Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Through a Window

Renovation 28.04 (14)

During the renovation work, we had all sorts of figures outside the window

Renovation 02.05 (5)

This guy was removing our blinds

Solothurn 27.04 (8)

We have a violin maker in our town with some interesting products in the window and a reflection of me taking the photo.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Through a Window

Daily Prompt: Rebel

Planting Daffodils

It was raining but the rebel continued, undaunted, fighting for her cause. The spectators were gathered around watching, in the background a member of the secret police was keeping an eye on things. What was this hooded figure doing hiding in a bush? The hands were on the ground. Was an object being  buried, perhaps a secret letter box for her agent to find, with the details.

No, this was a rebel with a cause, she knew what she was doing. A Mata Hari of the daffodils. The daffodils had fought their cause but died in the execution of their flowering duty. She had no choice but to bury them in the secret place around the buddleia bush, hoping that they would return next year amidst the disappearing snows and frosts of Winter.

Planting Daffodils

It was not an easy task and little did she know that it was all being recorded on camera, but she had no choice. Rebels have to carry out their duty until the last daffodil disappears in its wet earthy grave. During the process she encountered some earth worms, but they ignored  the hooded figure with the garden implements. In the meanwhile the spectators decided to look away, not wanting to be questioned and perhaps even submitted to torture for more information. They saw no evil, heard no evil and said no evil, they were the silent majority.

Ok, it was me planting my dead daffodils hoping they would revive again for next year and it was still raining. At least I did not have to soften the earth, the rain did it for me. Suddenly Mr. Swiss appeared incognito complete with mobile phone camera to see what I was doing. My 16 daffodils are now planted and ready to go. I did have some problems standing again after the work, but I even managed to overcome that little problem. I am still talking to Mr. Swiss, although I had to think about it.


Daily Prompt: Rebel

Good Morning

Clouds 09.05 (1)

I had a suspicion that today would be a rainy day when I saw the clouds gathering in the distance. Yesterday afternoon was a mixture of sun and cloud, but the weather settled towards evening and so we decided to eat outside. We fitted up our extra sun shade as it would shine direct on the table and then the sun disappeared. The table was laid and a stronger wind occured causing me to wear a t-shirt over my sun top and Mr. Swiss long sleeves (he is more prone to the colder temps). The weather settled for the meal  although the extra sun shade was not necessary. Sometimes the weather plays its tricks.

I also had a visit from the physio therapist yesterday, the last for a while. We both agreed that there was nothing more that she could do for me. My activity has improved to the extent that I am almost back to my condition before breaking a leg: not quite perhaps, but it is more in the head than the body now. I can walk around at home without my cane, and sometimes with. My normal housewife stuff is no longer a problem, and I am really back to feeling OK.  I will be keeping my cleaning lady, as she is a great help for relieving me of bathroom and shower duty. That would be a little too much for me. Otherwise it is all systems go. I still have a few hours good with the therapy, and we arranged that I would call her if I needed help somewhere.

Front Garden in the rain

Just before she left I asked for her advice on my gardening situation. I have a pot of daffodils which are now finished, actually two pots. I would now like to plant them in my garden around my buddleia which you can see in the middle, but I cannot move so low towards the ground. She is really  a great help. She took one of my folding chairs at the table, and said I could sit on this and do the planting. As I have long arms it should not be a problem. I tried it and it is ideal and now I really feel that I am back in the routine. The daffodils will now return every year in the garden. I so dislike having to rely on others to do little jobs. I can now also at last plant a sage in my herb garden with the same method. The men in my family are just not gardeners.

Iris 08.05.2018

I am also now in the process of getting permission to use parking spaces for the handicapped. I have a form to complete, with a photo of me not older than half a year and a second form for my neurologist. He assured me this week when I saw him that it would be no problem. It will help a lot at the supermarket, as the special car spaces are very near the entrance and almost always empty.

Today is a religious holiday in Switzerland and all the shops are closed for Ascension Day. Being a golden oldie it does not really bother me as Thursday is a non shopping day for us. It will be a take it easy day today with nothing to do, just the usual.  As I write this I can hear the rain pitter-patting outside which suits the mood.

Make the most of your day and I hope it is a good one. If not, just wait until it gets better. See you around.

Clover 06.05.2018