Daily Prompt: Mentor


A mentor, an experienced and trusted advisor according to the dictionary definition of the word. That person for my personal enrichment has not yet been born, has not yet been created, or has not yet crossed my path. But my computer(s). my iPad(s). and my Kindle, I have them. They accompany me through thick and thin, they are always there. Since I  have been equipped with a walker they even follow me at every step I take: or at least I push them in front of me.

You are engaged in a heated argument with your partner, or search for that film name, book author or film actor: it can be an animal, vegetable or mineral. Your computer is there. Ask Wikipedia, although do not believe everything it says, but most people do, so why not. Or you enter some sort of clue and you will receive suggestions. The suggestions can be numerous. Do not ask your partner as he is not your mentor. He will get confused and also begin to search on his computer: too many searches/cooks spoil the broth and a new arguments can arise about the best place to look. Stick to Wikipedia, you have to start somewhere.

It makes no different which browser you are using all searches arrive in the same place basically. We all have our preferences. I would not advise asking in Facebook as it can get confusing, an argument can ensue, resulting in someone defriending you, and perhaps even Facebook might give your details further.

There is always your blogging site, but you are more likely to be more confused. Only today I received a new notification from a new follower. He likes my site, in a few words. The person then continued to write a rather long paragraph telling me how new he was to blogging, was searching for enlightenment (from me?) and added his link to his site to enable to make contact and pass comments. I deleted the comment and am hoping never to hear from this person again. I do not want to become a mentor, I do not have the time or patience.

Cutting it short, I do not have a mentor in flesh and blood, and I do not want one. Most of the generation that could be my mentor are no longer amongst us.

I will now consult Betty Bossi, she is my mentor in the kitchen with her numerous cookery books, the support for every Swiss housewife. Curious? follow the link, but only available in French, German or Italian. I have almost all of her 40-50 books, and her magazine arrives monthly, although I am no longer a receiver.

Betty Bossi

Daily Prompt: Mentor

Good Morning

Back Garden Morning

Just another morning in the backwoods of Switzerland. A breeze is blowing which I do not mind. although some say it is a cold annoying wind – no names mentioned. The builders opposite are now celebrating their week-end, having finished the construction of the scaffolding. After going through the process on my own block last year, I know exactly their logistics. First of all the scaffolding specialists arrive and fit their steel poles and platforms together. The next part will be the actual bulders with their automatic chisels and scrapers and noise. I became the expert last year.

Now we have peace and quiet for the week-end. We had a slight bread problem for breakfast this morning. There were only hard remainders, dry and unappetising, but a fresh bread half baked from the supermarket, actually for Sunday.

Bread baking

The idea was to show this wonderful bread baking in the over, but there were too many light effects from the outside background and the photographer was in the wrong place.  On the other hand we have one of those special Pulitzer prize suspicious photos. I was impatient so chopped a few slices off and put them in the toaster. It was wonderfully fresh with butter and lemon curd.

Road to Langendorf 04.05 (6)

The only escape I managed yesterday was a visit to the supermarket and so it was the only opportunity I had for a few photos. We were late going as I was apparently sitting at the computer too long with my breakfast, although I did not think so.  One of those slight misunderstandings. We seem to be surrounded by cranes and building sites. This site is just near the supermarket. A year ago the old appartment blocks were still standing and I even took photos of their destruction. Mr. Swiss lived there with his mum many years ago. Now there are new appartment blocks which will be finished some time this year. Everything changes so fast.

I am thinking of a wheelie this afternoon, according to how I feel, how long my midday sleep will be and what the weather is doing. I have chilli con carne to cook this evening, no big deal, but it does not prepare and cook itself unfortunately.

In the meanwhile I will move on otherwise I might be spending too much time on the computer, although today is a straight run through of the usual. My appartment is now up to Mrs. Angloswiss standards, having completed my last task yesterday since breaking a leg four months ago, of cleaning the back windows. I now feel happy. I even tidied my bathroom cabinet this week and discovered lipsticks and nail varnish which were fit objects for a museum exhibition. I threw it all: the lipsticks seemed to be melting and the nail varnish was nail fungus suspicious if used.

I will leave you with another photo from yesterday’s excursion to the supermarket, a glimpse of the Jura mountains which form the backdrop to the supermarket. Those lampposts always interrupt the perfect photo.

Road to Langendorf 04.05 (3)

Have fun everyone, enjoy the week-end and do not forget your computers, they also need you and miss you when you are not there.