Photo Challenge: Unlikely

Market scene in the souks

I was once in Marrakesh in Morocco. It just happened. The company where Mr. Swiss worked organised a few days each year to go somewhere special and this year it was Marrakesh. I was a working woman myself, but did not want to miss then chance and took time off.

I had traveled a bit in my life, but never been on the continent of Africa, so this was my big chance. I noticed that daily life for a Moroccan housewife was a bit different to my organised shopping. Supermarket, perhaps, but I did not find one. We wandered around the “souks” which seemed to be the general market place. Fresh meat hanging in the hot sun at tropical temperatures would probably not get through our laws of hygiene, but everyone seemed to survive. Note the guy in front of the shop with his bike, motor still running of course.

I saw one shop with a  big fish. Marrakesh has no coast, so I have no idea where the fish came from and you could not really see this big fish, just its shape, because it was covered in flies.

I loved my visit to this country that was really something completely different. Changing planes in Casablanca and seeing Moroccans mounted on wonderful horses in their Arabian nights dress with flowing robes, and I think they were soldiers.  4 days I will never forget.

Photo Challenge: Unlikely

Daily Prompt: Abrupt


Things can be sudden although not really unexpected. You may remember, those that read my escapades, that last year from April until November we were under siege from builders with scaffolding new insulation, dirt, concrete, dust and all the trimmings. It will probably be another 20 years until this happens again to our building, and then I will be 90 years old – so no comment.

However, today I awoke from my midday sleep and Mr. Swiss tells me the builders have arrived on our neighbouring block. We were told that this building was also now ready for a refurbishing and so we can look on with interest. Apparently it will not be stripped to the bare bricks as our building, but more a gentle overhaul, renewing the outside with a fresh coat of whatever they coat it with.

I decided to go for a wheelie this afternoon and now I was determined and planned my route to pass the neighbouring building. I shot many photos and in the space of a few hours the complete building was encased in scaffolding. Oh what fun the inhabitants of this this building can look forward to. As I wheeled past, the chief builder exchanged a few words with me and I took a few photos of various workers on the scaffolding. One even waved to me, yes it is a complete déjà vue for me and my camera and I will definitely meet new members of the building tribe. The platforms are placed strategically and now the inhabitants of the block can also share their breakfast hours with the builders as I did for many months. I even had to wear a dressing gown over my nightdress in the morning.

This will be fun, I am sure there will be more photos to follow.

Daily Prompt: Abrupt

Good Morning

Columbine 01.05 (1)

Look what I saw in my front garden yesterday. Some plants just suddenly appear and I only see it when they flower. This is columbine and if I remember rightly I did once throw some seeds into the garden, but that was 5 years ago. Have they now decided to grow and flower, or did they wander in by wind? Who knows, but they are hopefully now here to stay and seed up every year.


Slowly I am getting the feeling that my garden is developing into some sort of magical mystery garden with all sorts of strange plants appearing that I never expected.  This strange plant appeared last year with three smaller leaves and has developed into something big this year. I know I mentioned it earlier this week and but now the leaves are growing faster. I was told it is probably a rhubarb, but where did it come from? No-one is our area grows rhubarb, not even the farmers and I do not even like it so much. You can use the stalks for a pie and cook them with tons of sugar, but it still remains sour and I am not even sure how poisonous parts of this plant are. I believe you should not use the leaves. As long as it does not take up its roots and walk, is the main thing.

Iris 01.05.2018

My iris are also growing and showing a few buds. It is not yet their time, but next week there will probably be a few blue flowers. I remember last year when the builders invaded and the building was covered with scaffolding. My plants really had to fight for their life and my iris had only one flower, otherwise it was just leaves. I was really worried that it was giving up. I would have understood, having builders trampling around everywhere in their boots. This year it is back and with some forget-me-nots in between. They are the so-called Siberian Bugloss type, perennials and arrive annually.

Yesterday I did not go anywhere. The weather was on the cold side, not very sunny, and it was a national holiday in the afternoon so everything was closed. Mr. Swiss did make a suggestion about driving somewhere, perhaps the town of Biel which is only 20 minutes away by road, but that was also closed. With my walking problems, having to take my walker with me, and Mr. Swiss back problems only being able to walk a few steps, I decided it was not a good idea. We stayed at home with the cat and I pottered around on my computer.

I at last finished my book Rotherweird by Andrew Caldicott, from a fictitious county in England that was left to its own devices, including a few strange mixtures of animals and humans and consulted my list of books to read that I have on my iPhone. I decided on The Nix by Nathan Hill, with its over 700 pages, so I will be busy for the next couple of weeks. I love big books.

And now to move on. Today is shopping safari to stock up in the kitchen. Whether I will venture out for a wheelie this afternoon I am not sure. It is still quite chilly out there, although when I wrap myself up, it is no problem. I trust you all enjoy your day wherever you are, even if you have to work. Somewhere I am sure there will be a silver lining, perhaps you might find it. And if you get strange plants growing in your garden, be careful. It might be a triffid, or even a rhubarb.

Bleeding Heart 01.05.2018 (2)