Daily Prompt: Narcissism

Daffodils 18.04.2018

Narcissism: no, I do not think that I feel inclined to write all about I, me and myself on a 3-400 word blog. I do not even think that I would find so many words to write about myself. The only good photos I have of narcissus, or daffodils, are from the local cemetery. There was some good looking guy in Greece that saw his reflection in the water a few centuries ago and just could not stop looking.

My mirror is in the bathroom and I need it to see if I can show myself outdoors, like combing my hair or having things growing on your face that you really do not need – not going into details.  I did notice how my hair was turning grey through looking in the mirror. I also have a full length mirror, but I cannot avoid it as it is next to the door when I leave the apartment.

So it seems that Narcissus no longer wanted to live, he just could not leave his reflection and stared at himself until he died. I once had a budgerigar when I was a kid. He had a mirror in his cage, would grip it with a claw to hold it still and would talk to himself for hours pecking at the mirror with his beak. I think he was under the impression that it was another budgerigar looking at him from the mirrorand he got a bit frustrated when he never got an answer.  I gave up talking to my reflection years ago, it never answered to tell me when I asked “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of us all”, probably because my reflection had to think about it first.

Daily Prompt: Narcissism

Daily Prompt: Complication

This reminds me of the details you have to fill in, mainly for social sites. They ask for details about family and above all relationships. It used to be married or single. A new word has slipped in, perhaps it is the modern way of doing things. “It’s complicated”. That can be complicated? Either you have a partner or do not have a partner. Honestly speaking I do not want to know more.  I can be very complicated and so can Mr. Swiss, although he finds he is not complicated and neither am I.

Thank goodness my grandparents or even my parents did not have a computer and belong to the Facebook at the turn of the century. They were married and had one kid after the other, or they were a spinster or bachelor according to whether they had found someone or not. The married ones had no time to get complicated, they were two busy filling the hungry mouths that were appearing owing to the complicated problem of perhaps having no baby pills, it was then just the luck of the night. And the unmarried just got on with it.

Mouse Mat

My computer mouse has also got very complicated. In itself it is not a problem. This is my special Apple magic mouse which I use on my macbook pro. Some do not like them, but he has been with me since I have this computer, a couple of years, and I have got used to him. He now has a problem, but to be quite honest my logitech mouse is also allergic to wooden tables with spaces in between. This is my outside table on the porch and spaces do not agree with mice. The mice  tend to search for something that is not there. Luckily we have a special ergonomic mouse pad which supports your wrist and is the solution to having tables where the surface disappears in between.

Another complication is that I might have to abruptly finish this blogging session as the clouds are gathering and now and again there is a thunderous noise in the background.

Brewing storm
Daily Prompt: Complication

Daily Prompt: Premature

Afternoon sky

We have had a couple of weeks of rain, so much so that I began to specialise in rain photos and today we have blue skies and fluffy wispy clouds. Is it too early to begin to plan on excursions enjoying the good weather. Now my enthusiasm is no longer. This morning, I had a marathon shopping trip in my own. Mr. Swiss dropped me off at the supermarket and had to be somewhere else.

OK, I am a big girl now and can do it on my own, in spite of the fact that I usually hobble around with a walker. Today I had to do it with a supermarket trolley. At the beginning it was OK and I decided, yes I can do it. As I picked up the various items on my phone list I could see the end of the marathon approaching. However, I noticed my legs were slowing down. This was a dress rehearsal to see how it is with no walker, just I, me and my trolley.

In an hour I had completed my quest and Mr. Swiss had also completed his. He was on his way to pick me up. The first part of the whitsun week-end had been completed.

And now our cloudy sky has disappeared, the rain has been banished and we have sun and pleasant temperatures and  I am now too exhausted to go places. We ate lunch an hour later than usual, so I slept an hour longer, nothing premature about today, it was more overdue.

Daily Prompt: Premature

Daily Prompt: Infect

Rain 16.05 (10)

I get infected by all sorts of things. Life is not just learning how to handle a vacuum cleaner or clean windows, but applying the grey matter to realise it is still alive. I have gone through many phases in my golden oldie life. When I think of my motherhood days, I ask myself how could I have spent afternoons, and evenings, with two needles and a ball of wool knitting pullovers and even socks. What a waste of time, and I even enjoyed it.

As life progressed the kids grew up and my knitting infection was cured, but then the computer arrived. It was time to play games, to discover the various worlds of rifts, magicians, and how to fly an aircraft. Even this passed and I was left with Facebook games by a company called Zynga. I discovered that this company still exist, even in Facebook, but in the meanwhile I discovered  this infection was developing almost into an addiction and so I did cold turkey.

In the meanwhile I did a learning curve into the insides of the computer and completed a web assistant course getting infected with the details of html. Lurking somewhere in the background was something called blogging where I could even involve my photographs. In the meanwhile the digital camera arrived and no-one was safe from my lens. I have now progressed to digital DSLR and go on wheelies with my chair accompanied by a bag big enough to hold two lens.

And then it was Kindle time. My 6 bookshelves were brimming over with books, but now I could read without having to find room for the books. I no longer had to hold heavy books in my hand which were infected with a sort of book smell (I can hear you people that refuse the Kindle because these weight and smell is missing and the page turning pleasures). I could just flip the pages with a finger tip and the Kindle fitted into my handbag. I could upload new books in English or German and within a few seconds they were ready to read. No more ordering and waiting for them to arrive. Kindle books were also cheaper.

I have come a long way since my knitting days. Somewhere in a dark corner of the hobby room in the cellar there is a cupboard with knitting patterns, wool remainders and every size knitting needle you could wish for, as well as the crocheting hooks for making bed covers with the wool remainders.

There are some infections where no cure has yet been discovered: just a complement to the days of a golden oldie life

Daily Prompt: Infect

Daily Prompt: Thin


The clouds are getting thinner, although there is a good chance of them getting thicker again. The rain falls in thin lines most of the day, which means that I will again be staying at home. It is also very cold.

To get an idea for the daily prompt I often enter the key word into my online photo programme to see if I have material. I had nothing under the name of “thin”, but I also get photos from the other millions of people the have used the word “thin”. I was quite surprised when I saw the results. The first photo was something that only men have pictured next to a measuring instrument. The things you find in Internet!!



However I got inspiration from my pot of chives that I bought today at the supermarket. . This is one of my main ingredients in a salad sauce. the thin stalks grow from tiny bulbs and have a distinct oniony taste. I cut them in small pieces with scissors and add them to the sauce, the so-called chopped chives.  I had a box with these last year, but the workmen arrived and somehow my chive plantation disappeared, they killed it. Mr.Swiss buys it ready cut in plastic packets, which is not my idea of a culinary masterpiece. This morning I bought a pot. I prefer it growing fresh in the garden where it will eventually be planted.

The stalks are  quite thin (see I used the word) but very tasty. Yesterday I planted a pot of sage in the garden, another herb that was missing from my kitchen products.  That is an advantage of the rain, it softens the earth and I can dig easier and deeper to plant it.

Cream Doughnut

And I am not going to inform how much weight I have lost. I still have my curves and my clothes still fit, although there are certain trousers which are not longer as snug as they were, but who cares. Today I treated myself to a cream filled doughnut to compensate. My writing ideas are now thinning out. In the meanwhile the blue patch in the sky has increased in size.

Daily Prompt: Thin

Daily Prompt: Pedigree

Jean Simon Camroux  marriage certificate

This is a  photo of the marriage certificate between Jean Simon Camroux, native of Berlin,  son of Simon Camroux of Gozarques near Duzes and Anne Claire Laplace of Mannheim, and Susanne Desvaux, native of London, daughter of Pierre Desvaux native of Rouan in Upper Normandy and Marie.

Who? Yes, my great great great great grandfather (I lost count of the greats) got married in the Huguenot church in Threadneedle Street in London on 17th May 1747. His son was Jean Louis Camroux, who seemed to have changed his name to Jean Lewis in the meanwhile as they were now  in London and so the generations of the Camroux settled and spread in England. I found their origins in France in a little village near Montpellier, but they fled like most Huguenots from France, as being protestant in France at the time did not make you very popular. They arrived in Germany and from Germany my ancestor made his way to London.

It was fashion at the time to trace your ancestors, the age of computer had arrived. Every ten years in England there was a census, registering  who lived where and when. Unfortunately the people knocking from door to door in the earlier days were not so gifted with reading and writing, and neither were those that were asked. My grandad was a Lay, but I found his family registered under the name of Day and Say because someone did not write the details in handwriting very well.

My great grandfather Relf on my dad’s side of the family was never registered at birth and so his parents remained a mystery forever. However undaunted, thanks to examining all the records, I had a family tree with 970 members, some of which I have the birth, marriage and death certificates. After 10 years of digging and researching, I gave up eventually, probably out of disappointment realising that I was not a descendent of the British royal family. Do I speak fluent french due to my pedigree, definitely not, I just learnt it in school.

Actually there were a few families in East London, where I grew up, with French sounding names as many Huguenots settled in this part of London. Most were weavers and their houses with the large windows still exist to a certain extent. I even had contact with a branch of my Camroux family in Canada, through my research and now and again spoke to my sixth cousin via computer. One of these days I must get my DNA analysed, who knows what might turn up.

Daily Prompt: Pedigree

Daily Prompt: Slight


I was slightly bored in the store this morning. We had dealt with the shopping, me hobbling around with my walker combined with walking stick holder, and Mr. Swiss having problems with standing because of his back. He had ordered new ink for our printer and whilst he was picking it up I had to wait for him.

Then I saw it, my chance to be on TV. Somewhere there was a hidden camera built into the TV and I saw me. I took a photo with my mobile phone, this time making sure that I held it to enable to see my face on the result.

After completing the shopping I stopped at the flower department on the way out and discovered something slightly different. Petunias arrive in all colours, and today I saw my first black petunias: slightly strange.


And that’s that, it is a slightly shorter prompt from me today, but that is the subject matter, it has to be slight.

Daily Prompt: Slight