Flower of the Day: Peony with Rose Chafer

Rose Bug on Peony 23.05.2017

This was my Asian peony when it was flowering about a month ago. One of the rose chafer bugs had decided to take a rest on the flower. I love those bugs, so brightly coloured, but I call them the Kamikaze pilots of the bug world, as they often mistake a window and want to fly through it. The result is a crash with the window and a stunned bug afterwards. I have rescued many of them when they lay on their back squiggling with their legs in the air.

Flower of the Day: Peony with Rose Chafer

Flower of the Day: 21.06.2017 Geranium


Photo from 22nd May in the local supermarket gardening section. In case you are wondering, I visit the supermarket usually 3 times a week and always have a look to see what the latest arrivals are with flowers, leaves and stalks and take a few photos. This was midst in the geranium season. Now and again I throw in a photo from my garden, and now have photos enough for the next couple of months. I love looking at your photos from all over the world.

Flower of the Day: 21.06.2017 Geranium