Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Books or Paper

Illustrated Music Book, Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen

This book was in an exhibition at our local castle, from the good old days where everyone spoke latin.

Solothurn 1407 (2)

Looking for a book to read? Then visit our local town of Solothurn in Switzerland. They have a selection for anyone to borrow on the banks of the river in a bookcase. You can also leave your own books there that are no longer needed for the others to read.


Ask the cat at our place before you want to read the newspaper. She might be reading it herself.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Books or Paper

Daily Prompt: Disappear

A storm is brewing

The day started so well and now the sun has disappeared. I was reading the news on my iPad with the weather report saying where would be rain and thunder and even hailstones later in the day, a real end of  the world mood. I decided that later in the day meant evening and it is now the beginning of the afternoon.

I was still drifting in my lunchtime sleep when there was a ring at the doorbell. I dragged myself up during which time it rang twice more. This must be an emergency, The postman always  rings twice, but three times? I groped my way to the door still drunk with sleep and Mr. Swiss appeared. He was in the back garden and only just heard the doorbell. I gave up and went back to bed to recover from the disurbance. Mr. Swiss went to the door and there was no-one there. Whoever it was had disappeared.

It was still good weather and I decided to go places with my camera. As I was getting ready it rang again at the door, but this time Mr. Swiss was there and ready. Two small boys were at the main entrance wanting to see the school colleague that lives upstairs. We were annoyed and did not let them in as their friend upstairs was not there.

I was now ready to go places when there was a noise outside, a warning, a clap of thunder. I looked up and saw the black and grey clouds approaching. The blue was disappearing slowly but surely. I changed back to my normal housewife daily clothes, and gave up. I am now sitting outside on the porch listening to the first hesitant rain drops. In the meanwhile they are no longer hesitant but threatening.

Daily Prompt: Disappear

Good Morning


It is a beautiful morning this morning. The sun is shining and my garden is at its best. My asian peonies are now flowering and look great in their little corner. I am later as usual on Tuesday as it is cleaning lady day. She arrives at 9.30 and so I have breakfast and do my little bits before she is here. I have no time for computer fun. Now she is busy at work and I have moved out to porch with my computer. It is far too good weather to sit inside. The birds are singing in the background so what could be better.

And here is the photo that some perhaps have been waiting to see, or perhaps no-one wants to see. I took a wheelie with my No. 2 son and No. 1 grandson in my chair yesterday and son took a photo of me.

Me in Wheelchair 21.05.2018

It was taken on the path to the castle and in the background you can see the white buildings belong to the estate where I live. As you can see it is quite a monster chair that I have, and is naturally too big to travel with indoors, but ideal for me to get to places and see things bing fully electric. I did not take my camera with me this time. Generally I have it on the seat with me in a bag. I am slowly getting a wheelchair sun tan from my many journeys.


The local castle is on the hill. The clouds were gathering but nothing rainy, just a good subject for a photo with my mobile phone. My grandson looked at me now and again, probably jealous that he does not have an electric pram like my wheelchair.

Geese 08.05 (5)

We wheeled past the geese and ducks but by them grandson No. 1 was asleep.

Today is a normal Tuesday and no more religious holidays until 31st May which is a Thursday for Corpus Christi, another catholic holiday. Thursdays do not bother me so much as a holiday. It is not a shopping day so it makes no difference to my routine when everything is closed. It is not bad living in the catholic part of Switzerland, we get all the extra holidays, although being a golden oldie, every day is a holiday more or less. Of course there are the various doctor visits that crop up in between, but life would probably  be boring without them.

So what shall I do today? A good question, but the weather is too good to stay at home in the afternoon, so it looks like another wheelie somewhere. Mr. Swiss has departed for the supermarket to buy a few odds and ends for dinner.

See you around later if I do not sleep too long after lunch. Have a good day everyone.