Daily Prompt: Assumption

Clouds 22.05 (1)

I usually have my head in the air when I go for a wheelie in my chair. I assume that I remain on a straight path if I steer for straight ahead. I am a cloud watcher and even get a little disappointed when there are no clouds. Yesterday I was rewarded when I saw this cloud hand reaching to stop an aircraft that was zooming past.

The cloud missed and the aircraft continued on its journey and probably did not even notice the danger that was looming from the sky. I took a photo as it might have been important when the news story was printed “Disappearance of long distance flight over Switzerland”. Through the lens of an observant reader, Mrs. Angloswiss, the moment of impact was caught on camera. I could have become famous, the winner of a Pulitzer prize.  Just imagine if the cloud hand had closed around the plane. Of course this is only an assumption, as we know that clouds are not a solid mass. It was only when I arrived home and uploaded this never to be forgotten photo of an action cloud I realised how dangerous flying can be.

Today my No. 2 son flew to Luxembourg to one of those meetings he has now and again. He always sends me a message from the airport before boarding to let me know where he is in the world (thoughtful son). An hour later he sent me a video taken on his mobile phone showing the wing of his plane as it cruised along the runway of the airport in Luxembourg on its landing. Both me and Mr. Swiss were reminded of the days when we would be travelling. I would visit my dad in London at least once a year and Mr. Swiss was also a travelling business man in his working days. Just the sound of the plane cruising and the flap on the wing closing, together with the recording of the hostess in the cabin telling the passengers to keep their seatbelts fastened until the plane stops. Memories of the days gone past. We both got a little nostalgic.

Daily Prompt: Assumption

Good Morning

Clouds 22.05 (2)

We are back to cloudless dull skies this morning. Yesterday it rained more than once. After a spell of wonderful almost summer weather, it was not quite ready, so we have the uncertain Spring weather again.  I was so ready for a journey yesterday afternoon, but just as I was getting ready we had thunder and the heavens opened. I retired to my computer and the sun came out again, so being a risky sort of person made myself on my way with some clouds hanging over my head.

Chickens 22.05 (4)

I had to make it a journey within range of getting home again if the rains came down, so did the cemetery chicken run. Chickens can be very inventive and if the famer parks a cart in their territory, they move in and take over. Perhaps they like to be in high places now and again.

Crow 22.05 (1)

It seems to  be crow weather at the moment and I hear them all day with their cawing noises. They perch on rooftops and keep an eye n the humans. We have many living in a colony in the trees on the edge of our estate. It must be nesting time at the moment, but I have never seen baby crows learning to fly. I think they are born already fully grown and the only things they have to practice it developing their voices that we can all hear them.

Today is again another “normal” day with a shopping trip. Since my last Friday marathon on my own for the long week-end shopping, I have been isolated from the human race, only seeing Mr. Swiss and my cat. I had a visit from son No. 2 and family so life was not boring. Today I will go shopping and be amongst the public again.

I just got a report from my Avira virus programme that the hosts datei is blocked. Had a quick look in Auntie google and it seems that the big update from Windows 10 is imminent. Mr. Swiss already has it, but today seems to be my day. I sometimes wish they would do these things quietly in the background without telling us all about it. Mr. Swiss got his update a couple of days ago and said it is a big one with questions to be answered. I just hope my computer works again afterwards. I never have this problem with my Apple computer.

And now it become critical as Windows tell my the new update is ready, I am not ready, but seem to have no choice.

I will leave you with a photo of some poppies growing in a garden and hope you all have a nice smooth uneventful day. Mine is already exciting thanks to Window and its annoying update.

Poppies 22.05 (2)