I have not been around this afternoon to write (visit from No. 2 son and family included my grandson). However what more can I write, Marilyn says it all in this post. I have been in such situations myself, that little step that leads to a big step to an injury. That feeling that nothing is safe, because you can no longer do it. Everything is out to get you. The youngsters here might be laughing but one day your time will come when you think twice before going down the stairs. I am even worried about taking my grandson in my arms in case I might drop him.

Daily Prompt: Awkward

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Photo: Garry Armstrong

Me walking anywhere. More like limping. Me, trying to clamber into the bathtub and hoping, praying, I’m not going to fall down in the process.  Awkward is anytime I have to go upstairs. Worse, slowly and awkwardly going down. I rarely fear falling upward, but I’m always sure I’m going to fall down.

My days of grace have wandered far into the distance. Not that I was ever really graceful, even way back in the days of youth. I always felt like my feet were about to get tangled together and down I’d go. About the most graceful I ever felt was on horseback!

Now, I’m glad if I can get anywhere and not fall on my face doing it! Some of us are just born that way.

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Good Morning


The time of the glorious sunsets is again upon us. I looked out yesterday evening around 8,00 and saw in the North that the clouds were reacting after a sunny day, so managed a couple of shots of a flaming sky. The weather is now meaning it well with us, with sunny days and yesterday not even a storm or rain.

Of course I made the most of the opportunity to take a wheelie in my chair, compensating for the week of rain and grey skies.

Ducks 20.05 (10)

I decided to make it a comfortable journey and visited the ducks to see how the family was doing. The ducklings are growing and are now getting curious, but mama is always near to keep an eye on them. They now have quite a duck collection with all sizes and shapes at the stables.

Ducks 20.05 (11)

There were quite a few various ducks walking around I noticed.

Now and again in the distance I could hear the noise of motor bikes on the roads. It was the Whitsun holiday and it is the week-end when the bikers decided to make their first excursions of the year. I wheeled on and eventually got to the top of the hill where the local castle is.

Castle Waldegg 20.05 (3)

It was really a wonderful day. This time I had two extra lens packed in my bag, so I was changing them all the time. Sometimes for a closeup on details, or just for a view. I was sorting through all my various photo equipment last week and realised I had a lot more than I thought.

Cat 20.05 (2)

On my return journey I met this cat in the castle grounds and he decided to stop and give me a feline look.

Of course walking everywhere would also be great, but those days are now behind me since a year, as I realise that my limit on walking anywhere has been reached. I can only say thank goodness for my wheelchair. I can speed around everywhere, can carry my photo equipment with me with no problem, and it is very good at twisting and turning.

I can still manage in the apartment to move with just my stick, or the walker if I have stuff to transport. I can even walk free legged, but only when really necessary, such as cleaning. For shopping my walker is fine, and if I am alone without Mr. Swiss I can manage with the supermarket trolley and stick. It is just a new way of living for me, but at my golden oldie age it could be worse.

My final part of the walk was a visit to the cows on the meadow.

Cows  20.05 (5)

They always get curious when they notice that I am on my way with the camera.

I decided it was time to go home again as I had a few things to deal with. It is so great now to be able to sit outside on the porch with my computers and eat the evening meal in between. I finalised the evening by having a read in my Kindle. I discovered a criminal story that takes part in the Fenlands in Englad with a serial killer on his way that begins again after many years. The police were of the opinion that they had caught him, but it seems the body they found in the car accident was not his and he has begun again “Beware The Past” by Joy Ellis.

And now to move on. Today is a holiday, and my No. 2 son with his wife and my grandson will be visiting this afternoon. They live on the other side of Switzerland, about 2 hours by road.

Flowers 20.05 (3)

Enjoy the day, see you around and a flower for on your way, seen in one of our wild meadows.