Daily Prompt: Today’s Trance

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 28.10 (14)

Sometimes things happen and you do not know why or how. A strange influence is hovering around you. Today’s theme was determined by a mysterious cyber influence I am sure. Somewhere in the deep caverns of the computer cells a decision was made and Angloswiss was the center of the computer fantasies.

I always take a lunchtime sleep for an hour or so. At the moment I am not going places and doing anything special, I do not really feel like it. I just want to enjoy the peace and quiet of a week-end with no duties and above all no building work in my surroundings, which has been the case for the past five months: peace reigns supreme. So I slipped into the twilight world between the sheets after lunch and slept and slept and etc. etc. I heard movement and awoke for a few seconds after an hour. Mr. Swiss was alive in the appartment and so I switched on my smartphone next to my bed, noticed a few short acknowledgements from WordPress and decided to sleep further. I was not yet ready for this.

I slept and slept and dreampt. A colleague had arrived and I distinctly hear Mr. Swiss telling her I was sleeping. I was annoyed called out and said no, I was here, who has arrived. There was no answer. Of course not, this was all happening in a far flung dreaming world as I was sinking deeper and deeper into sleep again. I was confused, nothing focussed in my head. I was having a midday sleep and then it happened. My smartphone said “ping”. Now it only says “ping” if I get a message through Facebook and this was the system I was mainly using in the last months of my dad’s life. He was in a care home in London, I was living in Switzerland and at the age of more that 100 years, he was in a critical condition. I was living on pins and needles expecting the worst. My contacts in London used the messenger, as I did for immediate news. It cost nothing, was efficient, and I was up to date on dad’s condition. Eventually this “ping” became something I dreaded. It became a warning, an emergency sound and today in my deep trancelike state this “ping” woke me with a start. I was immediately transferred again to the dark days of my dad’s condition. He passed away peacefully last year eventually and although sad, it was the way things are in life and death and we have to accept them.

And so this “ping” today brought me back to reality. It was only a silly short video from an online colleague who sends them to all her FB friends, and it is no problem. However today it was the wrong time and wrong place. On the other hand, I was now back to reality. My trancelike condition was slowly terminated and I returned to the world of light and reality.


Daily Prompt: Today’s Trance

Daily Prompt: Simultaneous Reciting


There was a time when I was young. OK, not quite young, but younger, it was Christmas 2005, and I was 58 years old. The grey hair had arrived, but believe me the brain cells were still working, And so we had our annual Christmas party in the company where I worked, complete with speeches about how the company name was becoming known in the world and how good we were, blah, blah, blah.

It came to pass that our english representation were on a visit and were naturally included in the celebrations in the local village hall, complete with food and drink and a long, long, speech by our general director. Unfortunately his speech was in German and the english guys did not understand German. As known, most english only speak english. It was decided that a simultaneous tranlsation, over headphones and microphone, would be the ideal solution, and I was the chosen victim. I had the time apparently and so there I was sitting on a table on my own, a united nations lookalike official translater ready for the task ahead of me. Could I do it? No-one really asked, it was assumed. I knew the english guys, nice blokes, and they thought this would be fun. They were sitting at the front naturally, I was at the back.

I did a trial through the microphone “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – can you hear me” – no reaction. I walked over to them and asked and they said “no” and both giggled: typical english humour and I was near to a nervous breakdown. I requested notes of the speech in advance from my direct boss, but was told they do not exist. I had no idea what No. 1 director would be saying, this was really simultaneous, thrown into deep simultaneous waters from the beginning. The speech began and so did I. I am a great talker, love to hear the sound of my own voice, but this was completely different. I had to keep up with what the boss was saying and did not know what would be coming. It was all statistics and events etc. etc. After an hour it was over. The english guys gave me friendly smiles and laughter and afterwards indulged in the drink and food. I still do not know today if they were really listening to what I was saying.

Eventually it was a successful evening. I won 1,000 Swiss Francs for suggstion of the year. Everyone makes suggestions during the year and on this evening they are put in a hat or whatever and three are picked for the first, second and third prize. Mine was chosen for the lst prize. Some compensation for my nerve wrecking job at the beginning of the evening. I decided I made a good choice when I decided not to apply at the United Nations for the job of a translator.


Simultaneous Reciting

Daily Prompt: I, me and myself

Lonely Frog in Winter

When you decide to go places and see things, then do not think that wherever you are going, everyone is waiting for you. You are nothing special. You are the odd one out. You think because you speak english you are something completely different, after all everyone loves english.

Of course they do, but it is not their mother tongue. Their mother tongue, the one they learned from their motbers,  the one they grew up with, is theirs and everything else is just a supplement.

And so you arrive in this new country, but there are a few formalities to be dealt with. You might have a roof over your head, even a workplace, but no-one knows you. How are you to pay your taxes, have your official permission to be there. This does not go without saying, and a visit to the local town hall is the least you can do to say hello to everyone. Unfortunately here you again discover that not everyone speaks your language. The might, but why should they. You are now in their country and you speak their language, even if it is not the language you though it would be. I was armed with elementary high German and could get through. The Swiss have their own way of saying things (Swiss German), and believe me it is better that you learn fast how it works.

And now you are registered, you have a number somewhere and a permission, so get on with it. People are not standing on street corners waiting to help you, to be your friends. They do not have open arms. You are now the odd one out. You talk different, know no-one and do not belong. This is where many decided to go home, finding it is not what they expected. After all you are something special, but that is only in your own country. Either you persevere or give up. You spend the first months alone. Perhaps you go for a walk and want a drink in a restaurant, even a meal. You sit alone at your table and hear conversations around you. Schoolfriends and relations, neighbours, people that grew up with each other, a common background, a history. You do not have this, you are a stranger on the shore.

I persevered, because I left my country for something completely different. Today 50 years later, I realise I made the right decision. I learned the local lingo, learned the local customs, and if you cannot beat them then join them. On the way I met Mr. Swiss, decided to grab him for a Swiss passport and a few other good things and we are still together. He tells me I am often more Swiss than he is. He cannot yodel, neither can I. My solitary days are long gone, I even vote when the Swiss vote and they vote often with their direct democracy. To be quite honest. Mr. Swiss fills out the documents and I sign with a few exceptions, but we are usually the same opinion.

If you really want to go somewhere else, completely different, then think about it. Do you want to eat their food? Do you want to live according to their daily customs? Do you want to learn their language? Do you want to run the risk of marrying one of them and having children that will also grow up with a strange language, go to a school in a diferent country and perhaps even have a nationality that is not yours. Sometimes life can be solitary, as said if you cannot beat them, then join them.

Swiss Bread
Daily Prompt: I, Me and Myself

Daily Prompt: Unfurling time

Renovation 22.05 (3)

Renovation time is unfurling time. Since April we are being unfurled. There is a problem. What do you do with unfurled material when it is no longer furled. Of course builders have an unfurled  burial site where unwanted goods disappear.

Flower Box

Today we unfurled our planting box. This is made of asbestos cement. It appeared some years ago and served its purpose well for various plants. However, due to the renovation, it had lost its use in the garden. Since April it has been shifted from here to there, my tulips even flowered. In the meanwhile this sort of plant container is forbidden, no longer sold and classified as being unwanted due to the asbeston content. They used to unfurl asbestos everywhere in building programmes, but it has been discovered as a danger to health.

Since the builders have arrived with their various operations, this box has been shifted from here to there I even began to empty it, weekly. I no longer have the energy to do things in a couple of hours. The hours have now become days, weeks and even months. However, I had time and finished the job a couple of weeks ago. I was now left with an empty asbestos box leaning on a garden wall.

This type of  material is unwanted and cannot just been thrown onto the rubbish dump. We called our gardener, a very nice guy. He told us, no problem, but they have to pack it in special material before they bring it to its happy hunting grounds which would have to be paid for – not an exhorbitant sum. Today our gardener arrived. He carried the box on his own to his truck and it is now disappeared.

Another problem solved.

I now have to unfurl a few blogs as again and again WordPress have a probem with the grid. They call us to write, to blog, to join in the happy experience and we are confronted with a nice big fat zero on the gridding page. However, if you return a few hours later, and the blog gods are favouring you. you can re-enter your blog and everything is back to normal.

Daily Prompt: Unfurling Time

Daily Prompt: Today I found something grainy


It is the grainy time of the year. The fields are full of wheat and even the local store has a display of grainy plants. I happened to take a photo this morning, nothing special, but grainy. Even the grass in my garden is getting grainy because we are not cutting the grass.

Once upon a time we had a non grainy lawn. It was mowed daily by mowey, our automatic robot lawn mower. It had no chance to grow long enough to produce grains. It was a nice neat lawn that we had, perfect and we were proud of our lawn, because we had invested money into it, having it redone as a roll lawn – no grass seeds here, but a fitted carpet of grass. Oh yes, it was good, soft to the feet and the lawn cuttings automtically fell back into the lawn acting as fertiliser.

That was before the days of the building invasion. Now our lawn is growing between metal poles of scaffolding and partically buried beneath wooden supports.


This is no way to treat a lawn. We have reported it to the Society for Prevention to Cruelty to Lawns (SPCL in case you have never heard of them) but they had so many problems to deal with, they told us it would be at least a year until they could examine our problem. Lawns were being killed everywhere and the grains were invading. In the meanwhile our lawn is growing unattended, it will eventually become one grainy mass of grass, reproducing itself into places where it should not be. There are even appearances of clover here and there, not to metioned the dreaded daisies.

We were going to have the destroyed parts of the lawn replaced, but even this will be a problem. If you begin to dig to remove the dying parts of the lawn you may begin to dig out the underground electric cables belong to Mowey, our robot lawn mower. There is no end to this building misery.

In the meanwhile I take a walk now and again along the grainy fields of the surroundings where the corn is ripening. Those are the grains that belong and not the invasion.

I must now go, have an appointment at the hairdressers. She will be mowing my head and disposing of any grainy parts no longer needed.

Wheat 24.06.2017

Daily Prompt: Today I found something grainy

Daily Prompt: It might come in useful


Since our home has become part of a building site, we are living willy-nilly, although it is not really a word belonging to my vocabulary. My garden has become a collecting site for willy nilly. There are all sorts of various objects that suddenly appear between blades of grass. It is advisable to wear shoes when entering the garden, you never know what you might encouter with bare feet.

Only today Mr. Swiss found a long screw, a nut and something undefinable, the purpose of which we have not yet discovered,  a veritable willy nilly assortment. Mr. Swiss was examining these objects when I asked him to show me what he had found.


“I want to take a photo.”

My next question was “can we use them?”

This is an important part of the discovery. Workmen hae strange bits and pieces, built to their requirements. A long screw? Something like that has been missing in our tool box for some time. There are always reasons why the screws you have are too short and at last we have found a long screw nesting amongst the weeds. We are convinced it will come in handy one day and so it it placed into the box containing lost builder’s objects. Somewhere we even have a wooden measure, marked with centimeters. We did leave it for a week in the garden, thinking that it would be retrieved, but it was ignored. We decided it would come in useful one day.

Nuts are always good to have because you will definitely have a  screw that will fit somewhere. And if not? You can be sure that in a few days another object will drop from the sky above searching for a fitting nut. And so life goes on,

Yesterday we heard a crashing noise, followed by an profanity uttered by a workman, but unfortunately nothing arrived on our back porch. Shame really, we are sure it would have been something that we could add to our collection of nuts and bolts, together with screws. We noticed a workman afterwards searching outside on hands and knees. Perhaps he was looking for the unidentified object that we found.

And so life goes on. If you ever find such objects, keep them. Never throw them away, they might be willy nilly, but even willy nilly can be useful.

I noticed that WordPress are having a willy nilly at the moment as there are no answers to this prompt. They again have lost the connection, the grid is locked, but no problem. The are bound to find a word that will suit the situation.

Daily Prompt: It might come in useful

Daily Prompt: It’s prickly near the horses

Horses 21.03 (2)

When you take a photo of a horse, it is a wonderful experience. The horse is in the right place at the right time and even looks at the camera – the perfect photo. You poise and keep still on your shaky legs (mine are always shaky), the camera is hanginging around your neck and now you are ready.

It is the moment you are waiting for, but as you are ready for the photo of the year the ground seems to sink beneath your feet. Balance is playing one of its tricks and what do you do. You grab the nearest object to stop the fall. Unfortunately this is a fence. I now it it written in clear letters, even in red – “a real fence”, real being the red part. Of course it is real, any fool can see it.  It makes no difference really what language you speak or understand, if there are two flashes of lightening resembling something from a Nazi sign, you know you are in danger. Even Donald Trump would recognise it.  “Elektrozaun” means electric fence. These things are not what you concentrate on when falling.”

Stop the fall by grabbing the fence. The horse was still watching, thinking “stupid human” and knowing he would not touch that fence for the price of a freshly picked carrot: yes, did you notice, the horse is a stallion, although I only discovered this when examining the photo afterwards.

If you grab a fence under electric current it prickles, adding to the experience of the plunge into space. Not even the fence helps and you immediately let go. Luckily the current is low enough not to kill a horse, although I am convinced that horses have more resistance to electric currents than humans.

Of course I immdiately let go of the fence, but the ground was approaching, so in an impetuous moment I grabbed the fence again. This was the last chance, the current was again racing through my body, mainly my arm, with a mega prickle, my last moment on earth had arrived and I was convinced that this would be my last photo of a horse. Just look at the way he is staring at me “Fool human, can’t she read, it is even in sign language”.

This all happened more than a year ago and today I am alive to tell the tale. The horse is also still alive and I could swear he laughs at me every time I pass by, especially if I am carrying a camera.

pylons gold

Daily Prompt: It’s prickly near the horses