Daily Prompt: Mighty, The Path of the Planets


After my midday golden oldie sleep, I awoke to a bright sun. Luckily I had my stripey curtains closed and was on the east side of the appartment, otherwise it would have been quite an impact. Mr. Swiss mentioned there was a strong shining sun and I had to take the opportunity for a few photos. As I was taking the photos with my mobile phone camera, there was no danger of looking direct into the sun, I was now on the west side of the appartment. I actually did not know what I was taking a shot of, the sun was so bright, but I pressed the button in hope. This morning it was quite misty, but when it clears up during the day it usually can get quite sunny.

Weissenstein 23.08 (42)

This reminded me of a visit we made some time ago to our local house mountain, the Weissenstein with its 1,400 metres above sea level: not exactly one of the big Swiss ones, but high enough. There is a road leading to the top, which you can walk or go by car, but also a lift for the lazy ones like us. In the distance on the photo you can see the lift station on the left arriving at the top of the mountain. This is the other side, looking towards various meadows and the further six chains of the Jura mountains. The yellow sphere in the middle represents the sun and there are all sorts of strange signs engraved on the support pole.

It is the beginnning of the planet path all the planets of the solar system from Mercury to Pluto (although it is still debateable that it is a planet) are spaced out along a long path with their models on the way, in scale. Of course we remained on the sunny side as walking is not exactly my speciality and the complete walk would take many hours to complete. They have nice comfortable benches for the hikers to take a rest. Just opposite, not in the picture, is the mountain restaurant, which was more my sort of thing.

In our younger days Mr. Swiss and I would have prepared a rucksack with various Swiss picnic delights (a cervelat –  Swiss sausage –  and fresh rolls) and made our way with the others on the planet path, dragging two reluctant sons with us, although they also enjoyed it basically, they just did not want to admit it.

And now we sit in the lowlands and enjoy the mighty sun from a comfortable distance. It is a very clear sky and temperatures are cold, but bearable.

Weissenstein 23.08 (65)

This is a view looking towards the farm land on the other side of the Weissenstein.

Daily Prompt: Mighty, The Path of the Planets

Daily Prompt: A Crumby Meeting

Sparrows16.12 (13)

“So gather around sparrows I need your full attention, and stop drinking that water. We have more important things to do.”

“But Mr. Crow we all like a good drop of water at a meeting. We get so thirsty chirping all the time.”

“In that case I would ask the sparrows to refrain from over chirping and listen to what I have to say, as the appointed chief crow.

Last year it was noticed that as soon as the human cast out the daily crumbs the sparrows were stuffing themselves, before we crows had a chance to collect a beak full.”

“Of couse, you crows have bigger beaks that we do, and we have to be the first to make sure we do not starve.”

“If I remember rightly, you are the sparrow that fell off his perce on the branch of a tree because you were overweight, after eating so many bread crumbs.”

“That is exactly what we sparrows mean. If the crows arrive first, we sparrows have no chance. They stuff their beaks full with so much bread that we sparrows only get the crummy rests.”

Crow 18.03 (4)

“Listen you cheeky sparrow. We crows were here before you even thought of coating yourself with an eggshell. Our dynasty has been living here for many years in our colony, and we have a right to first pickings when the human distributes the bread pieces in the morning. This Winter we crows expect more respect from the junior members of the bird life here.

There will be snow and ice and we all want to survive.  The sparrows will wait, perched on a branch whilst we crows will have the first choice.”

“But that’s not fair, the crows take at least 3-4 pieces of bread at once and we are only left with the crumbs.”

“That is the way the bread crumbles sparrow. We have to maintain our species here, we have a reputation to keep. We crows are built for bigger things and we cannot have the sparrows falling out of their nests due to overweight.”

And so the crows and sparrows left the meeting in a flurry of feathers and pecks. In the meanwhile the human was preparing her strategy for the next Winter. She felt so sorry for those poor little sparrows when the crows were helping themselves to the largest pieces of bread. She decided the next Winter she would made two piles for the birds. One would be the bread cubes and the other the crumbs. That way all the birds would be satisfied. And then the starlings arrived, but that is another problem to be solved.

Brad for birds

Daily Prompt: A Crumby Meeting

Daily Prompt: Being tentative

Spider 19.09.2017

Life was good for a change. No more battling daily for food, I have  found my land of crumbs and microbes. OK it was not the same as a parcel hanging in the web daily, full of protein, but who needs protein in the Winter. The main thing is to lay low, grow fat and find a place of peace and quiet where life continues.

So here I am suspended on a thread, a strong thread and taking a look around, although being tentative of my new surroundings – you never know. My first attempts were quite amateur just looking down on the world hanging about. Of course everything looks upside down from that point of view. It was then that I saw a human shape, she was also standing upside down, but I think it is all a point of perspective. In my world things can have various angles of existence: focussing eight eyes simultaneously is something that you have to learn.  So this human stood around, called another human, and there was a lot of ahms and ahs until she produced a machine which made a click. She seemed happy, something about a photo. I decided you could not eat a photo and she moved on. Again I got away with it, applying my charm.

In the meanwhile I had at last found my purpose in this new life with places full of food. So there I was hanging around and there was a close encounter of the second kind: before my eight eyes there stood a human. She did not seem to be very pleased at our meeting, although she was one of the tough humans, no scream or running away. I must say she was a brave one and remained where she was. I could have gone into the attack, but I keep my bites for edible goods, and a human is a size too much for a harmless, innocent, sweet spider like myself. I decided to retreat. As I was repositioning myself by means of thread transport, what did she do? She grabbed this strange object again and began to shoot (I think human word for taking photos, whatever they are). She called a second human to come and look, but I was already watching the ground beneath my body, everything being upside down again, not for me, but perhaps for the human.

I had now reached the entrance to my kingdom. It was a place of daylight and night according to how the humans applied it, something to do with an electric light I believe. In any case I was enclosed and no-one could see me: safe again, although now they know that I am still here. I decided to hang around in my web, unseen by all and to wait. There are times in this palace of food supplies, when the humans sleep and I go on my food journeys. Yes I am one of the lucky ones. My colleague outside is hovering and shivering and constantly rebuilding after the rain. Me? I am inside, in the land of plenty. Even the humans leave me alone.

Daily Prompt: Being tentative

Daily Prompt: The Glorious Things in Life

This song came to my mind. I love it. What could be better than glorious mud.

Of course,  the exodus of a group of builders surrounding my living quarters would be glorious. We might even form a corridor for them, clapping and singing as they go. They leave no mud, just glorius dirt and grime and windows that I seem to be cleaning like painting the Forth Bridge in Scotland. As soon as you are finished you can begin again.

However their days are counted. I had a strange experience today in my after lunch sleep. Just as my head touched the pillow the attack began with the concrete cutting machine somewhere along the path, but I defeated them, I slept. The only problem was that this machine incorporated itself into my sleep. Two minutes of grinding, a deathly silence, and then the sound of builder’s boots climbing the scaffolding outside the window carrying the sawn off tile. I slept for almost two hours, but this sound was ever present in my dream. Unfortunately I cannot remember what exactly happened in my dream, but the machine continued to cut and the builder was continuously marching up the stairs.

Stone Balcony Tile

And now seated at my computer, looking for glorious things, I noticed this wonderful tile perched in front of the window. It is a sample of the new very expensive tiles that are being replaced on the balconies above. Even we common people on the ground floor were offered the opportunity to have them replace our old mould stained square tiles that you can see in this photo. Of course for an extra surcharge in price. I believe one neighbour decided to accept, but we found that when you become golden oldies, you can spend the money on better things, like a nice new walking stick.

We are now confronted with a problem. This tile is propped up in the garden, neglected and forgotten. I did hear the worker talking to is co-worker and asking what to do with the tile that was left, Whether to return it or put it somewhere. I did not hear the answer from the boss, but it has now probably been left in our garden. Perhaps they might forget it, who knows. Mr. Swiss and I are keeping an eye on the situation. If it is forgotten forever we will put it in our cellar together with the useful extra long screws that also belong to our glorious building trophies. These things might come in useful, in the famous words of my departed dad. He had a collection of stuff that might come in useful.

Daily Prompt: The Glorius Things in Life

Daily Prompt: The Deceptive Sting

The have got us again, the deception of the daily prompt, a re-ocurring Sting. Daily we wait in suspense for the thrill of writing our original words of wisdom to be read in the whole world.  There we are poised at our computers, keyboard ready for the attack, and nothing. We only see a “0” with no comments, nothing, de nada. Again we have been duped, mislead by the demons of the cyber world.

For those of us over the pond, the day has been ruined before it begain. This daily prompt arrives at the crack of dawn to enable the first wise words to be published for all to see in the Reader. What will the challenge be? Will we suceed before breakfast, or will it continue throughout the morning? So many hopes are dashed to byte dust before they can be realised.  We in Europe only have the pleasure of a Daily Prompt after a midday sleep and so the world holds its breath waiting for the words of the European public. Even Donald Trump witholds his Tweets on the Daily Prompt, waiting silently in the White House with his daily schemes of the day to be crossposted. Kim Il Jung must be patient with his next missile. What is the point when the efforts are ignored.

Daily Prompt

Again we have been duped, mislead by the giants of silicon valley, but we write. We will win and conquer this misguided “Sting” of the day. We have steps to get started, but where do we start and when do we start. We have no connection. Write a new post and our words remain unseen, unread, hovering somewhere between a super computer brain in Silicon Valley. Are they still playing their poker game, using our grid for stakes? I with 81 other misguided bloggers have decided to like this daily prompt, our icons can be seen on the front page, in the hope that the 0 Responses will transform until the evening and our writings will be shown for all to marvel and let us soar in the statistics of Word Press, being No. 1 on the list of the most admired and popular blogs of the day.

But is this a scam, a mere Sting. Are the cyber gods just hoping for a full house, and we are the eternal losers?  We must unite bloggers and fight this scheme and call their bluff. If no-one goes to the game, they will have to revise their tactics and it will be us with the full house, perhaps even a bloggers flush.   Write your blogs, write them and prove that we will not be beaten. We will triumph with our stinging blogs and flood the screen with our pingbacks, overwhelming the grid with our efforts and not be conquered by a mere “0”.

We have been there before, we know how this can hurt, but we will triumph. Make your blogging voice heard and let it be on the Reader for all to see and recognise. I wonder if the guys at WordPress are Paul Newman and Robert Redford lookalikes.

Daily Prompt: The Deceptive Sting

Daily Prompt: Continously Recreating

Web 15.10 (10)

A spider does not really have a choice. I know some of us scream, hide in a corner and call the man of the house to kill it. I just take a photo, providing that it does not run away and hide from the two legged beast that is following it through a camera lens. The web was empty, and it had rained, so the itsy bitsy spider was probably lurking somewhere near to save its life from the water bombs showering from the sky.

Yes, to a spider rain is an attack on its home, on its life. It must be similar to be trapped under a waterfall with no way of excape, or you can just run and hide under some sort of shelter. After the deluge the spider returns to its home to find – nothing. Yes, the web has been destroyed and so it is forced to recreate its web: to spin for a time until everything is perfect. Of course the spider needs food and now hopes that an unsuspecting fly will send out its vibrations when caught in the web. I watched a small cartoon video today of the spiders web shaking the threads after a fly had been trapped. It was assumed that the spider reacts to the tremors in its home and knows that dinner is served.

Renovation 22.05 (9)

The same thing happened to our web 5 months ago, although humans do not spin webs, they build. Buildings are not built forever. At least they used to be in the days of Christopher Wren the great english architect. Even the cathedral in our local town of Solothurn, built under the watchful eyes of Pisoni,  is still standing. These buildings have never been destroyed by rain and the people did not have to hide somewhere under a roof to protect themselves. They were built to last in the good old days. Today they are still built to last, but somewhere someone has a dream. Let us recreate, rebuild. The norms of the buildings have changed, and we can do it much better.

For this reason it was decided our building would be recreated. It would be stripped of the 20 year old isolation, the roof would be recreated with new reinforcements and everything would be new and strong, according to the new norms. Spiders do not have norms, their basic architecture has remained for millions of years. Some shook their heads in despair, even those that understand the building trade. Why repair it when it is not broken. The spider only repairs the web when it is torn, but his rebuild takes perhaps only a few hours. He does not stop for a break or take a rest for his weary 8 legs, he continues until the job is done.

Humans have rules and regulations and there will be half an hour peace during the morning and an hour at lunch time for the midday meal. There will even be a rest on the seventh day (reminds you of something?), no on the sixth and seventh day, even that is subject to new rules and regulations.

Eventually a new recreationed building arises, and we all pay the costs, divided equally of course. The spider works for nothing, just for the reward of a freshly trapped flying insect for his lunch, after all we eat to live.

Do you hear the spider buildings its web? Of course not, he hangs on a thread and weaves. The builders use drills and chisels and hammers and even electric saws to cut through stone. When the work is finished we all have a new home and perhaps a hearing problem. The spider has its web and the humans a newly recreated building. Perhaps humans are a faulty design, who knows?

Road to Langendorf 15.09 (18)
Daily Prompt: Continously Recreating

Daily Prompt: Difficult Choices


They were having a special highlight on mushrooms in the local supermarket. To illustrate their advantages they had a culture ready to see. I found it very original, as you saw the growing thing. A large box of earth and mushrooms, actually the sort we call champignons, growing in real life: an education for the kids, but they were not interested. It was only a golden oldie like me that took a photo. You could smell the earthy flavour from a distance and that’s all I have to say on this subject.

The word has not inspired me and  without the “u” in the spelling I had to think twice to discover what it was all about. Food has flavours otherwise we would not bother to choose something completely different to eat every day. It is the tast that attracts. If you do not like the food, it is because it does not have the right flavour. And then we get to the crux of the matter. Why is it that Mr. Swiss does not like everything I like. The opposite is also the case. He has a funny taste. How could he not like aubergine cooked as a vegetable on its own. He has to have it mixed with other veggies to hide the flavour more.

Our food life becomes boring when we only cook what we both like. This evening it will be soup and cheese cakes, although Mr. Swiss  would have preferred soup with various cooked sausages like Frankfurter or Wiener. I do not particularly like them. They are cooked in hot water and usually eaten with soup with a generous dollop of mustard on them and perhaps folded in a soft pappy bread roll. That is why we met in the middle, stayed with the soup, but decided on cheese cakes that we both prefer, at least I do. And so the week-end food plan continued as always: striking what he dislikes and what I will not eat. Eventually we are left with the usual, which seems to rotate every 3-4 weeks. Our food remains are flavoUrful but monotonous.

We do not even have a clash of taste because of our origins. I quite like Swiss food and he puts up with english food, although I very rarely cook english. And so our flavoUred life continues. Tomorrow it will be chicken in the evening. Now chickens are international, they are everywhere they all speak the same clucking languge,  after all it is not what you cook but the way that you cook it. My chicken will be covered in Dijon mustard, with a strong sprinkling of paprika and aromat. If you have a Swiss eating with you, there has to be Aromat somewhere. It is a yellow Swiss salty spice that is 200% glutamat and some flavour: very flavourful.

So en guete as we say in Switzerland before the meal. Whew, done another prompt again where I really did not know where to go with it.


Difficult Choices