they all have a common interest.

I leave you to your own thing, have a good day and if necessary be masked. It makes us women so much more mysterious.