Daily Prompt: Assay


Daily Prompt decided to take me on yet another trip down memory lane, although to be quite honest I had no idea what “assay” was. For that we have internet and all its devices. Not that the word was completely unknown to me, but my foggy memory had to be refreshed.

It has to do with the testing of a metal or ore to determine its ingredients and quality. Metallurgy was never one of my hobbies, so I decided to return to the first contact I had with metal as a kid, which was the English penny. Every money system has it cheapest pieces, and the British was the english penny. They had existed over hundreds of years, the first appearing in 785 b.c. made of silver, but I am not giving a history lesson on its backgroud. I grew up with the english penny, something like the big one on the top at the right of the picture, They were made of copper and with usage they became very grubby and sometimes turned green. On the one side there was the head of a king, or queen, according to when the penny appeared, and on the other to my time, Britannia ruling the waves. She was shown sitting on a throne with a trident in her hand and was the british icon of victory against everyone else, driving back the waves of the sea.

The pennies I remember were a dull brown colour until one day, I decided to polish one of my pennies. I must have been about 8 years old, and with a friend we had one of those metal polishing clothes that our mum would use for brightening up metal in the home. Our pennies became unrecognisable. They gleamed, King George and Edward were shining brightly, the pennies in our possession became something to treasure. Being kids, we used out pennies to buy perhaps a “penny chew” (a sweet made of sugar) which was all you could buy for a penny.  Our gleaming polished pennies were something special when we spent them in a shop, although even because of the removal of the brown dirt layer, they were still only worth a penny.

My colleague even had a King george III penny originating at the beginning of the 19th century, a remnant from the olden days, that was forgotten  in the modern monetary system. That was quite something, but not valuable.

Now the British monetary system has been decimalised and the penny has become a two penny, and I am not sure if the original copper is still used. We called the original pennies coppers from the material they were made of.

Even our swiss monetary system has copper coins, the lowest valued, known as a “rappen”, but not so spectacular and special as the British penny.

Daily Prompt: Assay

Daily Prompt: Encrusted


I am the personification of encrustment currently. Since breaking my leg nothing works like it used to. Everything seems to be bundled in a casting of its own.   Every movement is limited, I am encased in my own suit of armour. This was all to be expected, but even my eyesight was suffering . Was I going blind? Before my accident, my next entry on my list of things to do was to visit the eye doctor: not the optician, but for a basic examination. With all my various health problems, the optician always tells me to visit the opthalmologist or optometrist to see if my short sightedness lead in another direction. I was ready to go, had a fall, landed in hospital and am now at home with no chance of going anywhere, so there remains only one way out of my misery: clean glasses.

I have a special linen towel at home which is ideal for cleaning glasses. Unfortunately this was in the washing machine and my second towel was used by my cleaning lady yesterday. I decided to clean my glasses with another clean towel. This did not work and I had a frame of greasy finger marks which refused to go away. I was seeing the world through a blur.

Mr. Swiss to the rescue. “Shall I clean your glasses?” “Yes please”. I did not ask what method he would use. I knew  everything would be better than the present condition. He disappeared with my glasses and when they returned, lo and behold, I could see again. I am not sure whether this story has a biblical background, but Mr. Swiss made the impossible possible. I did not ask what his system was, but it worked. The blind can see again. I now have a perfect perspective on the world. My sight is no longer encrusted and I will lock away my special linen towels from the eyes of the cleaning lady. My spectacle towels are not for cleaning toilets.

Daily Prompt: Encrusted

Daily Prompt: Constant

Missing Tree

There used to be a tree in between the two trees in front of the house on the left side of the photo, but this morning within 10 minutes the tree was removed: sawn into various small pieces and afterwards shredded. Reduced to wood shavings. Not even trees are built to last.

Every day I arrive at the breakfast table, fire up my computer and write a Good Morning blog. My intention at the beginning was to write it now and again, but this has become a constant. If my good morning blog disappears for some time, it can cause an alarm in the blogging world which happened a few weeks ago. I fell and broke my leg and was in hospital.  I was touched as people noticed my absence. I am the only blogger in my family, but thanks to Mr. Swiss being in facebook, contact was made and he put everyone in the picture why my consistency was missing.

I also write constantly the Daily Prompt in WordPress. Every day I see the new theme, utter a few profanities “What shall I write about this strange theme?”, but I write all the same, just like today. I am on a constant write about again. I sometimes hate this daily prompt, it annoys me and do I really have to spend half an hour of my precious time writing in the afternoon when I have something better to do? Such as? Yes that is the problem. Sometimes I might go for a wheelie in my wheelchair and take some photos. When I return I take another look at the daily prompt and write something. I also upload my photos as I might be able to use them tomorrow to say good morning, or hello Daily Prompt. Even my cat Tabby writes a daily prompt and what can a cat write daily. Cats sleep and eat. But it seems their thought process move on a higher level as the human. Their thoughts are constantly in movement.

The chief Trump in the states is also constantly annoying people with his constant Tweets. The television programmes are constantly showing repeats of old films. Life is just one big constant it seems And now it is time to write Tabby’s blog, she is constantly reminding me with some paw swipes.

Daily Prompt: Constant

Daily Prompt: Compromise, not really

Computer toys

Life is full of compromises, although I generally go the whole hog. Mr. Swiss once brought an Apple computer home. It was a smaller version, for us both to use. I tried it out, decided that both was not my thing and so ordered the most expensive Macbook Pro available for myself, I don’t share. I fell in love with this Apple computer. Mr. Swiss talked about fitting it up with Word, which is a compromise that I do not do. If it is a Mac then Mac programmes. I got used to the Pages programme for writing so why should I have word. I am still not into Numbers, which is the Apple Excel version, but do not need it.

Mr. Swiss does everything in Excel. If he gives me a document with all his passwords. it is all in excel which I find annoying. No, we definitely do not compromise with our computer style.

And so I was happy with my new Apple computer, but decided a Microsoft computer also does the job well, so I compromised as an exception  and got myself a new Windows 10 Acer Computer, mainly for my photos. They are both still working well. In the meanwhile my iPad was on its last legs, an older model, so I yet again decided to go the whole hog and bought a new iPad with 256 GB. I love iPads. I can sit in a chair in the evening and catch up with comments on my blogging site without having to fire up one of my two computers.

I had an iPhone 6, and suddenly iPhone people designed a new version. Mr. Swiss had a iPhone 7 for some time, but again no compromise. I wanted something better and now am the proud owner of an iPhone X.

Actually when reading through this work, I realise that I do not compromise. I just have an expensive taste. If it is too expensive, I just do not buy it. I do not compromise.

Daily Prompt: Compromise, not really

Daily Prompt: Present


No, I was not given an iron as a presemt. but since my leg breaking accident, things are changing at home. Basically ironing is my department, and no problem. I have the routine and manage half an hour at the job about once a week, no big deal. Now and again Mr. Swiss does a few things, it is not magic and he manages quite well, but he also has his problems as his back no longer manages so well.

I can do absolutely nothing in my present condition and so by a unanimous decision, the time has come for No. 1 son to learn the workings of ironing. No.2 son moved out many years ago, is now married with his own small family, and began to iron some years ago. I believe he had a household help in his days as a batchelor,  but he knew how to do it.

Today is the day of the inauguration. The ironing board has been set up and No. 1 son is on his way to becoming a professional ironer. He manages very well, following instructions from Mr Swiss and myself. He is now at the bed linen and no complaints about back ache, he has everything under control. I noticed that Mr. Swiss and I have different ideas on how to iron a duvet, although the result is the same. My method is a little quicker, if I may say say so.

This is a present to all of us. When I am back in action I will take over my daily chores again, but it is always good when you have an extra pair of ironing hands to help. I am sitting in a corner in the same room watching the progress with orders from Mr. Swiss not to intervene. They are now on the point of turning the duvet cover. I can see a small problem, but my lips are sealed. In 50 years No 1 son will also have the solution to the problem.

Daily Prompt: Present

Daily Prompt: Courage

Sunrise 25.01.2018

The problem with courage is that you cannot buy it in a shop. Either you have it or not, and at the moment my reserve of courage is fairly well running out. Although you do not really have a chance to choose. I fell and broke my leg two weeks ago. Did the doc ask me if I had the courage to go through the operation? Of course not, you do not get medals for lying on a table and letting the surgeon do the carving.

I was either one of the stupid or brave ones that told the doc no general aneaesthetic. I was not being courageous, I knew that I suffer under the substance pumped into my lungs and felt like writing my last will and testament afterwards, so went for the whole awake thing, with an injection in my back to remove any feeling. Of course I felt the surgeon tugging somewhere near the leg, I could even see him thrugh the plastic sheet they hung in front of me, but only his head. What his hands and instruments were doing I did not see and did not particularly want to. The surgeon that got all the credit for the op just gave the instructions, his assistant did the work. And after an hour or two, it was all finished. I was  a little unnerved when I heard the drill which was going through my knee to insert a couple of metal pieces, but I was past caring. It was just noise, the rest was left to my imagination. They did not ask and I said nothing, just let them get on with it.

My next test of courage will be deali ng with the income tax forms – not to be compared? In Switzerland everyone is expectedto be a professional accountant. I leave it to Mr Swiss who now leaves it to an auditor. We are both now too far gone to play accountency, and it is all in the German language. I undersand the language, but not the workings behind it all, Mr. Swiss has explained it many times, but he is just telling me how good he is at it, or was. He just prepares the documents and gives them further.

I even needed courage today to write a daily prompt. I really did not feel like it, but here I am earning anther medal for my efforts, and now I have finished, my courage has now gone, and I need to fight my way through cooking a chicken for the evening meal.

Daily Prompt: Courage

Daily Prompt: Rube

St. Niklaus, Feldbrunnen

A rube by any other name would be a “country bumpkin” as this word is not known to me, something used over the pond. I live in a small village. We have a village school and the kids are educated in 2-3 classes. There are not enough children to build various classes according to age groups. It works, and when they are old enough they make their way to town to the high school to prepare for their examinations, so rube descendants are a dying race..

But I live in the country where the hedgehogs and rabbits say goodnight to each other, so where are the rubes? A few of them are not at home, but away in their second homes, situated in the south where the sun always shines. The rubes that have decided to remain in the village are busy instructing the builders on improving their home. Some are planning on an outdoor swimming pool and others are busy with the gardiner who is caring for their garden.

Of course we have the rubes that work, mostly doctors, architects and perhaps some bank managers. There is even part of the village being rebuilt. Some houses had to be removed to make way for the older generation. New luxury appartments are being built to accommodate the rising golden oldie population. They used to disappear to senior homes, looked after by nurses and medical people. Now they move into something bigger and better. There is a connection to a porter and a cleaning lady calls daily. The rubes are gone, at least those that had to rely on their descendents to look after them. There is a new class in society, the rubes with money from the houses they sold to be able to move into the better places.

Some were farmers, but the farms have been passed on to the chilren and the parent rubes are now relaxing somewhere on a sunny beach, perhaps in Spain. Yes, the world has got smaller for the rubes, they go places and see things they never had the chance to realise in the good old days.

So where is the village fool, the “land-eggs”. It is a dying race. They invest their money in property, They have moved on, althugh somewhere there is a rube still driving the tractor. He does it because he still enjoys being in the fresh air and is heping the rube descendents with the farm they took over. Life has changed for the rubes, they pay by bank transfer and buy their wine in the local store. They no longer tread the grapes by foot.

Harvested crops and corn field

Daily Prompt: Rube