One Word Sunday: Memory

I have at least forty thousand memories in my photo archives, so how do you pick just one. There are some photos that remain, some that should remain but are forgotten. I decided to go into my photo memories from a year ago and see what I found and this duck stretching its wings arrived. Nothing special perhaps, but it was for me to capture the moment. It lives on the farm on the other side of the road in my village, and is still there, or perhaps its siblings.

One Word Sunday: Memory

One Word Sunday: Confusion

Fancy Dress in town 13.04 (8)

I was a little confused when I was in town yesterday and saw Snow White and her seven dwarves.

Fancy Dress in town 13.04 (6)

Mickey and Minnie Mouse were having a heated discussion.

Fancy Dress in town 13.04 (9)

It was when I saw two members of Darth Vader’s crew I realised they had probably travelled by starship for a meeting.

And this all in the Swiss market town of Solothurn.

One Word Sunday: Confusion

One Word Sunday: Vertical

Baselstrasse 25.12 (1)

Living in the roman catholic part of Switzerland n Solothurn we have a road with various official buildings. The bishop of Basel has his seat here, and otherwise there is the college for training catholic priests. This you can see behind the gate on the photo. I wheel past in my chair every time I go into town, but the gates are never open, so I only have photos with the vertical bars.

One Word Sunday: Vertical