Daily Prompt: Parallel

Today is a day when everything is running parallel.


The main event of the day is that our Mowy, bless his little cutting knives, is back in action. It was a worrying time during the building work on our building, not knowing whether he would be back in action after the work was completed. With quivering fingers we/Mr. Swiss attached him to the electricity and nothing happened. We contacted the Mowy man and today he eventually found time in his Mowey world, to call past. There are wires buried in the ground and we were worried that somehow the wires had lost their contact, were even destroyed by builders boots and scaffolding. This was not the problem, the Mowey man said, it was a case of falsely connecting Mowey. He was confused and could not find the way. We have now painted the connections with corresponding nail varnish to ensure this will not happen again.

Today Mowey is again a happy Mowey and he spent half an hour on our lawn, cutting it.

The next parallel was making the beds. Of course we make them every day, sometimes twice according to my habit of having a midday sleep: but today it was time for new bed linen, which we generally do in the morning. However this morning we had an appointment at the supermarket and had to postpone the operation to the afternoon. We were in the middle of the work when the lawnmower man called and so we were again working on parallel jobs.

Although being a housewife, working on parallel situations is no problem. Cooking, ironing and planning shopping lists was all part of the job. Even finding time for a cleaning session was fitted in somewhere. And if I see something interesting then my cameras, and telephone camera, are always ready to add to the confusion.  There is never a dull moment when working with parallels. Even the shadows have their parallels.


Daily Prompt: Parallel

Daily Prompt: Genie

River Aare 17.04 (3)

This tree has looked like this since at least 2 years, but it is still standing. We have had hurricanes and thunderstorms, but it survives. Not even a bolt of lightening dared to touch its branches. Personally I think it is possessed, just look at it. During the day it stands there in the middle of the meadow on its own. Even the dandelions do not grow near it, they avoid it. And the voices, yes, I hear them They are chatting with each other and suddenly there is hollow laughter. I no longer take this route if I go for a walk in the evening. The strange thing is that the tree has a split personality. There are two main branches and they are reflecting each other.

On full moon nights we see shapes in the sky hovering above the tree. They sink and the next morning you can see the burnt patches of grass around the base of the tree. No-one wants to remove it and so it stays. And the cats that disappear, never to be seen or heard again. Some say it is because the local waste disposal is near, you can see the chimneys in the background, others are sure it is because our nuclear power plant influences its growth. The genie? No there is no genie, I do not believe in them.

Daily Prompt: Genie

Daily Prompt: Fret


“Nice fret.”

“Do you think so. I thought it might be a bit flashy.”

“No, not at all. Ok, it depends on the music I suppose. My player is more into the mainstream sort of stuff. Nice and slow and relaxing. I suppose your musician is more the rough type: dirty fingernails, scruffy and uses the fret to hold his joints whilst playing.”

“Do you mind. Just because yours is a wooden lookalike, it does not give you the right to look down on me. and be insulting.”

“Just remember to get your strings washed after the performance.”

“I find your colours boring and nothing special. I am sure your audience falls asleep when listening to the music. I impress them all with my red, white and blue and you can even rap to my music. I have a unique fret.”

“Yes I am sure you do, shame you will have a short life.”

“I will live forever.”

“I don’t think so. The last three coloured guitar only appeared once.”

“What are you talking about.?”

“See for yourself the piles of broken frets let over from the guitars looking like a flag. The player gets carried away and gets high on his joint. The big final to the concert is to throw the guitar on the ground and jump up and down on it.”

“But then I will die.”

“At least your last performance will not be forgotten.”

Daily Prompt: Fret

Daily Prompt: Crank

There is a German word, Krank, the same but spelt with a capital “K” instead of a “C”. It is often used in the German language and means “ill”, so a word in daily use. You could also say “Er ist krank” having a double meaning that he was not really thinking straight, but we are in an english based site.

I remember in my younger days in the fifties seeing cars parked at the roadside. The owner would arrive, and turn on the ignition and nothing would happen. It would be necessary to operate the crank shaft in this case, which was somewhere hidden in the car. Every car owner had a handle. He would attach it into a hole at the front of the car in the middle, below the radiator and turn the handle. This would turn the crank shaft to put the motor into action. This was usually accompanied by various profanities as we all know a work needs profanities to help. Eventually the car motor might make a noise showing its good intentions, and then would die again. Another turn and if you were lucky the engine would decide to react, and the driver would jump quickly into the seat and drive away. That is the only memory I have of a crank.

Hot Air Balloon 15.04 (3)

And now for something completely different. Mr. Swiss called me outside yesterday with my camera. He found a good subject hovering over our home. This did not need a crank shaft to set it in motion, it was a hot air balloon. There were two of them hovering in the air so I was ready for a prize winning shot. Nothing particularly special, but neither is a crank.

Daily Prompt: Crank

Daily Prompt: Deplete


It all began a year ago with the scaffolding. Wooden planks were fitted to the ground and on top we had scaffolding reaching to the roof. The weight rested on our lawn for eight months until they were removed. We were afterwards left with a depleted lawn bearing traces of missing grass where the planks were. The gardeners arrived, in October, and new grass seeds were distributed everywhere -in October? Of course they had no chance to grow in the midst of Winter. Now we have spring and our own private gardener visited a week ago and sewed fresh seeds again – to replace those that the birds had eaten in the meanwhile. It now looks promising.


It is still bare in places, but there are grass seeds below the surface. We have an automatic lawn mower. There are cables beneath the earth attached to the electric and they guide the mower around the lawn. It seems that due to heavy builder boots, scaffolding and acts of god, somewhere the cable has been interrupted, the result being that Mowey travels for a few seconds and loses the way. His sense of direction has been depleted.  We have contacted the Mowey agent  and when he has time he will find a solution. We were told by the building company that everything will be restored after the work was finished, Someone will have to pay for the damage and it will not be us.

Outside Plants

In the meanwhile No. 1 son has fetched my four large pots from the cellar containing 2 canna and 2 calla. I was glad for his help as I can no longer lift them. I have also put my various amaryllis outside to care for them during the summer with water and fertiliser. I am now ready to go.

Outside Plants

I also have various indoor plants that have now been removed to the great outside. I am hoping that we no longer get surprise frosts during the night and that they will survive.

Otherwise nothing has been depleted, it is all being re-animated.

Daily Prompt: Deplete

Daily Prompt: Glimmer

10 years Word Press

Surprise, surprise. I had no idea when I joined WordPress, but I realised that the years had passed by. I have blogged anywhere and everywhere. We all make our child steps somewhere. Many years ago I discovered the word “blog” somewhere in a computer and had no idea what it meant. I discovered it was something like when the teacher gave you a subject for writing at school, we called it a composition. I never actually like writing compositions at school and did not exactly glimmer and shine in my productions. Angloswiss is careless, Angloswiss could try harder were comments left by the teacher. Now I decided to try some blogging almost 60 years later and see if I had learned something in the years in between.

My first escapades were not so noteworthy as I did not really know where to blog or what to blog. I discovered Yahoo 360 which opened its doors in 2005 and closed again in 2009 so it was a short life I lead there. I wrote about this and that, but never really got into it. I made a few friends, but it seemed to me many of us were searching for something we did not find. When Yahoo 360 closed its doors, I read that many were emigrating to Multiply.

I decided to have a try and discovered that Multiply was my thing. There were many photo groups and writing groups. You could connect with other bloggers easily and I made many friends there from all over the world, contacts that I still have today. I was under the impression that this site was also somewhere in the states. Perhaps it was, but suddenly they had a marketing section. You could buy and sell anything from pyjamas to tin pots, just make an advertisement. The blogging platform remained and so we all continued to blog. They had a very good photo section as well. It seems that the site was actually based in Indonesia and one day the announcement was made that they were closing their social section and concentrating completely in marketing.

Bloggers like myself were completely down, where can we go with our blogs? Most of us were running around like headless chickens and trying this and that in the blogging world.  Many fled to Facebook where sections had been established for Multiply refugees. I am in Facebook, and have my own community, but keep my comments to a minimum. At this time I already had a back-up in Blogger.com and in WordPress. I discovered that Blogger.com did absolutely nothing to encourage bloggers to meet and share. I must admit the name “WordPress” sounded professional. In the meanwhile I had grown to like blogging, writing, discussions and combining it with photography. I began at the age of 59-60 and today WordPress tell me, at the age of 71, that I have been with them 10 years.

On the way I have discovered that blogging sites are changing their styles often. Their pubic relations section have the target to encourage new members, to keep up with computer developments and now and again we are confronted with a completely new template and design. I do not always agree with their changes, and do not always clap hands, but I am too old to change now. Basically I like my WordPress even if they do mess around with its organisation now and again without telling me their intentions.

So fellow bloggers, see you around, it looks like we are stuck with each other. Even my cat is blogging and wearing her claws down to the paws with scratching her way through her life story in WordPress.

Daily Prompt: Glimmer

Daily Prompt: Disrupt

Road to Langendorf 11.04 (1)

This week was cardboard and newspaper collection day. It happens about once a month and we all leave it on the wayside where it is collected. The photo shows the offerings from our block where we live. Make sure your newspaper are tied in neat bundles according to instructions.

Everything you buy today is packed somehow. What always suprises me is that you can buy the smallest article, perhaps something electronc like a switch or plug, and it is packed in plastic with cardboard to the extent that it becomes a king-sized object. It is no wonder that we collect so much cardboard in our lives. Some of these packings are almost impossible to beak open, ruining a finger nail on the way. There are dotted lines to be pressed which should make a clean break in the packing – forget it. These dotted lines are usually welded together with the rest of the cardboard and are only there as decoration. Even a toothbrush has its problems. They are clinically packed and it will take at least five minutes of your time to unpack it.

Glass jars can also be a burden. We have to take the glass articles to the central point in our village where there are varioius containers marked with what they should contain.


Yes we Swiss like to organise our rubbish. There was a time when green glass, brown glass and normal clear glass had to be thrown in separate sections. I once saw the the glass being collected and yes, the men threw it all together on the lorry. I must say since the last few years there is only one container for glass and the colours no longer have to be sorted.

Being a plain and simple housewife is not always easy, I must admit. You just have to make sure the rubbish is nicely organised when disposing of it. There are some deponies in our area where there are sneaky CCTV cameras. Be careful what you throw away and where you throw it, big brother is watching you – do not disrupt the organisation of waste disposal.

Daily Prompt: Disrupt