FOWC with Fandango: Verbal

Poster seen in toilet, Bear Pit, Bern

I found this on the wall of the toilet in Bern and here are a few translations from German into English.

On Sunday a toilet is more than just a toilet

In Japan the the toilet seats are usually heated

The volume of bacteria on an office desk is approximately 400 times more than a toilet seat

Barbara Streisland worked as a toilet lady, amongst other occupations, before she became a millionaire

Pope Julius is the patron saint of  toilet cleaners

A human brings on average 3 years of life on the toilet

FOWC with Fandango: Verbal

RDP Friday: Martyr

Berner Platte

Mum wanted a martyr
She told me to eat my fat
It was the best part of the meat
She said,  I found it for the cat
She was sure I would suffer
because I did not eat my crust
The best part of the bread she said
I did not find a must
She said it would make my hair curl
It stayed as straight as a pole
I found that parents did not know everything
Although at dinner they were on patrol
Things change as the years go by
Now I really enjoy my bacon
I like the salty taste of the fat
It is no longer forsaken
Bread crusts are also good
They really have great taste
I now chew them carefully
And never make them waste
And now I am a martyr
I survived it all with pleasure
Eating forbidden food is good
and I can do it all with leisure

RDP Friday: Martyr

Good Morning


I know, this is a dull uninteresting skyview in the morning. It is grey and blotchy and you can almost hear the rain falling and feel it running over your arms and seeping into your hair. I was only outside for a few minutes to take the photo and quickly disappeared inside.

However, yesterday evening was an entirely different story.


I was closing things down for the night outside and saw that sunset was showing something a little different: my last photo of the day before night fall. At least it had a nice glowing touch.

Yesterday afternoon the weather was still quite reasonable so I decided on a wheelie in my chair. Mr. Swiss said he would join me later in his scooter and so we met somewhere near the local castle. On the way home we decided to cut through the cemetery which is always interesting, but never as interesting as yesterday.

Our local stables with attached chicken farm are always adding new chicken mobiles and now there are 2-3 dotted around. One of them is next to the fence of the cemetery and chickens can be quite adventurous. This time they decided on a great escape. They probably squeezed though the wire and found their way to the cemetery. The invasion was complete and there were chickens everywhere amongst the gravestones.


They seemed to be quite happy with their situation as there was plenty of grass to eat. I just read that chickens eat as much grass as a cow daily in comparison to the sizes.


Some of them had even  found a nice comfortable spot to have a rest on the ground. There must have  been at least 10-20 chickens making themselves at home.


There were chickens everywhere. We eventually wheeled on  but I have no idea if someone had to round them up afterwards and bring them back to where they belong. At least the journey through the cemetery was interesting and I had plenty of subjects for my camera.


I also saw the local goat relaxing on a higher perch, keeping an eye on things. Life in a Swiss farming village can be quite interesting.


After a while we decided to return home. I had some photos to upload on the computer and the evening meal to prepare. Suddenly there was a ring at the door and who should be there but No. 2 son. He was on his way home to the Schaffhausen area where he lives from the town of Biel where he works during the week and also has an appartment there. He made a break in the journey to visit the old folks on the way. It was a pleasant surprise and he had arrived just in time to have the evening meal of cold cuts with us. I think it was a very long while since all four of us were seated at the table together for the evening food. It was good to see him and afterwards he continued his journey home.

Today I have some shopping to do and am hoping the rain will go away in the afternoon. It already looks quite promising and the rain has now stopped. There is even a small promise of the sun breaking through. I do not have a lot of shopping to do as I have already bought most of it in advance. I decided on a chicken on Saturday evening and will have to pick it up today. Otherwise a nice clean break over the week-end as Saturday everything is closed for one of our catholic holidays, assumption day. We are not catholic but get all the benefits of their holidays. I just have to be careful not to forget anything today.

And now to move on to Saturday morning chores, not too many and no stress above all. Please keep safe everyone, take the usual precautions of keeping distance, washing hands and all the rest. It has almost become a routine in our new way of life. And do not forget the mask if you need it. We must wear them on public transport.

With a view of the local mountain range across the Jura and a few storm clouds above I wish you all a good Friday.