Daily Prompt: Retrospective or Who Killed the Daily Prompt

Today I was reflecting on a year ago.

Renovation 09.05 (17)

They had begun to remove the shell of the building where I lived. The outside walls were being removed piece by piece until you could see the bare bricks below. It hurt to see this happen, not only the increased noise and vibrations from the machines, but we asked why.  Someone made an offer, a good offer to make a few renovations, all in the name of improvement. The insulation was not good enough, the paint was peeling and in general the building was ill. Some even said it was dying, and it was only 20 years old. How old does a building have to be before it dies. My house in working class London was built in 1884, but in 1992 it was demolished. Even Victorian buildings lived longer that our building.

There was nothing we could do, there was a vote and the mjority (the youngsters of course) said yes, it was necessary. We golden oldies found it was not really necessary and definitely not to the extent of a rebuild.

After eight months and a lot of inconvenience the builders removed their skeletal scaffolding. We had been newly insulated, thicker and better of course. We got a new coat of paint, in a very pale shade of green. We even had new blinds and a new sun blind in green of course. A thousand photos later the job was done.


After all the inconvenience of the alternations, which we are still not sure why, we have got our daily situation back. The porch has its tables and chairs again, my computer is on the table and Mr. Swiss can relax in his sun chair. We even now have modern stripy curtains on the windows, because the blinds were removed when the work was being done and we had to have something else. One of the positive effects of the rebuilding I find.

Daily Prompt Grid

And now what about this. Our grid, our daily prompt is  being demolished. There will be no noise of destruction, it will just disappear between dusk and dawn tonight and become a shell, a memory, something we all treasured and would look forward to daily. Perhaps the powers that be have something bigger and better, we will have to wait and see. I do not like this doomsday atmosphere that is arriving. First this week’s photo challenge (which is also being killed) has a title of  “All-time Favourites” so how final can you get. I did not participate this week, I felt disappointed when everything is just summed up as all-time favourites, it is so final, so sad. And today daily prompt wants a retrospective. If they kept it there would be no need to look back on anything.

Daily Prompt: Retrospective or Who Killed the Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Broken

Clouds A 05.01 (13)

I was surprised that our WordPress people, the same that have created our Daily Prompt Grid and the same that have encouraged us to write daily for a prompt, chose the subject of “broken” for today’s prompt. They broke everything for the blogger in WordPress when they announced that the Grid will no longer be a grid, that daily prompts are no longer required and that the bloggers should do something else. Go and play in another playground. There will no longer be a daily prompt, tomorrow is the last daily prompt.

Those over the pond find the daily prompt subject waiting for them on their computer first thing in the morning. In my part of Europe it appears in the early afternoon, but we all have something in common, we write for the daily prompt. We might look in on others to see what they have written.

There is a daily prompt community on WordPress. We have found colleagues sharing a common interest in writing almost daily. Perhaps not every day, but I find an average of 100 entries daily written by us (usually many more). I have met many bloggers, Olga from Pamploma, Marilyn from near the Blackstone River in the States. There is Tony in California who tells me about the plants he grows and I tell him about the plants I grow. One day I will meet Martha, the lady with the three dogs almost bigger than she is and author of interesting books. I already met Susan from the States when she was on a trip through Switzerland, she lead a very interesting challenge to encourage the use of macro images with the camera. And Cee, whose challenges with photos are weekly and keep us all on camera quests to find something to fit.

These are not all people that make a daily entry for a daily Prompt, but they read what I write and pass a comment now and again. I have got to know them through my daily prompt and they know me.

From 31st May, when the last prompt is posted, this will all be gone. There will be silence in the prompt world. Some have sent out messages to the daily prompt people not to do this, but to continue. It doesn’t hurt to post one word a day through a computer programme, or does it? Perhaps it brings no profit.

Let us see what can be repaired in the meanwhile. Perhaps the 1st June might bring an unexpected surprise although I do not think so. WordPress only surprise us when they forget something. I will now wait and see.

Daily Prompt: Broken

Daily Prompt: Juxtapose

Road to Langendorf28.05 (12)

I seem to be doing everything wrong. This morning the cleaning lady was here busy with this and that and I naturally had some spare time. I could take it easy and let someone else do the work. On the other hand I had naturally some time on my hands having done my usual morning chores and I was left with nothing to do, nothing for a juxtapostition with me or did I again not get this one right, so I had a look at the German word which was easier for me or should have been. In any case we have it, or do we? Two objects together. Oh, I give up, and decided to return to cleaning windows which I actually did this morning. Just the two big ones which form the glass exit and entrance to my kitchen. I will do the rest during the week.

I passed this guy yesterday when travelling home from my shopping trip. He was in a juxtapose with a lot of windows, but he was lucky. He had a crane to stand on and just move his arm up and down with the window cleaning implements. I see these juxtapositional window cleaning cranes a lot. Where I grew up in London, we were working class, not rich, but for cleaning outside windows you always had a guy that earned his living as a window cleaner. They arrived with a ladder and some rags and a bucket of water and cleaned your outside windows. Even the window on the ground floor was too high for mum to reach.

Today you organise a mini window cleaner holding crane and the job is done. I can imagine something like this in New York City where the skyscrapers achieve untold heights. Just imagine cleaning the top windows of the Empire State Building with something like that. The Juxtapositional possibilities of man and machine are fantastic.

So, did I do it, was I juxtapositional? If not, who cares. This is the antepenultimate Daily Prompt, and I really want to be one of the last survivors.

Window Cleaner

Daily Prompt: Juxtapose

Daily Prompt: Ceremony

Dad in army uniformToday is so-called memorial day where memories of the fallen are re-enlived. Flags are flying on the various military cemeteries and there are speeches being held and ceremonies being enacted. It is an American celebration. We never had anything like it in Great Britain, although 11th November is always celebrated as the so-called armistice day to commemorate the fallen in the last two world wars and the end of the war. World wars? Yes because the whole world was involved. Even neutral Switzerland had her soldiers at the borders to protect their own people.

My dad was no hero, but no-one asked him to be a soldier. He was given an order by his country to appear at a certain time and date to enlist in the army. He was a young man, but orders are orders and he eventually found himself on an  amphibious craft landing on the beach at Salerno in Italy according to his story. He learnt to love Italy, the wine and the country. He found it a shame they were at war. He also got to see Egypt with the pyramids and sphinx and  a country that he always called Palestine, although it eventually became Israel. Dad was one of the old school and names never really changed for him.

He told us of being in an army cantine in Italy when Beniamino Gigli, the great Italian opera singer, entered with his daughter and sang a few arias. Engish soldiers were enthralled, although not exactly opera fans, but this was something different to patrolling in dangerous areas. During the Gigli concert the military police locked the doors and inspected the soldiers papers that were now trapped in the cantine. Dad said there were many arrests made that day for deserters.

He told me of marching in Italy when the ground suddenly caved in and below was a wine cellar containing the farmers store of Italian wines. He said there was not a sober man in the regiment after they found the liquid treasures.

He was heading for France, Paris, when the war ended and saw the Eiffel Tower. Their money was allied money, in billions due to the inflation, but they were not rich. According to dad’s stories of war, you could imagine it was one big holiday for the british soldiers.

It was only when I was older, married and had children of my own, that he would tell me about a march where some of his colleagues trod on a mine and were killed in front of him. About when he was climbing a mountain slope in Italy and German snipers were firing with their rifles. He said luckily they were climbing with mules and could hide behind the mules as they were being fired upon.

My dad’s only war injury was when he dropped a shell from a gun (he was in the heavy artillary) on his foot and was lucky that the ground was soft mud and his foot sank into the mud instead of being crushed. He had a couple of malaria attacks in Italy and said that is not an illness he would like to go through again, shaking from the bouts of fever he had.

Dad came home on a Friday, was married to my mum the  next day in his army uniform because he had no other clothes to wear. He had only seen mum for a few hours one evening when they met in an english pub whilst he was on leave. Their romance developed by letter. This might not be the story of a war hero, but my dad was my war hero: Albert Stanley Relf 1915-2016.

Wedding mum and dad 11.07.1945

Mum and dad’s wedding photo. Her brother on the left, also in uniform, returned home after 4-5 years prisoner of war. On the right my grandfather, mum’s dad. Second on the right my mum’s sister-in-law and also school friend who married mum’s brother. The other lady is a friend of mums.

Daily Prompt: Ceremony

Daily Prompt: Famous

cemetry with me

I found one of my old photos in the day when I played with photo shop: my cat Nera on the left.

Me famous, forget it. We eventually all return to were we came from and what happens in between might or might not leave a mark on the world. A strange thought came to me today. It is wonderful weather and the sun is  shining so what could possibly go wrong?

Scientists tell us that one day the sun will no longer shine. It will be a dark star, a burn out, a black hole in the sky. I think the great Steven Hawkins got quite near to the truth of the matter. On the other hand I just read in knowledgeable wikipedia that “A black hole is a region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing—not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside it”, so perhaps the whole finishing of the sun is not so bad.

Nothing can escape from inside it, so we might still be living our lives, carrying on as usual and not noticing that we are just a dark side of the sun. Of course we will no longer be writing The Daily Prompt, because that will no longer exist from 31st May 2018 for those that have not yet read the news. All those famous people will remain famous, and people like me who never became famous will not be forgotten, because we were never really remembered.

I now have the reputation locally of being the lady in the wheelchair with the camera touring around places in her village. Perhaps when The Daily Prompt is eventually killed, assassinated, dissolved or sent to the land of the forgotten blogs, a tiny fragment of an angloswiss blog might escape from the dark sun and there will be a plaque somewhere  “The Last Blogger angloswiss-chronicles.com, may her blogs be never forgotten”.

And now I have better things to do like eating my evening meal. Mr. Swiss has again baked one of his famous apple flans.

Daily Prompt: Famous

Not so Daily Prompt: Doppelgänger

Geese 08.05 (5)

Muss ich jetzt deutsch schreiben, da wir ein deutsches Wort haben. Well I though as we now get the the daily Prompt words in German I thought I might have to write in German. Perhaps the word “Doppelgänger” has now been absorbed into the english language. Or perhaps the Daily Prompt (tägliche Prompt) is now in German hands and they did not tell us: the reason why the daily prompt is leaving us on 31t May. The two geese do not even realise they look alike, because, well all geese look alike I suppose as far as we are concerned. The geese think differently. They are sure that they all have their own characteristics, probably in smell and voice.

I do not have a Doppelgänger, although some do say that I resemble Barabara Streisland  but her nose is not a big as mine.  Mine is bigger and better.

If the collection of cells they found in my body when I was 50 (known as a teratom) had developed into my twin sister, what it should have done instead of sitting around waiting to be activated, then I might have had a “Doppelgänger”, but it was removed in a 7 hour operation. The first operation was “only” 3 hours, but it grew back again, bigger and better.

And there we have it.

Ich mag nicht warten bis die nächste Prompt morgen.

Not so Daily Prompt: Doppelgänger

Daily Prompt: Archaic

Cemetery Solothurn 20.05 (6)

I was surprised at the daily prompt word today, although I should make the most of it, because they are killing the daily prompt. It will be pushed into a dark corner of a cyber world and  believe me you do not want to go there.

The only archaic stuff that exists today is on the cemeteries of this world. A lonely pillar with a crumbling relict, perhaps a figure gathering moss and going green at the edges. I had an update last week on my Windows computer and now I have a new button at the bottom with “Taskansicht”. My computer speaks only german, but it means something like Task view I suppose. I do not need this and will not use it I like things to remain as they are where everything works.

Back to the WordPress misery. From 31st May things will not work that I like. There will be no daily prompt although the daily post will remain. A lot of things will go, because according to WordPress they are now not necessary. We must move on, although this is more stagnation for me then moving on.

It must be something to do with the money. In my archaic brain anything that turns your world upside down is for financial reasons. The daily prompt with its random words, picked by random by their automatic hardware or whatever, is costing too much. So throw it out, much easier, and already money saved. And then we have the weekly photo challenge. Who needs that, once a week many followers of WordPress proudly show their photo to suit the theme, we are wasting time.

Of course we can now make entries in Longreads (if you want to spend a few hours on your computer writing something) and perhaps you might be one of the lucky ones that gets an entry posted in “Discover” (which I am not). Basically I think we are here to speak to each other, to post daily and have fun and meet online. Fun is not a word that exists in the financial vocabulary of WordPress so forget it.

We have become archaic, our contributions are not longer needed. I have not seen the reason why. WordPress did say “The decision no longer to publish on The Daily Post wasn’t an easy one” so why do it. I have not read one single remark from anyone that finds this a good idea. But who are we to say anything. Those of us that pay their $100 annually are the fools. Even roses die.

Dead Rose

Daily Prompt: Archaic

Daily Prompt: Guilty

Cows 22.05.2018

I think it was a horse that passed this way. It was on the concrete path, an invitation for a photo. It could have been a cow, but their  traces are usually flat and in the fields  being the foundation for homeless flies. The nice thing about this is that neither the horse, or even a cow, would feel guilty about it. It is a natural process in life. The hay and grass they eat must go somewhere eventually. I did not feel guilty about taking the photo: worse things have been given prizes at exhibitions.

At my age I no longer bother about guilty feelings, why should I. Do I feel guilty that I am now sitting outside on the porch with my computer writing and enjoying the nice sunny weather. I could be shopping, doing housework, there is always something to do. Actually I wanted to go somewhere with my camera, but I slept too long after dinner and it would be too much stress.

Someone has discovered that shopping in the afternoon would be more comfortable than in the morning. There are not so many people, but for me it would be an inconvenience and  more stress. I might have more time in the morning, but not less to do. It would just be a shifting of responsibilities  and packing more into the afternoon as well as dealing with the normal daily chores in the morning. Afternoon is me time, the few hours when I do what I want to do and when I want to do it. Definitely not rubbing shoulders with other housewives in the local supermarket and using up any spare time I might have. Or should I feel guilty about that.

Cows 22.05 (4)

Daily Prompt: Guilty

Daily Prompt: Assumption

Clouds 22.05 (1)

I usually have my head in the air when I go for a wheelie in my chair. I assume that I remain on a straight path if I steer for straight ahead. I am a cloud watcher and even get a little disappointed when there are no clouds. Yesterday I was rewarded when I saw this cloud hand reaching to stop an aircraft that was zooming past.

The cloud missed and the aircraft continued on its journey and probably did not even notice the danger that was looming from the sky. I took a photo as it might have been important when the news story was printed “Disappearance of long distance flight over Switzerland”. Through the lens of an observant reader, Mrs. Angloswiss, the moment of impact was caught on camera. I could have become famous, the winner of a Pulitzer prize.  Just imagine if the cloud hand had closed around the plane. Of course this is only an assumption, as we know that clouds are not a solid mass. It was only when I arrived home and uploaded this never to be forgotten photo of an action cloud I realised how dangerous flying can be.

Today my No. 2 son flew to Luxembourg to one of those meetings he has now and again. He always sends me a message from the airport before boarding to let me know where he is in the world (thoughtful son). An hour later he sent me a video taken on his mobile phone showing the wing of his plane as it cruised along the runway of the airport in Luxembourg on its landing. Both me and Mr. Swiss were reminded of the days when we would be travelling. I would visit my dad in London at least once a year and Mr. Swiss was also a travelling business man in his working days. Just the sound of the plane cruising and the flap on the wing closing, together with the recording of the hostess in the cabin telling the passengers to keep their seatbelts fastened until the plane stops. Memories of the days gone past. We both got a little nostalgic.

Daily Prompt: Assumption

Daily Prompt: Disappear

A storm is brewing

The day started so well and now the sun has disappeared. I was reading the news on my iPad with the weather report saying where would be rain and thunder and even hailstones later in the day, a real end of  the world mood. I decided that later in the day meant evening and it is now the beginning of the afternoon.

I was still drifting in my lunchtime sleep when there was a ring at the doorbell. I dragged myself up during which time it rang twice more. This must be an emergency, The postman always  rings twice, but three times? I groped my way to the door still drunk with sleep and Mr. Swiss appeared. He was in the back garden and only just heard the doorbell. I gave up and went back to bed to recover from the disurbance. Mr. Swiss went to the door and there was no-one there. Whoever it was had disappeared.

It was still good weather and I decided to go places with my camera. As I was getting ready it rang again at the door, but this time Mr. Swiss was there and ready. Two small boys were at the main entrance wanting to see the school colleague that lives upstairs. We were annoyed and did not let them in as their friend upstairs was not there.

I was now ready to go places when there was a noise outside, a warning, a clap of thunder. I looked up and saw the black and grey clouds approaching. The blue was disappearing slowly but surely. I changed back to my normal housewife daily clothes, and gave up. I am now sitting outside on the porch listening to the first hesitant rain drops. In the meanwhile they are no longer hesitant but threatening.

Daily Prompt: Disappear