Not so Daily Prompt: Doppelgänger

Geese 08.05 (5)

Muss ich jetzt deutsch schreiben, da wir ein deutsches Wort haben. Well I though as we now get the the daily Prompt words in German I thought I might have to write in German. Perhaps the word “Doppelgänger” has now been absorbed into the english language. Or perhaps the Daily Prompt (tägliche Prompt) is now in German hands and they did not tell us: the reason why the daily prompt is leaving us on 31t May. The two geese do not even realise they look alike, because, well all geese look alike I suppose as far as we are concerned. The geese think differently. They are sure that they all have their own characteristics, probably in smell and voice.

I do not have a Doppelgänger, although some do say that I resemble Barabara Streisland  but her nose is not a big as mine.  Mine is bigger and better.

If the collection of cells they found in my body when I was 50 (known as a teratom) had developed into my twin sister, what it should have done instead of sitting around waiting to be activated, then I might have had a “Doppelgänger”, but it was removed in a 7 hour operation. The first operation was “only” 3 hours, but it grew back again, bigger and better.

And there we have it.

Ich mag nicht warten bis die nächste Prompt morgen.

Not so Daily Prompt: Doppelgänger

Good Morning

M - Castle Waldegg

It is another wonderful morning in my part of Switzerland, the sun is shining and it looks like it will be a nice warm day, even too hot for some perhaps.

Yesterday we did something completely different. We had lunch at the local castle, Castle Waldegg in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland, just a five minute walk from us, if you can walk normally. Now and again they make a midday table for the golden oldies is our village. We get a form in our letter box and are invited. Mr. Swiss went once many years ago when I was still a working lady and he was already retired. They usually had these lunches at the local schoolhouse, but have now started to have them in the castle.  I had a little change in my morning routine and after breakfast and my good morning blog, I got ready to go shopping with Mr. Swiss. This meant that I had more time at home in the later part of the morning to have a clean through and get ready to go.

Eventually we drove off to the castle. We could have walked it, but it is all uphill and walking is not my thing. I could have done it with the walker, but we parked in the parking lot next to the castle. I knew most of the golden oldies, but we all said it is a shame we never see each other in daily village life. I noticed that when we met, half of us were accompanied by our walkers. They seem to be replacing the walking stick. I left my walker at home and just had my stick. There were about 6-large round tables set for the meal in one of the castle rooms.

Castle Waldegg 25.05 (2)

I suppose it is not every day you have lunch with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The meal is prepared in the school house in the village and transported to the castle. It began with a lovely mixed salad, including some asparagus and was followed by beef  cooked in a lovely spicy sauce and “Spatzli” which is home made pastry in small pieces boiled and afterwards fried in butter: a Swiss thing. It was followed up with a dessert of strawberry puree and whipped cream. We enjoyed it and had good company at the table from our village neighbours.

We were on the first floor of the castle and I noticed that the door was open to the terrace which is a place I only really see when standing below the castle on my occasional wheelies.

Castle Waldegg 25.05 (22)

I naturally took the opporunity to go onto the terrace to see what the world looked like from above. I had my camera with me, of course, you never know.

Castle Waldegg 25.05 (15)

At the front of the castle there were some workers replacing the golden coloured balls perched on the pillars outside by crane. Another good opportunity for a few photos. The avenue lined with the trees is my usual route up to the castle.

Castle Waldegg 25.05 (9)

Castle Waldegg 25.05 (19)

I now had a good view of the gardens that are usually hidden behind the walls. I could of course always go inside the castle and walk into the grounds, but have never really bothered. It would be a good idea perhaps for a few photos at ground level.

It was a very pleasant lunch time and we decided to do it again. Of course lunch is not free, but a very reasonable price and there was enough to eat. Everything was perfect, the food, the atmosphere and the table companions. Eventually we decided it was time to go, and all the golden oldies collected their walkers that they had parked in the grounds. I was there by stick and car.

Today is the week-end begin again and if the weather stays I will be out and about again, but just for a wheelie with my camera.

Have a good week-end everyone, see you around.

Castle Waldegg 25.05 (12)