One Word Sunday: Pair

Escalator, Migros Supermarket, Langendorf

Looking for pairs I stumbled across this photo in my archives. Actually it brings back many memories. It belongs to a supermarket I often visited and this is the original style. As it is today, many stores renew their appearance and this is the original form. This particular perspective of the escalator no longer exists, the store having been renovated and re-organised since, but I remember travelling on it often.

One Word Sunday: Pair

One Word Sunday: Distance


All the real action happens in the distance at our place. On a good day, from a high place, usually the local castle, you might be lucky and get a view of the alps, which was the case this week. They are further away than you think, about 2 hours by motorway, not counting the ups and downs over the hills until you get there.

Tunnel motorway Biel-Solothurn

Or often you can just take a tunnel which go below the hills and mountains.

One Word Sunday: Distance

One Word Sunday: Umbrella

Umbrellas Landhausquai 23.01.2019

There are always umbrellas ready in our town for the restaurants, but mainly as shelter from the sun.

Landhausquai 30.06.2020

We have a so-called restaurant mile along the bank of the River Aare. During the lockdown the restaurants and umbrellas all disappeared, but since the better days (not perfect) of the coronavirus visits, the umbrellas have returned and so have the restaurants.

25.01.2020 Feldbrunnen South (36)

We even cover our very few palm trees with their own umbrella during the cooler months.

One Word Sunday: Umbrella

One Word Sunday: Company


And how I missed it during our lockdown, but yesterday I broke out again. Even in a wheelchair you need to go places and see things. I arrived at the biggest supermarket in town, although no longer as crowded, due to keeping a safe distance to everyone and only a certain amount of people allowed in the store. For a Saturday afternoon not so many. Life is gradually returning to daily chores and I had the company of a few shoppers and the goods on sale. Even the geraniums have returned.

One Word Sunday: Company