Daily Prompt: Bubble

River Aare 06.05 (7)

I found a bubble, no I found a lot of bubbles. This afternoon I went for a tour with my wheelchair along the river searching for bubbles as well as ducks. One bubble seldom comes alone and this boat made quite a few.

Otherwise I really have nothing to say about bubbles, although a glass of cola straight from the fridge is quite appetising with all its bubbles and everything.

There is a bubble problem if you have to inject as I do. The syringe arrives complete with a liquid. I have to mix a powder with the medicine into the syringe and then I am ready, but not quite. Injecting air into your body is not advisable, it can cause an embolism which is apparently not very good. So I mix the medicine and am ready and what do I see? An air bubble is trapped at the bottom of the liquid, but no problem. According to the doc, it would need more than a bubble to cause harm, but I should still tap the syringe to move the bubble out of the liquid. This is easier said than done. There seems to be a magical tap that does the job. After two years of regular injections every second day, the bubble still sits where it is every time I prepare the syringe. However, I continue to inject undaunted and am still alive to talk about it. How can anyone write about a bubble? I did it.

Daily Prompt: Bubble

Good Morning


If this is a rhubarb in my garden, then it is growing fast. The leaves have now doubled in size, but I am still not convinced. How can a rhubarb grow in a garden where there are no other rhubarbs growing anywhere near, not even in the village. It started last year when I noticed a couple of interesting leaves and I asked the gardener, who did not have a clue.

This year it was still there, after surviving the winter, and produced more leaves that have more then doubled in size. Someone mentioned it could be a burdock, and I also think this is the case. Burdocks also have large leaves, and eventually produce a long stalk with flowers. The flowers are quite pretty. If this is the case I will take a few photos and then remove the flower stalk before it makes seeds. They produce burrs, the little round spiky balls that stick in my cat’s fur and any other furry animals. If the birds get them in their feathers it can be quite harmful. It is more likely to arrive in my garden, as we have a few of these plants growing wild in the meadows. The Velcro fastener was based on the principle of these burrs, with its tiny hooks.


I also had a closer look at my apple tree this morning. The flowers have now disappeared and the first baby apples are appearing. They really are tiny at the moment, just a small bulge at the base of the flower.

Feldbrunnen 02.05 (20)

And that’s that more or less. Yesterday I did not go anywhere or take any photos in particular. It was a very pleasant day and I spent the afternoon sitting on the porch in the sun with my computer. After the evening meal I remained outside on the porch reading my latest book “The Nix” by Nathan Hill. It is over 400 pages and so it will keep me busy. I can recommend it, it is quite amusing in places.

And now to move on. Breakfast is finished, and I have scraped the remainder of the lemon curd from the jar, but in the meanwhile Mrs. Swiss bought some sour cherry jam which I also quite like, so that will be my next breakfast spread.

It looks like a sunny day today and I really must give myself a push in my wheelchair this afternoon for an excursion into the unknown with camera, although Sunday is not a good day when the weather is warm, there will be a mass march in certain places with kids and bikes and dogs.

Enjoy the day, make the most of it, I will do my best.

Swans 02.05 (14)