Flower of the Day: 01.05.2018 Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

This is a very old photo from my archives taken in 2011. We call these flowers “Maiglöckchen” in German, meaning Maybells and they appear regularly at the beginning of May. I had them in my garden once. I do not know where they came from, probably a seed found its was or a piece of root, but they arrived and almost took over. After 4-5 years I noticed that they are spread everywhere and so I began the task of removing them, which was not easy.

Now 7 years later I still find a few in between that begin to grow. They spread with their underground roots. Even my neighbour has some in his garden from me, but he has not yet noticed and I will not tell him. They are also extremely poisonous. I think it is a custom for young men to give them to young ladies on Mayday, but I am not so sure.

Flower of the Day: 01.05.2018 Lily of the Valley

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Outdoor ways to move up and down

Road to Langendorf 18.04 (17)

One of my daring photos. We were driving past and this gentleman was fixing the roof on the tent.

Chickens 24.03 (11)

If you are a chicken, you can always try flying

Window Cleaner

Sometimes window cleaning can be a question of how to get up there and down again

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Outdoor ways to move up and down

Daily Prompt: Sleeve


I have abolished long sleeves from my clothing. I was not even built to wear sleeves. There was a time when comfortable did not matter, you followed the fashion. Long sleeved pillovers or a blouse in winter and in Summer was sleeveless or short sleeves.

When you are the tallest in the class at school (3rd tallest actually) you discover that clothing shops do not make exceptions for various arm lengths and so no matter what you buy, the edges of the sleeves do not even cover your wrist. As the years went past, I discovered that thanks to modern heating methods in the home, who needs long sleeves. Even in the stores long sleeves were not necessary and you generally had a jacket on when out.

I am now happy with my dress system and there are even long sleeves, as in the photo, where it does not matter when they are too short. They have a tag to hold them in place in a shorter version.

As far as record sleeves are concerned, take a look at this one.

Please, please me Beatles

It is the original edition and I bought it in 1963 when it was released. There have been many copies made afterwards, but this has the text on the back written by Tony Barrow.

Please, please me, The Beatles

As you can see it suffered a little at the hands of my eldest son who is still a faithful Beatles fan despite his 48 years.  I believe this record, in perfect condition with the cover, would be quite a rare one today and many Beatles followers would be pleased to have one, but this is not for sale. The actual record can still be played although my son tells me it has some background noise here and there. I just had a look at the surface, and it looks good. It is one of my memories of a youth spent in swinging London with all the trimmings. Reading the text it tells of George Martin, the Beatles producer. All the songs on the record were hits in their own right and as an exception non-Beatles written music was also included.

Daily Prompt: Sleeve

Good Morning

Front Garden in the rain

As you can see it is raining again and we are actually glad. After a couple of weeks of watering the garden ourselves, the weather is now doing it for us. No more fighting to keep our lawn alive.  It has also got colder, but that does not bother me so much. I prefer cooler temperatures, it is more comfortable.

Today is cleaning lady day  so I am a little later on my computer. I have done my daily cleaning up session and can now take it easy.

Weissenstein 30.04.2018

On our way to the supermarket yesterday I had a glimpse of our house mountain, Weissenstein and now there is a crane perched at the top. They are renovating the restaurant and adding a new building. Apparently transporting the crane 1,395 meters to the top was not so easy, but now it is working. The split the crane into sections and reconstructed it again at the top.

Yesterday afternoon I had another session of physical therapy and things are going good. I have a new exercise, this time to be done in bed, which suits me. The idea is to strengthen my left leg joints. I am really making progress now and even manage free style, although the therapist said I should not do it too much as I would tire quickly. She also advised me to ask my neurologist about doing occupational therapy for my hands. I can still move them, but no longer as good as I could and they no longer have such a good feeling.

When driving the car I have to use both hands to turn the key as I no longer have so much strength in them. Otherwise for the actual driving I have no problem.  I also want to talk to my neurologist about the new drug for MS and I also want to know the exact definition of my MS type. So many questions, but the more I learn about this illness the better. I know that MS destroys the top layer of the nerve, but did not realise how much can be done to improve the mobility by physical therapy which strengthens the muscle power.

Lilac 30.04 (3)

The lilac opposite my garden is now flowering and is making a wonderful show. I ventured out to it with my camera, but it was so windy yesterday it was difficult to get a clear and sharp photo.

Today is a holiday in many European countries for May Day, day of the workers etc. When I was a working woman I had half a day holiday, in the afternoon. My son had to work this morning, but will be at home in the afternoon. There is no big party here, but usually in the afternoon there is a politician that has a speech somewhere, and there might be a small procession of socialists somewhere. No big deal, the main thing was that I then had an afternoon free.

It used to be the big Russian day, but I think no longer. The processions of tanks and weapons is a thing of the past and everyone likes to keep them as a secret. I saw on the TV yesterday that somewhere in the far east there is a exhibition for weapons, submarines, tanks, planes and anything you can use for a war. There were many visitors, mainly from Asia, and there were stands with various different rifles and guns you could examine and make your choice. A sort of weapon supermarket. One Asian guest said he already had a submarine and was now looking to buy two more. What a world we live in.

I am now off to prepare dinner, Mr. Swiss has gone fishing shopping and I hope you all have a good day.

Clouds 30.04 (7)