Good Morning

Not exactly a super morning, but at least we have a few contours in the sky from the clouds. It is slowly cooling down here and the hot Summer days are becoming a thing of the summer past, although I feel fine at the moment, no problems with the heat. Rain is forecast today until the afternoon, and now it has stopped ranining.

My shopping was dealt with yesterday for the week-end, so I do not have to go anywhere today, although I might make a short excursion somewhere.

Yesterday I scooted through town on my way home and noticed our town masterpiece of a clock was showing itself. The figures move on the hour and it is one of those objects that our tourist like to stand and observe. At the moment tourists are at a minimum thanks to corona, but they will come again.

I did not have a lot to get in the store as I already had quite a lot at home. It is just the fresh meat and veg that I go shopping for. They often have special offers in the butchers department and I like to buy them for freezing. I also met a musician friend of Mr. Swiss who has also made a name for himself locally and plays drums.

I was quite impressed to see these two dogs in town. They seemed to be obediently waiting for their owner side by side: two of a kind but with a different colour scheme.

Town was quite empty for a Friday afternoon. this interior decorators even had a chair outside but it remained vacant.

I just discovered some more with this block system, although I still find the word “block” false. It is as it always was, block=paragraph. I saw at the side I had an alternative for a rounded photo, not that I love rounded photos, but I thought I would try it. My photo was already on the site, square as usual, so i decided to have a round one and here it is and a press in the right place. I see possibilities with this new thing that no-one really wanted. It is one of he buildings in our main street.

Yesterday evening I made some minced meat cakes which I froze for Monday lunch. The recipe quite appealed to me. My favourite programme was on the TV, Gardener’s World. I really enjoy it. The guy that does it has an enormous garden, but shows you his plants, which I also have, and how to improve their performance. There are also films from other people with gardens (normal like me) showing what and how they plant. One lady had a greenhouse full of pineapples and also in her apartment, which she grows herself. I have done it myself, but never really persevered. I now have inspiration again.

And now I should be on my way. Saturday means nothing special, although I have a chicken to cook for lunch and I should give my orchids their weekly supply of water and fertiliser. Yet another orchid has opened its first bud, one of my older white orchids. I have also noticed that the orchids from this year that are no longer flowering are also beginning to think about it, producing promising bulges at the end of their stalks.

May you all have a good week-end, perhaps not too much unwanted excitement.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I could see immediately that the block editor just offered a lot more options, but I think you’re right in that the community didn’t really want these extras. I often find myself thinking “what do I want it to look like?” and then the next question is “now which block should I use?” I bet that must be 90% of the questions to WP.

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    • I must admit at first I was annoyed. Then I began to use the editor and found it was no big problem. A lot of gimmicks are available, but there are many possibilities. I just have to get used to finding where they are

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  2. Good afternoon, My round photos are round and I have set it for default and pictures are round. I did like the dogs’ pictures. The smoke from all the fires is causing me a lot of problems. I have been bing a series that I enjoy. Have pleasant evening.

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  3. I am using the Block Classic, but you are using a different block? I like the rounded photo and don’t know that I have the option to do that in Classic.


  4. Good Day!
    I have not started using the new ‘block’ system yet here, but the other blog that I write uses it. I am none too keen on it. Because I started the other blog later, I had no choice about the ‘block’ thing.

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