Good Morning


It is a beautiful morning this morning. The sun is shining and my garden is at its best. My asian peonies are now flowering and look great in their little corner. I am later as usual on Tuesday as it is cleaning lady day. She arrives at 9.30 and so I have breakfast and do my little bits before she is here. I have no time for computer fun. Now she is busy at work and I have moved out to porch with my computer. It is far too good weather to sit inside. The birds are singing in the background so what could be better.

And here is the photo that some perhaps have been waiting to see, or perhaps no-one wants to see. I took a wheelie with my No. 2 son and No. 1 grandson in my chair yesterday and son took a photo of me.

Me in Wheelchair 21.05.2018

It was taken on the path to the castle and in the background you can see the white buildings belong to the estate where I live. As you can see it is quite a monster chair that I have, and is naturally too big to travel with indoors, but ideal for me to get to places and see things bing fully electric. I did not take my camera with me this time. Generally I have it on the seat with me in a bag. I am slowly getting a wheelchair sun tan from my many journeys.


The local castle is on the hill. The clouds were gathering but nothing rainy, just a good subject for a photo with my mobile phone. My grandson looked at me now and again, probably jealous that he does not have an electric pram like my wheelchair.

Geese 08.05 (5)

We wheeled past the geese and ducks but by them grandson No. 1 was asleep.

Today is a normal Tuesday and no more religious holidays until 31st May which is a Thursday for Corpus Christi, another catholic holiday. Thursdays do not bother me so much as a holiday. It is not a shopping day so it makes no difference to my routine when everything is closed. It is not bad living in the catholic part of Switzerland, we get all the extra holidays, although being a golden oldie, every day is a holiday more or less. Of course there are the various doctor visits that crop up in between, but life would probably  be boring without them.

So what shall I do today? A good question, but the weather is too good to stay at home in the afternoon, so it looks like another wheelie somewhere. Mr. Swiss has departed for the supermarket to buy a few odds and ends for dinner.

See you around later if I do not sleep too long after lunch. Have a good day everyone.


12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. IF we had sidewalks, that looks really comfortable. But we don’t have sidewalks and it’s hilly, too. Riding along the edges of our roads in that, I’d get whacked by a car in NO time flat. Ours is not a world set up for convenience. Not for anyone.

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    • I learn where it is good to go for a wheelie and where not. This is the path to the castle and there are cars, but you have to have special permission for this road which we also have as we live in the village. I just keep mainly to the right side and there is no problem.
      I noticed since I have been using the chair, that if I want to cross the road, naturally on the official crossing, the cars always stop for me. Our crossings are especially made with a slant for wheelchairs, not perfect, but it does the job.


  2. Gorgeous photos, and I’m so glad you are getting out again after your bad time. The peonies are lovely–we have a small patch which last year looked rather mildewy but made some nice flowers. This year the plants look stronger and have no mildew, so I hope it avoids it and just has nice blooms.

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    • I have had my peonies for at least 15 years and they still arrive every year.I do not have to do anything with them. I can now at last enjoy some freedom of movement and we have good weather to go with it.

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  3. The pictures are fine; but if you don’t mind me saying so, the chair is what I would not want to see. (I hope it is not inappropriate to say so) I can ignore it in your writing, but not in a picture.


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