Daily Prompt: Core

3 cool slugs

“Wait for me.”

“No time for waiting. We have a target to achieve.”

“I know, but I thought it would be nice if we all arrived together.”

“I am on my way and can see it already.”

“What does it look like.”

“Is this your first time?”

“Yes, I only crawled out of the earth yesterday. Is it really as good as they say, and how do I know when I am there.”

“No problem, just follow your feelers and go down. Absorb and crawl. No, not on the surface but below.”

“What happens when I arrive?”

“It is a feeling you get in your slime. The ultimate answer to all our questions.”

“I don’t have any questions, just hunger.”

“Of course, that is why we do it.”

“But is it different?”

“Don’t ask, just keep going.”

“I can feel it, the flavours are changing, it is intensifying. Cough, cough, cough, splutter, splutter.”

“What is the matter?”

“I found something hard, it will not absorb.”

“That is the solution, you are there, the journey is completed.”

“Oh, is that the answer to my dreams?”

“Of course, now you know why we prefer to stay on the surface.”

“Then why did I have to dig?”

“We all have to make our experiences in life. You have now found the core of the apple.”

Daily Prompt: Core

Good Morning

Morning Sky

What a wonderful day to greet mother’s day, an invitation to go back to bed, but be it mother’s day or not, there are things to do and places to visit: like the ironing board and the kitchen, yes a mother’s work is never done. Of course what a boring life it would be when we would have nothing to do all day. I went to bed with the sound of thunder and rain. During the night it must have stopped somewhere, but the sky reminds us that it might be back.

I was reflecting on the mother’s days when I had a mother. My most vivid memory is not the box of store chocolates that I bought her, but dad fussing around and making sure that his daughter did not forget. Mum had a characteristic of being rather annoyed if that would happen and we would all suffer under her negative thoughts. It is probably one of the reasons that I am not so fixed on mother’s day. Of course I love to hear from my kids, but we do not really have a to have a day, because those days occur constantly and now my youngest and his wife have also become a mum and dad.

River Aare 12.05 (11)

Yesterday I was indecisive whether to take a wheelie in my chair or not, but as the weather forecast was a little on the negative side for the evening, I decided on a quick tour in the afternoon. I travelled down to the path to the river, but this time took a left turn – I usually go right. My memories of left are not so good. I was still practicing with the chair and it had been raining and my first trip along the river in this direction resulted in me getting stuck in a muddy groove. There was no-one around to help, or see my predicament (actually I was glad) and I managed to climb out of the chair, grab my cane and pull the chair out of the ground. I immediately turned around and left the path of course. Now it was dry sunny weather, and I heard the sound of gunfire in the distance, so I wanted to investigate.

River Aare 12.05 (7)

The red flag was up and on this side of the path there is the village rifle range. All good Swiss soldiers must practice at least once a year by law for their soldier training, which is three weeks a year for all recruits. As I got nearer the sound of rifle shots got louder until I arrived at the part of the path that was cut off by a barrier warning that it would be dangerous to go further, due to stray bullets. Not wanting to become a victim of army rifle practice I turned my wheelchair.

Sheep 12.05 (1)

I used to be able to climb the many steps to the top of the river bank, but these steps are not made for wheelchairs. I took the scenic route and arrived at the top and saw that the sheep had returned. They had their own little stall with roof and all the trimmings, but the farmer removed this a couple of years ago and the sheep disappeared. Now there are some wooden planks on the ground and the sheep decided to return hoping that their house might be rebuilt. They were having an afternoon sleep.

Swans 12.05 (3)

The swans were also on their way so the world was OK for me. I decided to return home, my photo shooting was complete and I also noticed that the shots had stopped. The Swiss army had done its duty for another year.

Mothers have a good day, and non-mothers also have a good day. You might not have had the joy of kids, but the joy of being able to sleep through the night without the milk machines wanting their supply is a reward, believe me. Always look on the bright side of life, I say.